Bloated and Uncomfortable After You Eat? Me Too. Then I Found Your Super’s Gut Feeling Mix.

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I have to say, I really don’t miss feeling bloated and uncomfortable after most of my meals. Since I suspected a gut imbalance, I first tried soothing myself with daily powders that felt and tasted like chalk. I then tried eating more veggies, but no matter how hard I worked at it, I couldn’t eat enough servings to make a difference. I was fully convinced I’d have to choose between post-meal discomfort or consuming things in significant quantities that I simply didn’t enjoy. Then I found Your Super’s Gut Feeling mix.

A spoonful of the Gut Feeling superfood mix is nothing like a gross powder and super effective at balancing my gut. It tastes sweet and a bit zesty. Just a teaspoon in some water after my biggest meal of the day stops bloating and discomfort. I legit noticed the difference the very first time I tried it. And since Your Super is incredibly transparent, I trusted the Gut Feeling mix well before I started using it. 

Your Super clearly states all of Gut Feeling’s superfood ingredients on its website. Celery, Jerusalem artichoke, ginger, lemon balm, apple – it felt miraculous that I could get these all with something that tasted great. It was the solution to my veggie-averse diet that I’d been seeking for ages. Plus, it would be organic, non-GMO, all-natural, and free of additives. In other words, it wouldn’t feel like swallowing a chalky drink mix.

I’ll admit that, at first, the Gut Feeling mix seemed too good to be true. My suspicions disappeared when I learned that Your Super is a B Corporation, the ultimate mark of safe, transparent products. The designation tracks: Your Super conducts third-party lab tests on all its mixes to guarantee high quality. All Your Super ingredients are naturally dried, so all the micronutrients I needed for my gut health would be preserved.

Given all this, as soon as I tried the Gut Feeling mix, I felt a difference right away. Nowadays, I’m enjoying Your Super in more ways than just with water. I wound up loving Your Super so much that I joined its online community and learned how to use the Gut Feeling mix in actual meals! I’d never thought about using it in chicken marinades, but wow do my chicken breasts taste delightful now. And, of course, I feel great after every meal.

Best of all is that I get my Gut Feeling mix via subscription, so I’m never unexpectedly stuck with post-meal pains. And now, for a limited time, our readers can get Gut Feeling for 15% off with Code YOUGOTTHIS15! Shop now to balance your gut without gross powders or big dietary and lifestyle changes. It’s never been this easy to make bloating and discomfort a thing of the past!

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