35 Cool And Trendy Ideas For Teens’ Bedrooms, On A Budget


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Your teen’s bedroom can reveal a lot about their personality. Thus, the room must reflect their true nature and complement their personality. Furthermore, its style should be easily adaptable to accommodate your teen’s changing needs as they grow. Do these seem like a huge task?

Bid goodbye to your worries as we share a variety of teen bedroom ideas for your adorable teenager in this post. You can have discussions with them to understand their likes and dislikes and use all the inputs they give you to revamp their bedroom.

35 Teen Bedroom Ideas

Do you feel your teen’s bedroom is one of the most difficult rooms in your home to decorate? Fret not! Keep reading for some exciting teen bedroom ideas. Club our tips with your teen’s suggestions and create a cozy space for them.

1. Dark colors

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Dark colors are great for a bedroom if your teen wants a dramatic backdrop. Keep the carpet and the walls dark. You could use one dark color as the focal point of the room. Dark-colored rooms also give a matured vibe; therefore, your child can use it without making major changes when they grow up.

2. Sunny

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If you want your teen’s room to reflect their sunny nature, consider including key elements in different shades of yellow. The carpet and the wallpaper could be lemon yellow, while the furniture and bedsheets may be a shade of yellow or green. Opt for neutral tones or complementary colors to create a bright, sunny look.

3. Colorful or playful

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For a playful vibe, add lots of color to the room. Mix and match colors of different shades to give a fresh look to the room. You may also try a single color palette and use it in different shades or choose a multicolored theme. Your teen might want to make some changes as they grow. Thankfully, making changes to a colorful theme is quite easy.

4. Muted shades

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If your teen prefers a subtle theme, you could use muted shades in the room. Soft gray, lavender, lilac, purple, light pink, white, or pastel shades are good options for a muted theme. You may also add faux fur throws and rugs for a softer look in the room.

5. Smart storage

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Your teen’s bedroom needs to look fancy but shouldn’t miss out on functionality. You may include lots of storage options in your teen’s bedroom for their growing needs. Try smart storage options that can make the bedroom look neat and uncluttered.

6. Ballerina

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If your teen is an aspiring ballerina or enjoys dancing, this bedroom theme may be ideal for them. You may decorate the room in shades of pink and white to give a soft look to the room.

7. Hand-painted

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Is your teen a budding artist? Give this theme a try. You may look for murals or designs on the Internet and see what they like. Then, join hands with your teen to recreate the chosen designs in their room. You can customize the designs as per their liking and give a nice, personalized feel to the room.

8. Wall stickers

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Wall stickers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and designs. So, there is something for everyone, no matter what their preferences are. Besides, they come off quite easily, making the replacement hassle-free. Add some cute cushions and a comfortable chair in the bedroom to complete the look.

9. Oversized headboard

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An oversized headboard can change the entire look and feel of a bedroom. The headboards you choose can be vibrant, elegant, subtle, monochrome, or plain classic. Opt for one that suits your teen the best. They could also use the headboard as a photo board or even a mood board as they grow up.

10. Hanging chair

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A teen’s bedroom is essentially their relaxation zone, so you may add a hanging chair to it. It can help your teen unwind and relax and is one of the coolest pieces of furniture that you can add to your teen’s bedroom.

11. Four-poster bed

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A four-poster bed instantly lends a grown-up feel to your teen’s bedroom. If you want your teen’s bedroom to reflect a mature personality, try a four-poster bed with a wooden frame. Add matching side tables and a statement chair to complete the look.

12. World map

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This is ideal for teens with an adventurous spirit. Use a large world map as wallpaper somewhere around their bed. You could also add photographs of your teen from their travel adventures. You may customize the room as per your child’s interests.

13. Layers

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If you have two children and would want them to share a room, you could consider adding two small beds in the room. This will give your teens a sense of independence and comfort. Add layers such as pictures, carpets, rugs in bright colors, cushions, sheets, and ottomans for a chic look.

14. Reading nook

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If your teen is a bookworm, you may add a cozy little corner beside the bed where they can sit comfortably and read. The place must be well-lit and comfortable. You could also consider a window seat or pick a cute corner and turn it into a reading zone.

15. Spacious

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Less is more! If your teen likes a spacious room, then try this style. Whether your teen’s bedroom is tiny or huge, you can make it feel spacious by using mirrors and bunk beds. Paint the walls in lighter tones and check for good lighting so that the room gets an airy look and feel.

16. Panels

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Custom-made mural panels are something that your teen may love. Your teen can choose from a plethora of options, and you can get them designed. These panels can become the focal point of the room, and the rest of the room can be done up in a similar theme.

17. Metallic

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Metallic accents can make any room pop. No matter which color you pick to paint the walls, add metallic elements to make the room look interesting. Metallic lamp posts, side tables, nightstands, and beds are some options that may make your teen happy in their bedroom.

18. Hobby room

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If your teen enjoys hobbies, try decorating their room with similar elements. You may use embroideries, paintings, drawings, books, skateboards, baseball bats, footballs, guitars, or just about anything to decorate your teen’s space.

19. Fairy lights

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Sometimes, all that your teen’s bedroom need is nothing more than a few sets of fairy lights. Fairy lights can instantly transform a regular space into an ethereal one. If your teen is active on social media, they could use the fairy lights as a backdrop for their pictures or videos.

20. Classic

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A teen’s bedroom cannot be done in one particular fashion, as their needs and desires may keep evolving. But adding some timeless pieces to the décor will make the room stand out. For example, you may consider including a framed picture of the state mascot, printed cushion covers in bright colors, and lights with colorful shades to make the room look amazing. As these are classics, there is little chance your teen will want to change them.

21. Privacy

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Who doesn’t like having some personal space! This is something that you may keep in mind while designing your teen’s bedroom. They may want their bedroom to be a sacred space. Add curtains to their bed and make a small nook in the corner for them to pen down their thoughts.

22. Canopy

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Most children play with blankets and make forts during their childhood. This interest transforms into tent houses and canopies. Adding a canopy over your teen’s bed will give them a private and cozy feeling. You may choose fun prints for the canopy.

23. Easy organization

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Is your teen a busy bee? Do cleaning and organization seem like a huge task for them? You might often stumble into their room to find it in complete disarray. To help them keep their room clean, add a shelf with baskets where they can easily keep their belongings organized.

24. Attic rooms

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Teens often prefer attic rooms because of the obvious privacy and coziness they offer. Place a window in the slanting walls to add a lot of lighting to the room. An attic room can be painted in deep colors to create a beautiful, layered effect. You may also add planters or succulents to give it a more natural vibe.

25. Contrast

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Instead of using complementary colors, you may try stark contrasts. Use black patterns on a brightly colored wall or add a dramatic headboard. Contrasts work well when the base color is neutral. Try adding small décor pieces in contrasting shades to make the room more interesting.

26. Futuristic

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If your child is fascinated by futuristic movies, you may incorporate some sci-fi elements in your teen’s bedroom. Add décor pieces resembling robots and airplanes in the room. You can also use black, gray, or white colors to create a truly futuristic feel. Make sure the furniture is futuristic as well without compromising on comfort. Metal beds and nightstands, a few geeky-looking switchboards, machines, etc., can complete the look.

27. Space

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Is your teen a space junkie? Then this is something that may fascinate them. Paint the ceiling in shades of the sky, such as dark blue or black. Also, add stars and planets. When they lie down, they can enjoy the view of the night sky from the comfort of their bedroom.

28. Bold prints

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If you are confused about the choice of wallpaper for your teen’s bedroom, go for bold prints. Bold prints bring out the character of the room and create an energetic vibe. You can choose from a variety of bold prints as per your teen’s preference. Block prints, tropical tones, or abstract patterns are most popular. You can choose the wall colors and furniture accordingly.

29. Animated look

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Animated prints can jazz up any room. Incorporate some bold patterns and neon colors in your teen’s bedroom. If they enjoy animated movies or cartoons, you may pick some posters or elements from those as well.

30. Rustic

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Add a rustic touch to your teen’s room if they like a cruder style. Incorporate earthy colors for the walls and the upholstery. A canopy bed or a four-poster bed will go perfectly with this theme.

31. Bohemian

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Let your teen’s bedroom show off their quirky personality with this décor theme. Style the room with quirky prints and mirrors and use different textures. Throw in fur carpets and bamboo chairs and mix and match them for a complete bohemian style room.

32. Statement piece

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Put at least one statement piece in your teen’s room that makes it pop. It could be a polka-dotted headboard, a beautiful painting, or add a statement rug. This piece should be eye-catchy and, at the same time, enhance the look of the room.

33. Graphic wallpaper

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Graphic wallpapers seldom go wrong. There are a variety of graphic wallpapers that come in vibrant colors and patterns. Doodles and quotes are most popular with teenagers as they reflect their personalities. You can customize the furniture and upholstery to suit the wallpaper.

34. Plain and simple

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Not all teens are a fan of loud colors and patterns. Some like it simple. So, keep the colors muted and the walls simple. A wooden bed and some interesting cushions with a sturdy chair will make this room appealing. You could also add some indoor plants to bring in some natural elements.

35. Workspace

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If your teen has a large bedroom space, you can provide them with a workspace. Place a table and a chair that can be used for homework, writing, school projects, or arts. Be it old-school wooden tables or modern metal ones, get them customized according to your teen’s preference.

Your teen’s bedroom might be quite challenging to design. As you have to consider both current trends and their changing needs, think outside the box, incorporate our ideas and your teen’s suggestions, and get started on your DIY project. Do not forget to click before and after pictures while you make memories along the way.

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