10 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen/Bathroom for Under $1,000


Remodeling can not only be expensive, it can be taxing on your time, energy, and relationships.  Don’t be fooled that these ideas are a full-blown remodel, think of it as enhancing what you have instead of tearing everything down and spending at least $10,000 for a full remodel.  These kitchen remodel ideas on a budget are less of a hassle and less of an impact on your pocketbook.  Depending on what items you select, you can even do more than one of these ideas for less than $1,000.

  1. Wallpaper-Wallpaper is a fun way to spruce up your bathroom, quickly, easily, and allows your budget to go further.  Wallpaper is best when not used on all the walls of the bathroom, think about its as an accet wall to a pop of fun to the room.  You can be bold with a large floral print in your powder room, or a subtle pattern for your master bathroom.  Whatever you pick, have fun with it, and just remember to take your time putting it up, because although it’s easy to do, you don’t want to rush the process and end up with bumpy wallpaper.  Kitchen remodel ideas on a budget can also be a fun decorating process.
  2. Paint your floors-This is not as scary as it sounds, we promise!  From a color solid color of paint to a fun pattern, with just a brush, some paint, and a little time you can give your floors a make over.  Martha Stewart’s tutorial on five ways to paint your floors is a great one to check out while looking for kitchen remodel ideas on a budget.  If you are afraid you don’t have an artistic side, no need to worry, stencils, and even the splatter paint effect will be your best friend during this fun project.
  3. Upgrade your backsplash and/or counter-A kitchen without a backsplash can look a little naked and unfinished.  Putting up a backsplash yourself is one of those kitchen remodel ideas on a budget that is easier said than done and can upgrade your kitchen.  Now you can find plenty of backsplash “stickers” that are easy to install and look great.  Don’t let these “stickers” fool you as they are not the stickers your kids play with, they are 3-D and meant to look and feel like a real stone backsplash.  Easy to install and will instantly upgrade your kitchen with just a little time and effort on your part, which is perfect for our list of kitchen remodel ideas on a budget.

New counters are another easy DIY that can change a kitchen from drab to fab in a short time.  For new countertops, installation and labor can often be more expensive than the actual countertops themselves.  Kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, don’t have to be tedious or overly time confusing, Kitchen Infinity can help you walk through which countertops to get and how to install.

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  1. Put in a new vanity-A new vanity can change up your bathroom very easily and just one piece can transform your whole bathroom.  By changing up your vanity you can go from a dated bathroom to a fresh modern powder room.  You can buy vanities at Home Depot, Wayfair, etc., and are easy enough to install yourself.  If you have a little money left in your budget, new paint along with your new vanity will go a long way.
  2. Install new faucets, hardware, and lighting-Think of the accents of your kitchen or bathroom as the fun part of makeup-a little blush can brighten up any face, mascara can help your eyes pop and concealer makes your tiredness blend away in the background.  Over time faucets and hardware get worn out and can start to look a little dingy or maybe you just have outdated ones.  This is one of the easiest kitchen remodel ideas on a budget that will leave room for more upgrades!

If you have light hardware or faucets look into darker options.  Even a back matte faucet will change up the way your sink looks, or dark brushed knobs instead of silver will create a dramatic effect for a more modern kitchen.  One of the best parts about these kitchen remodels ideas on a budget is that you can try out a few different options as they are easy to get and return if you decide you don’t like it in person!

Light fixtures can change the way a room looks, by drawing your eyes up and down.  If you have light fixtures already, updating them can add a lot to the room.  If you just have canned lighting you can change them out for a few new hanging lighting fixtures over your kitchen island.  A new and modern lighting fixture can redefine the appearance of a kitchen and is one of the first things you see when you first walk into the kitchen. Kitchen remodel ideas on a budget can also be a fun way to express yourself in your home.

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  1. Paint your cabinets, island, walls, etc. -Paint is on the list of kitchen remodel ideas on a budget that are very economical, mostly easy, and can turn around your kitchen very quickly.  If you are looking for a refresh on a slim budget, paint is the way to go and you can paint more than just the walls. Check out Lowe’s tutorial on how to paint your cabinets and all the correct tools and materials needed. Kitchen remodel ideas on a budget can also give you the chance to have fun, paint your island yellow for a fun pop or navy if you prefer a little more contrast.

    If you decide that painting the walls or island of your kitchen is needed (an easy addition to other items on this list as well).  Light-colored paint in the kitchen will instantly brighten not only the kitchen as well as the adjacent rooms.  As well as a cleaner more modern look, you might be surprised at how much a little paint can change up the appearance of the room.  This is why paint is one of our favorite kitchen remodel ideas on a budget.

  2. Remove cabinets for open shelving-Home builders like everything else go through trends.  For a while, the trend was to put cabinets everywhere, above and to the sides of  the stove, above the L-shaped seating area, right next to the sink, etc.  Now homeowners often prefer a more open kitchen with shelving that can still be functional, yet eye-pleasing as well.  The best cabinets to remove are the ones over seating areas and to the sides of the strove and sink, as these look the best with open shelving or nothing if over the seating area. This is one of the kitchen remodel ideas on a budget that is surprisingly easy to do yourself.
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  1. Upgrade your floors with Floor stickers-New flooring can be pricey, and bad flooring can be an eyesore.  So if you don’t have the funds to redo all of your floors in your bathroom or kitchen, consider floor stickers!  Kitchen remodel ideas on a budget don’t always have to involve a lot of hard work for you and this might be one of the “easiest” DYI projects that will update your space. 
  2. Add a kitchen island-Kitchen island help transform your kitchen by adding counter and dining space, as well as adding to the architectural design of the kitchen. Kitchen remodel ideas on a budget don’t have to involved any demolition, you can add a temporary island that will serve well for prepping meals, extra seating area as well as a place to serve food from
  3. Paint or refurbish your bathtub-This project might take you a few days, but if you can spare the time and want to refresh your bathroom with less money than time this is for you.  We love this tutorial, of a step-by-step process of how easy it is to transform your bathroom with just a little paint and time.  You will be amazed at how a little paint and elbow grease can turn your dingy bathtub into a bright, fun, and clean space.

Luckily DYI kitchen remodel ideas on a budget are easier than ever, thanks to the internet and others sharing their ideas and ways with us.  Youtube and personal blog sites will be your best friend during this process.  Take your time during this process, just because you can save money and be economically you don’t want to rush and end up causing yourself more work down the road.  Kitchen remodel ideas on a budget allow you to have fun while upgrading your space.

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10 Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen Bathroom For Under 1000

Photo Credits: UnsplashPexels

SOURCES: Lowe’s, Martha Stewart, Prudent Penny Pincher, Love And Renovations, Kitchen Infinity


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