25 Stylish Yet Budget-friendly Toddler Room Ideas


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From a newborn, your child is now a toddler! Time flies by, doesn’t it? Your toddler is growing quickly and is developing their own personality, opinions, likes, and dislikes. They are also increasingly becoming more aware of their surroundings.

To allow ample space and opportunity for their growth and development, it may be time to upgrade their room. Here are some toddler room ideas and handy tips to make it comfortable, stylish, and functional.

A Few Tips On Designing Your Toddler’s Room

Before you start designing your little one’s room, here are a few handy tips that will help you through the process.

1. The design can be inspired by your toddler’s personality

When designing your toddler’s room, it is important to begin with understanding your toddler’s personality. Toddlers are also opinionated; hence, involve them in their room designing process.

2. No theme is the best theme

It is common for parents to pick themes for their toddler’s room. However, themes are very fickle, and the design might look outdated real soon. Thus, you might want to skip a specific theme.

3. Less is more

Designing a room for your little one should be fun and not stressful. While you may want to add a whole lot of things in your toddler’s room, remember– less is more! Have a neutral base with a few components that can be upgraded as your toddler grows older. This will ensure your toddler’s room design is stylish, chic, and functional.

25 Toddler Room Ideas

Toddler Boy Room Ideas

Designing a toddler boy’s room can be tricky. While you may not want predominant themes such as superheroes or automobiles, your toddler may have other ideas. To maintain a balance between your ideas and your toddler’s choice, here are some great ideas for toddler boy rooms.

1. Starry night

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Does your toddler love the stars and night sky? A space-inspired bedroom design is apt for them! Some quirky decor items such as lamps or glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers, bedsheets, and blankets are great items to invest in for this bedroom look!

2. Minimalistic

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If you are looking for a classy look for your toddler boy’s room, minimalism is a good way to go about it. Pick two to three colors, a few decor items, and minimal furniture pieces. A minimalist bedroom design oozes elegance and class, while giving you the freedom to customize it as per your little one’s preferences.

3. A walk through the jungle

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Young children, especially toddler boys, love the wild. This makes a jungle-inspired design apt for toddler boys who are learning about animals. A simple green or greenish-brown wall or wallpaper with animal-inspired decor elements is a great way to give them a jungle walkthrough experience every day. Pick out some quirky light pieces and bed shapes to give the room an authentic look and feel.

4. Play with contrast

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If your toddler is not too specific about colors and themes, using a contrast of colors in their room design can keep it classy. Add various patterns and shapes create a striking contrast between white and black. You could also add in functional elements for your toddler to enjoy their space.

5. Room with a cozy reading corner

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Your toddler is growing quickly and before you realize it, they would have graduated from board books to picture books. Adding a cozy reading corner in their bedroom allows them to retreat with a book of their choice. Add some exciting touches to the reading corner such as a tent, canopy, or an armchair. Also, keep their books easily accessible to them so they can pick a book of their choice and read whenever they wish to.

6. Repurposed old furniture

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If you are looking to design your toddler’s bedroom but are on a tight budget, repurposing old furniture for the room may be a great idea. We all have some old furniture pieces lying around the house. Use this furniture to add a classy touch to your little one’s new room. Let the room ooze elegance, and with the right elements, it can be a fun retreat for your boy.

7. Easily accessible toy stash

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Your toddler’s room must have various components of their everyday life– wardrobe, toys, and a bed. You must always keep toys at a level that is easily accessible to them. Provide a separate corner in their room with baskets where your toddler can stash away their toys after playing. This is also a good habit for a toddler to develop as they grow older.

8. Animal-inspired spaces

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If your toddler boy is obsessed with animals, it may be a great idea to use animal-based decor items without going all-out and using an animal theme. For example, keeping the theme neutral and white-based, and adorn the room with different animal-based decor elements. Not only is this design clean, but it also gives you the flexibility to change the theme as your toddler’s preferences change.

9. Sports-inspired

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If your toddler boy has a keen interest in sports or you and your partner are sports enthusiasts, it may be a good idea to add a touch of this theme to your toddler’s room. Adding a few furniture pieces such as a beanbag or sports-themed bed sheets can make your toddler’s room sports-inspired.

10. Bring in the color

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Toddler boys’ rooms can be colorful too! So, if you are looking for colorful room decor for your toddler’s room, make sure you keep the backdrop neutral white or cream. This allows colors to pop up. While going colorful sounds fun, avoid going overboard with too many colors. Keep it simple and clean.

11. Vintage

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If you love vintage decor ideas but wish to keep them contemporary, you can mix some all-time favorite furniture pieces and give them a modern touch for your toddler boy’s room. In fact, adding vintage decor items to your toddler boy’s room is a good way to set a theme for the next few years. A wrought iron bed with bright colors can give the room a vibrant feel.

12. All-in-one set up

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If you do not wish to upgrade your child’s room too often, this room design idea may be the one for you! Incorporate elements from a futuristic point of view to ensure upgrading features, such as bed and study table, is easy as your toddler grows up. This is also a good room design idea for parents who have two children, one of whom is a toddler. Adding bunk beds, and other functional elements is great fun for toddler boys.

Toddler Girl Room Ideas

Keeping in mind the personality and behavioral differences in toddler girls, here are some design ideas for their rooms!

13. Simple can be fun too!

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Designing your toddler girl’s room need not be all glittery and loud. A simple room with a basic color scheme is not just fun to design but may also appeal to your baby girl! Simple things can be fun too! Also, with very few elements in this room design, it is low budget and easy to upgrade when your toddler grows up.

14. Statement pieces

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Not sure about how to elevate your toddler girl’s bedroom? Pick out a few statement pieces, such as a cool ceiling light, to create a center of attention. Statement pieces are striking and add character to your child’s room.

15. Add a dash of neon

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If you dislike cheesy designs but wish to add color to your baby girl’s room, consider adding a dash of neon to her bedroom. Neon is bright but adding a subtle neon element will elevate the room decor. However, avoid using an excess of it.

16. Personalized elements

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A great design idea for your baby girl’s room is to add a personalized touch. Adding their handprints or leg prints framed, “My first” board, etc., is a great way to add a personal touch to your toddler’s room.

17. Wallpapers are in!

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Wallpapers are much sought after for bedroom decor. Use a neutral wallpaper that reflects their personality and allows you to get creative with the other decor elements. While neutral wallpapers help colors pop up, textured ones add depth to your decor, giving your toddle girl’s’ room an elegant look.

18. Easily accessible wardrobe

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Your baby girl is a tiny human with her own personality and choices. A unique touch to her bedroom is an accessible wardrobe. Apart from keeping her clothes at eye level, it is also nice to give her the independence to pick her own clothes and dress up.

19. Add in a name decor item

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Your toddler may not be able to read or write already but adding her name or initials to her room’s decor is a sweet touch. Not only is this a fun idea, but you can get creative to incorporate this into your decor plan. A name or monogram can help fill a blank space anywhere in the room.

20. Add in a mural

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If you are not a wallpaper person or believe they may get outdated soon, murals and decals are for you! They are eye-catching, available in hundreds of designs, and are easy to apply and remove when you need to upgrade your child’s bedroom the next time!

21. Modern art pieces

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If you believe in designing your toddler girl’s room with a touch of modern, contemporary art, this bedroom idea may be a great inspiration for you! Keep it subtle while adding modern art frames that are quirky and young!

22. Dainty

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This design idea is apt for toddler girls. The concept of this design is to keep things dainty and light. Right from the choice of pink and white, the entire room should reflect sweet notes.

23. Travel-inspired

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If you and your partner are travel enthusiasts, adding a touch of your hobby to your baby girl’s room is a great idea. Adding a world map wallpaper, a globe for table decor, or similar furnishings can get your toddler onboard the next flight for your family holiday.

24. Geometry and shapes

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Using geometry, shapes, and symmetry is a beautiful way to design your toddler’s room. The overall theme of this room is evergreen, even when your child grows up. There are plenty of patterns and color combinations you can choose from.

25. White and bright

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There is nothing more elegant than using the basic white theme, especially if you have good ventilation and light in your toddler’s room! Use white as an underlying theme and add a subtle tinge of wood and cane. This subtle yet classy look is great for toddler girls and with furniture upgrades, this design works even after your baby girl grows up.

With so many exciting design ideas for your toddler’s room, the world is your oyster! While some themes may be apt for a toddler girl or a boy, you can make small changes to these designs if you are looking to keep it gender neutral.

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