Green Tea Keeps My Mind Sharp Like Nothing Else. Here’s How.

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As a full-time working dad (Charlotte and Gracie are my whole world), stress is a big part of my life. Between working my nine-to-five, then coming home to cook dinner, play with the little ones, and spend some time on my hobbies, I’m constantly racing through life. My frantic pace started to take a toll on my metabolism and digestion too, but I didn’t want pills or anything else unnatural in my body to solve this all. I tried all kinds of natural remedies, and only Vahdam Teas’ green teas restored balance to my life. 

I first considered green tea because experts say that it checks all the boxes I was looking for and sharpens cognitive function. Plus, I figured it would taste delightful – I’ve always loved matcha ice cream – and it’s obviously all-natural. When a friend let me try a bag of her Vahdam Teas green tea, all these expectations became realities. I felt at ease even as I plowed through my hectic day.

That experience was enough for me to buy the Vahdam Teas 30 Day Green Tea Wellness Kit. It comes with six different green tea flavors and 90 tea bags! From chamomile mint citrus to lemon ginger, the flavor profile is immaculate. And with so much tea at hand, I quickly confirmed my first day with green tea was no fluke. In my first month, I felt less stressed around the clock, and I felt lighter after each meal too! Over time, I lost some of the weight I’d gained due to my slowed metabolism as well.

I should also mention that the taste transcended my expectations. I always knew Vahdam Teas would taste great, but as I tried flavors beyond the one my friend gave me, I felt the difference that Vahdam’s sourcing methods make. All Vahdam Teas are sourced and packed in India, and that freshness suffuses the tea – especially the moringa tulsi tea, my current favorite – with a breath of life and earthiness. Even the kids, who are only four and six, say it smells great.

I’ve now been an avid green tea drinker for about half a year, and I still feel the same benefits (if not more) as on my first day. After work, I can paint pictures with the girls, play hide and seek, and cook dinner anxiety-free. Plus, my digestive challenges and slowed metabolism are a thing of the past. If you too are looking for a clean, natural, delightful way to lessen your anxiety and get your metabolism and digestion in check, now is a great time to buy Vahdam’s green teas. Buy them now to receive 20% off with code FIRST20.  A healthier, happier you is only a few sips away.

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