Indoor Door Mats To Help Keep Your Floors Clean

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Nothing says winter like a trail of mucky, ice salted, melted snow-sludge tracked through your house. An indoor doormat lets you wipe your feet and dry off your shoes after shoveling snow or coming home from work in the slush, before you make muddy prints all over. It also helps you clean up your pet’s paws after a winter walk.

Of course, like a lot of functional home items, it’s hard to find an indoor doormat you actually want in your house. Sure, you want something to soak up dirt and grime, but you also want something stylish. Your entryway is the first thing you see when you come home, so you want to fill it with items that make you happy to be there.

For your sake and mine, I set out to find a bunch of durable doormats in nice colors, prints and styles. The average doormat is around 30 by 20 inches (give or take an inch or two), but I’ve noted when the size is different, or when there are multiple size options. There are geometric patterns, minimalist styles and mats made from different types of materials, but they’re all totally weather-resistant.

To keep your feet dry and your floor clear of mud, we’ve rounded up the best indoor doormats to keep in your entrance.

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An absorbant machine-washable mat
A paw-print waterproof and mud-proof mat
This comes in two sizes and five colors.
A Turkish rug-inspired mat with a plastic bottom
This comes in two sizes.
A half-circle waterproof mat with a rubber bottom
This comes in two sizes and eight colors.
A minimalist stain-resistant mat with a Gorilla Grip bottom
This comes in four sizes and nine colors.
A rubber cat mat
This is 29 by 17 inches and comes in two patterns.
A machine-washable absorbent mat
This comes in three sizes and colors.
A personalized pet mat that’s waterproof and mud-proof
You can customize this with your own furry friend’s name. It comes in two sizes in five colors.
A stylish coir mat with a rubber bottom
This one’s 18 by 30 inches.
A fast-drying patterned mat
A dirt resistant, soft-touch hex pattern mat
This comes in two colors in five sizes.
A boho chic dirt-trapping map
This comes in three colors.
A hand-braided rug made of natural fibers
This comes in four colors.
A Moroccan-inspired rug with a non-slip bottom
This comes in three colors.

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