9 DIY Phone Cases You’ll Love


Just about everywhere you look, there are phones. Whether they’re iPhones, Samsungs, or others, they likely all have something in common: they fit into cool, fun, protective cases. If you’re looking to get a new phone (and with it a new case) or you just need a change, these 9 DIY phone cases may be just the thing you need!

No matter your level of creativity or access to materials, there is a DIY phone case for you.

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Phones Throughout The Years

As you may expect, phones have changed dramatically since Alexander Graham Bell created the first in 1926. Since the candlestick telephone, the touch tone pad phone and the cordless phone have also been invented. The analog mobile phone was the first phone designed for individual, personal use. 

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This eventually led to the commonly known iPhone, originally launched in 2007 (about 24 years ago). Even just in those recent 24 years, the phone has completely entered a new world of technology. Now, the iPhone comes in various models as well as different colors.

Why Decorate Your Phone?

As you can probably tell by now, phones only in the last decade or so have been commonly decorated or at least thought of as more than just an object to call someone. Why is that? 

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It’s typical to see a good amount of phones whenever you go out somewhere public; it’s a normal part of society now. But back in the mid-late 1900s, it wasn’t. A telephone used to hold one specific purpose: to have a conversation with someone who wasn’t right with you at that moment. With the latest iPhone, you can now search the Internet, send individual text messages to someone across the world, take photos, and so much more. 

daily mom parent portal DIY phone case

Phones only in the last decade or so have been commonly decorated or at least thought of as more than just an object to call someone. Why is that? In 1926, decorating your phone was likely the farthest thing from your mind. At the time, the invention itself was impressive; why would you go farther to decorate the invention? It’s not like it would be used nearly as often as the phones today are. 

Maybe the reason that we decorate our phones now is that we do use them 24/7. Well, maybe not exactly 24/7, but we always have a reason to have them on hand. Is it because the phone has simply changed in significance through the last century? If you think about it, decorating your phone case is a wonderful way to express your personality at a first glance. 

DIY Phone Case: Decorate With Household Items

If you love crafting and want to show off your creativity, create a DIY phone case by using some washi tape and a solid white case! If you like to go with the flow of things, grab some nail polish and add a marble design to a clear case. If you’re sophisticated and prefer a cleaner look, try getting a colored monogram sticker off of Etsy and applying it to a solid black case. When it comes to a DIY phone case, the opportunities are truly endless.

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daily mom parent portal DIY phone case
  • Paper Map/Newspaper Scraps
    Have an old paper map or newspaper laying around somewhere? Score! All you have to do is purchase a clear case for your phone on Amazon and you’ll be ready to go. Simply trace your phone case on top of the map or newspaper and then cut it out. Next, place it inside the phone case and click your phone in. Easy peasy! To go for an edgier DIY phone case look, tear the paper or even scraps of paper and arrange them to make a collage.
  • Nail Polish
    To achieve this fun look, take a bowl of room-temperature water and add swirls of nail polish to it. The more colors the better! Take a clear phone case and touch it to the surface of the water, pulling it out after a couple seconds to let it dry.
  • Print Image
    Got a printer? Search for a pattern in Google by typing “_____ wallpaper” (ex. “polka dot wallpaper”) and then clicking on “images”. Once you find one you like, print it out and cut it to the desired size by tracing your clear phone case! Instead of a full pattern, you could also print small images and make a collage inside the clear phone case. The options are really endless!

DIY Phone Cases: Take A Trip To The Craft Store

daily mom parent portal DIY phone case
  • Washi Tape
    Washi tape is absolutely one of my favorite materials as a crafter. It is so easy to use and there are so many pattern and color options available no matter where you buy from! To recreate this design, grab 3 coordinating—or not; it’s up to you!—patterns of washi tape and cut them with an X-Acto knife against the phone case for accuracy. I would recommend a solid color phone case to really help the patterns pop!
  • Craft Paper
    Patterned craft paper is another super cheap material for diy projects. As with the printed images, all you have to do is trace a clear phone case once you have the paper and fit it inside. Then, voila! You have a super cute new case. The best part is that you can change it out whenever you want so you’ll never get stuck with the same boring design!
  • Paint Chips
    This one doesn’t even cost money to design (besides the actual purchase of the phone case!). Maybe not at a craft store, but your local hardware store will likely have a wall of paint chips you can take from for free. We’ve all seen it; am I right? Grab one, a couple, however many you want and then cut them to fit your case. 
  • Purchase A Sticker Or Decal on Etsy
    More and more shops are opening on Etsy and selling customizable sticker decals. Buy one for a few dollars in your favorite color and then watch it arrive a few days later! You could get your name, your monogram, or even a few stickers of your choice to decorate a DIY phone case with. This variety of decals will give you a clean and stylish phone case design, and with minimal work involved!

No matter your level of creativity, everyone deserves a cool phone case! Why not make a DIY phone case yourself? Decorating your phone case is an amazing way to show off your personality and get in touch with your creative side (even if you don’t think you have one!). With these 9 ideas, you can’t go wrong; there’s something for everybody. Explore the possibilities and have fun with it! You can always try out a few different ideas too. Happy crafting!

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daily mom parent portal Diy Phone Case


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