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The pandemic has made people get creative in how they offer content. With everything from stores to concerts to museums being shut down or at minimum capacity for over a year, people had to find a way to keep their businesses going. In come virtual events to save the day!

For some, like museums and musicians, it was often more about continuing to provide content than it was about making money. For consumers, it is great because there are all kinds of new things you can experience – some of which you never would have imagined experiencing before now. Virtual events now make it possible for people to take cooking classes, learn to mix drinks, take a yoga class, tour Tokyo, or see some of the greatest art in the world right from the comfort of your own home. 

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Museum Virtual Events and Experiences

Museums all over the world have embraced virtual events. From local museums to some of the bigger names like the Chicago Museum of Art, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and even the Louvre offer virtual events so patrons can enjoy all the treasures these museums have to offer from home. 

Museums are now offering virtual events that include workshops, artist talks, and lectures. These virtual experiences give viewers the chance to learn about all kinds of things from art periods to fossils to local sculptures or the history of an item or area.

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Another way you can take advantage of the virtual events being offered by museums across the world is to take a virtual museum tour. From tours of their permanent collections to tours of special exhibits, museums are bringing patrons inside their galleries from the comfort of the couch. For instance, one of the most famous art museums in the world, the Louvre, is offering online tours of some of the museum rooms and galleries. The Louvre’s virtual events are currently available for free and on demand, so you can explore parts of the Louvre in Paris while sitting on your couch in pajama pants. Who would have thought?

Some museums offer concerts or movies that they are now taking virtual. The National Gallery of Art is currently sharing a different “unusual” film every Wednesday free of charge. The North Carolina Museum of Art has offered things like virtual poetry hours, concerts, and film screenings as part of their virtual events series during the past year. There are even virtual events at many museums that are specially tailored for children and families like many of those being offered at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. 

A great majority of these virtual events are free. Many times all you need to do is register ahead of time and then join through the link when it is time for the virtual events to start. Check your local museums’ websites and check online with that museum across the world that you have always dreamed of visiting because you might just be able to “visit” even when it is impossible to travel. 

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Tours of the World

daily mom parent portal virtual events

You may have always wanted to travel to Tokyo or see the Eiffel Tower, but the expense of such a trip might put actually going out of reach. Not any longer. Something you can do through Airbnb is to take a tour of some of the places you have always wanted to go even when traveling is not an option. All kinds of people around the world are holding virtual events where they take you to some amazing places.

If you do not see something you like there, try out which lets you live-stream a tour in one of more than 450 locations around the world with a local guide. It is so cool to be able to see the world right from your living room.

Virtual Concerts 

daily mom parent portal virtual events

Something else you might be missing is concerts. The good news is that some venues, like museums mentioned above, are bringing concerts to you through virtual events. Some are free and others charge a fee, but there are probably a lot more virtual concert offerings right now than you may think. Live Nation has been offering pretty regular virtual events with all sorts of artists. There are so many virtual events going on that Billboard is keeping an ongoing list of what is out there on offer in the world of music so you do not miss your favorite artists. 

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Virtual Classes of All Kinds

Virtual classes are right up your alley if you like to learn new things and keep busy. There are all kinds of virtual events being offered from all kinds of places that will teach you almost anything you want. 

There are cooking classes offered by kitchen stores like Sur La Table and on Airbnb by cooks from all around the world. You can learn to make pasta from an Italian grandmother. Learn to make street tacos from a professional Mexican chef or cook with a Moroccan family. There are also mixology classes and wine virtual events where you can learn about some amazing drinks to pair with your newly-learned cooking skills. 

daily mom parent portal virtual events
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If cooking is not something you are interested in, try an at-home fitness class. Many small fitness studios like yoga studios are offering virtual classes. These virtual events let you put on your yoga pants, spread out your mat in the bedroom, and get yourself some time to reconnect with yourself without leaving the house. Even some larger gyms are offering at-home classes for members. 

Or if you are looking for something a little more exciting, you can take a class with an Olympian! Airbnb has a bunch of fitness classes with real-life Olympians. Take a yoga class with an Olympic pole vaulter. Workout with an Olympic silver medalist. Do a bodyweight workout with a professional taekwondo athlete. These virtual events are all affordable and are offered pretty regularly. How cool would it be to workout alongside an Olympian?

It has been rough feeling isolated from the world or being unable to do the things you enjoy. It is not quite the same as being there in person, but virtual events allow you to get back a little of those fun things that make you happy. They even might get you interested in something you would have never one before. So learn to make empanadas in your own kitchen. Meditate with an Olympian. Tour that city in Europe you have always wanted to visit. The sky is the limit.

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daily mom parent portal virtual events

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