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Keeping a clean house is not easy as it requires hours of scrubbing showers, cleaning toilets, vacuuming, and dusting. Many products on the market contain harsh chemicals which are harmful to the family and toxic to small pets. So what does one do if they want a clean house without chemicals? Well, this guide is here to help! This guide will showcase products that cut your cleaning time in half and do not harm the planet, from eco-friendly bathroom cleaners, laundry detergents, bamboo paper towels to innovative vacuums. 

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A Clean House That Sparkles


When it comes to having a clean house, especially with your hard surface floors, how many different tools and devices do you have? With Roborock, you can meet all of your needs with just one! Whether you are cleaning up after your little one spills some cheerios on the floor — even if they drop the bowl full of milk along with it — the Roborock Dyad has you covered. 

Quickly eliminate wet and dry messes with ease, with the Roborock Dyad. The dual roller motors, plus multi-roller design allow the Roborock Dyad to move effortlessly across your floor. We love the edge-to-edge cleaning capability, too.


Tired of swapping pads or lugging around a bucket of dirty water? This is where things get really interesting! The Roborock Dyad’s self-cleaning rollers mean no bucket or swapping out pads — just an easy-empty onboard tank. The rollers actively clean themselves while they clean your floor, too. When you’re finished, just put it on the charger while you admire a clean house! With a quick press of a button, you get one final self-clean, making the device ready for its next use. 

With auto mode, the Roborock Dyad detects how much mess is being handled and adjusts its suction and water use as needed. Did we mention it is also cordless? You can clean up to 3,000 square feet on a single charge — which means a clean house with every charge! Make spring cleaning rock this year with Roborock!

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Branch Basics

daily mom parent portal branch basics

If you are looking for non-toxic, safe laundry detergent, then look no further than Branch Basics Laundry Kit. The non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients in the laundry concentrate, wash up to a whopping 192 loads of laundry. The Laundry Kit also contains 2 pounds of oxygen boost to help brighten and deodorize those stinky teenagers’ clothes, leaving you with a clean house! This non-GMO, fragrance-free Laundry Kit also has a reusable plastic laundry bottle. You’re just one laundry load away from fresh, clean, clothes without the compromise!

Now, when it comes to the products you use to keep a clean house, companies should be just as clean and natural as the laundry detergent you use on your clothing. By using plant and mineral-based ingredients, without any harmful chemicals and preservatives, you’re keeping your home safer for you and your children – especially if they are sensitive to environmental allergens. The Glass Starter Kit contains three 16oz reusable glass bottles for your all-purpose, bathroom, and streak-free needs. The 32oz bottle of concentrate is safe, effective, and easy to use for every grimy, oily, and down-right dirty job you need to be clean and odor-free!


daily mom parent-portal a clean house

Safely has become the next generation of in-home care with their luxuriously scented products that transform your home into a clean house! Created by a group of women, Safely utilized thoughtfully-chosen ingredients, trendy packaging, and beautiful scents to develop a collection of cleaning products for every surface.

For a clean house from top to bottom, you will want the Clean Freak Kit which features 6 necessary products both for your house and yourself. Made with powerful ingredients that don’t use harsh chemicals, these items are highly concentrated and plant-powered. Each bottle is refillable and refill packs are available. The Clean Freak Kit includes:

  • Glass Cleaner – streak-free clean, see-through shine
  • Universal Cleaner – the overachieving, multi-purpose cleaner
  • Everyday Laundry Detergent – a powerful stain-fighting detergent that smells aaamazing
  • Hand Soap – wash away impurities—not moisture
  • Hand Cream – for hand-model-esque hands
  • Hand Sanitizer – the perfect hand sanitizer

For some special care for your clothing, the Laundry Duo Kit will tackle your dirty laundry while also preserving whites, brights, and dark-colored pieces. A little bit goes a long way with this highly concentrated formula that fights stains and washes away dirt, oil, and impurities. This eco-friendly laundry detergent smells like you air-dried your clothes in a field of tall wildflowers and two full-sized bottles are included in the Laundry Duo Kit.

Sonett USA

Laundry Banner 1353x629

Sonett USA is a pioneer for ecological laundry detergents and cleaning supplies to help you keep a clean house and keep your clothes clean as well. The variety of laundry detergents and laundry products allow for gentle washing of all textiles made from cotton, linen, hemp, fabric blends, and delicate fabrics such as wool and silk. These detergents help eliminate stubborn stains as well as preserve the quality of your clothing.

The Laundry Liquid Lavender is made with organic ingredients and is suitable for all fabric types. It is 100% biodegradable and features a lovely lavender scent that makes your clothes smell amazing for days. The Laundry Liquid Sensitive can be used on whites and colors and is the preferred formula for those with sensitive skin. The Laundry Liquid Color Mint and Lemon have a naturally fresh fragrance of organic mint oil and organic lemongrass oil that also has a dual purpose of saving energy when doing laundry.

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Using eco-friendly paper towels & toilet paper from Reel is a great way to help the environment and perfect for your home’s daily use. The plastic-free paper towels will help you maintain a clean house as they are not only strong but very absorbent, great for big spills, and are also ink & dye-free, and 100% compostable. The bamboo toilet paper has a three-ply softness and is plastic, ink, & dye-free. This eco-friendly toilet paper delivers superior quality results without using harsh chemicals so you can get a clean house and not harm the planet.

Reel’s mission is to “provide access to clean toilets to those in need around the world while giving American households a way to reduce their carbon footprint.” Both products are available for single purchase or subscription, so you never run out of these necessities. Now you can have a clean house while giving your family premium quality, eco-friendly paper towels and toilet paper from Reel.



Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is no longer just a fad but a long-lasting trend. With Persik Pure Sky cleaning products, you get high-quality, eco-friendly items that will give you a clean house at a great price that require only water to get them activated and ready to remove dirt and grime.

The Ultra Microfiber Floor Mop is designed to clean hardwood, laminate, tile floors using only water, and the pad absorbs water and dirt up to five times its weight! The ultra microfibers in the pad remove over 99% of bacteria off any surface. Next, use the amazing multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Scrubbing Pads to keep your kitchen sparkling. The pad has two sides; the green side can clean many kitchen surfaces, including stovetops and countertops, and the violet side is absorbent.

The high-quality scrubbing pad will reduce your paper towel use and harsh chemicals used in the kitchen. To keep your windows or glasses surface clean, simply use the 2 in 1 Magic Deep Cleaning Sponge, which uses no chemicals, cleans with just water, and removes over 99% of bacteria. The duo-layered structure allows you to clean glass or other surfaces without leaving streaks.


The window cloth is the perfect cloth that works like magic for glass. It’s designed with a two-sided foam that easily cleans windows and glass so you can have a clean house with no spots! Then, simply add water and get a streak-free shine.

Nowadays, everyone wants to be environmentally friendly and save money but at the same time wants to have a clean house at all times. Well, now you can with Persik Pure Sky cleaning products!

Ayla & Co

Img 0107 Small Square 1800x1800 Jpg Copy

As parents, it feels like the job of keeping a clean house, not to mention your car, is never done, doesn’t it? Well, guess what? Cleaning up after spills and messes is now a big part of your life. It’s a good thing Ayla & Co makes picking up life’s little messes fun!


The Ayla Vac is the perfect new must-have spring cleaning tool! Don’t be fooled by its sleek look or compact size. It packs a big punch! This handy gadget even makes cleaning up fun for the kids. Recruit them to help clean up their own messes — it’s a win-win! The Ayla Vac will fit in a tote, diaper bag, or large handbag for quickly handling messes on the go, too. Tackle those sneaky crumbs this spring with this timesaving vacuum from Ayla & Co!

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Tom & Sherri’s Iron In A Bottle


Spring cleaning is a wonderful way to get the dust of the holiday season out of the home and get back to normal, but even in the freshest home, laundry awaits. Take the pressure off of looking your best with Tom & Sherri’s Iron In A Bottle. This natural wrinkle releaser skips the board and iron and allows you to spray, shake, and go without the heat! Unlike other wrinkle-releasing sprays, the Iron in a Bottle 32oz Sidekick holds up its end of the bargain!


This plant-based wrinkle-releaser is made in the USA and is not tested on animals, so not only will you look great, you’ll feel good too. This spring, don’t forget to make life easier by adding the blue bottles to your routine with Iron in a Bottle.

Rakōt 75

daily mom parent portal rakot

Paper towels are a staple in most homes and the waste they leave behind can build up quickly with spills and messes. Rakot75 is changing the clean-up game with their 1 Roll 75 Sheets. They are the world’s first 100% bamboo cloth towel that is used just like a paper towel, but it’s upgraded. These bamboo cloths are reusable, rinse-able, and can be used with any chemical for a clean house. One roll of bamboo sheets can be used for up to 6 months!

For everyone who enjoys cleaning glasses and glassware, there’s a cleaning upgrade for that as well. The 4Squares Set feels like paper at first, but once you apply your liquid of choice: water, or a dab of liquid soap, these squares will soften up instantly. Easily clean your glasses, camera lens, phone, tablets, and more. The 4Squares can be reused again and again after rinsing and air-drying. This cleaning dream cloth is made with indestructible 100% bamboo and is simply the best way to save money and keep your valuables clean while eliminating unnecessary excess waste.

Proud Grill

Proud Grill

The Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaner Gift Bundle lets the grill-master at your house safely clean grease and grime from the grill grates. The reusable natural cloth works great on grills and smokers. The Q-Swiper boasts a bristle-free grill brush with a stainless-steel grill scraper. The Q-Swiper replaceable wipes can be used more than 200 times to clean a dirty grill and the accessories before every use, so you’ll have a clean outdoors to match a clean house. The Q-Swiper wipes are biodegradable and compostable. The Q-Swiper Gift Bundle comes with 1 Q-Swiper Grill Brush, 65 Q-Swiper Grill Cleaning Wipes, and 2 Q-Swiper Reusable Grill Cloths.

Proud Grill2
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Take Care Wellness

Getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of one’s health and wellness. To achieve this, you will love the Pillow Spray Sampler from Take Care Wellness. This set includes six 1 oz. luxurious glass bottles of our Chamomile + Vetiver, Jasmine + Sandalwood, Lavender + Vanilla, Jasmine + Clary Sage, Lavender + Eucalyptus, and Ylang Ylang + Frankincense blends. Spraying 2 to 3 veils of mist over your pillows and linens before bed will help settle your mind and lull you to sleep.

Laundry Sauce

Siberian Pine Open Box 1024x1024@2x

Spring into freshness this season with Laundry Sauce. Simple and quick as can be, Laundry Sauce packets are the simplest and most fabulously fragrant laundry detergent pods out there, that will also be delivered straight to your door. The boldly scented fragrance pods are perfect for popping in the machine with each load you wash leaving you with clean and freshly scented clothing that will invigorate and please your senses. Gentle on your clothing and offering all-day scented freshness, Laundry Sauce pods are affordable and easy to use making them an ideal addition to laundry day.

Cloth + Bristle

Cloth Bristle

Keep a clean house with the Cloth + Bristle Bundle that includes two bottles of No. 001 all-natural household cleaner, two microfiber cloths, one C+B detail brush, and a sponge. The No. 001 household cleaner is made up of five natural elements: clay, essential oils (rosemary, cinnamon, and rose), xanthan gum, water, and citric acid. Combined these ingredients work together to disinfect, cleanse, scour and polish. Cloth + Bristle No. 001 Household Cleaner works well on kitchen countertops, appliances, tables, bathroom fixtures, tile, glass, and more.



Using harmful chemicals to get a clean house is not healthy for your family or the planet. ECOS® plant-powered cleaning & body care products will get your house and your body clean, leaving you both smelling fresh!

The Hypoallergenic Dish Soap is tough on grease and food residue yet gentle enough that it won’t dry out your hands in the process of creating a clean house. When you’re loading the dishwasher, use the super-concentrated WaveJet® Rinse Aid made with natural lemon oil that is designed to soften hard water and prevent spots, leaving your dishes sparkling clean.

ECOS also carries body care products, such as the eco-friendly Treeless Toilet Paper, which is made from renewable bamboo and sugarcane waste. This toilet paper is highly sustainable with a reduced environmental footprint.

So if you’re looking for a clean house and body, but don’t want to use harmful chemicals, be sure to check out ECOS high-quality products. 

Zum by Indigo Wild

The Zum Laundry Soap from Indigo Wild is a natural laundry soap that contains gentle ingredients such as essential oil blends, baking soda, and coconut oil. This power-packed, plant-based formula is low-sudsing and highly concentrated to effectively clean your clothes. It is gentle enough for your skin and your delicates because it is actually soap, not detergent. There are several scents to choose from including sea salt, lavender, patchouli, and sweet orange.

With the right products, a clean house is not as large a task as it may seem. Efficient vacuums, eco-friendly detergents, and paper towels will all make your life easier! The products in this guide are also non-toxic and avoid harsh chemicals, so you can clean without worrying about the harmful effects. So go ahead and give your family and friends the gift of a clean house without harming the planet or your loved ones!

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