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If you’re a mom (or just a human who’s been hungry), you know how quickly a tantrum can arise if a snack is requested but not available. This is why many moms have started stashing snack boxes — food containers with multiple compartments — in their diaper bags and cars. And, of course, Target’s $5 Figmint Bento Box is the most popular option. So much so that we haven’t been able to find it … until now.  

Influencer @targetchaos was the first to spot the box back on shelves at her local store — and it’s currently selling out online. Made with BPA-free plastic, the box has two different compartments making it easy to store a sandwich and side of fruit, or a large serving of snack mix and veggies. And, like all Figment boxes, it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe. 

Snack storage containers

Figmint Bento Box

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“Really nice for separating snacks and packing meals for my toddler,” writes one mom. “Works great.”

“I use it for my toddlers’ snacks,” shares another mom. “Easy to clean and put in my bag.”

There’s also a new large box comprising eight different compartments: two large (ideal for two sandwich halves), two medium and four small.

The large “snacklebox” has already received a positive review, too, with one mom sharing, “Loved the different size spots for different shapes and portion snacks!”

The eight-compartment design is the newest iteration of Figmint’s bento boxes, a lineup that also includes a four-compartment option that, at the time of publishing, is out of stock everywhere. We’re anticipating that the two-compartment box will also sell out (and fast!), so whether you have a trip coming up or just want snacks at the ready, this is one Target drop you don’t want to miss.

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