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I’m pretty happy with my life, but I can’t pretend like I’m the healthiest person. To be clear, I care about my health – I work out twice a week, I follow my exercise with a protein smoothie – but I know my diet could be better. Namely, I’m veggie-averse. That’s why, at my recent annual checkup, Dr. Morris suggested some daily powders to counter my lack of veggies. 

I gave powders a go, but they consistently tasted awful. They were bitter and dry, not the easy, one-size-fits-all solution I wanted. No matter what else I put in my smoothie, the powders taste like chalk. I was already doubtful that one powder could perfect my diet, and now, I was worried I’d never eat healthy without forcing food I hated onto my plate. That changed when my friend Julie told me about Your Super’s Super Greens mix.

Julie told me that with Your Super’s Super Greens mix, she was getting all her essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fiber, prebiotics – with a daily spoonful of powder that tastes like lemons and leafy greens. She noticed a difference in her focus and energy levels after just a few weeks of consuming Your Super mixes. With both Julie and Dr. Morris singing this daily powders’ praises, I looked into Your Super, and what I read assuaged all my doubts.

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Your Super clearly stated that its Super Greens mix includes Vitamins A, K, and C, not to mention calcium, iron, folate, and potassium. And it blends six superfoods – wheatgrass, barley grass, moringa, baobab, spirulina, and chlorella – to give me these ingredients. It’s also certified organic, non-GMO, free of additives, and entirely natural.

Big claims, right? When I saw that Your Super is a B corporation, I realized these claims were valid. Any company with safety, eco-friendliness, and transparency standards high enough to earn B corporation status must be legit. Since Your Super had Julie’s endorsement and B corporation status, I ordered the Super Greens mix (if I didn’t like it, I’d be generating minimal waste due to the sustainable packaging) and awaited its arrival.

Once my Super Greens mix was delivered, I added it to a protein smoothie, and it tasted delightful. A spoonful of lemon and leafy green taste rippled through my taste buds, and with daily Super Greens use, I felt cleaner, more energetic, and more focused. I told Julie how great I was feeling, and she was enthused. She also invited me into Your Super’s online community for some unique Super Greens recipe ideas.

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There, I saw enough excitement about Your Super – plus plenty of ways to use its products in exciting, unusual meals – that I contemplated buying additional mixes. In particular, people raved about Your Super’s Detox bundle, which enhances the Super Greens mix with protein powders, not to mention sleep and immune boosters. After talking it over with Dr. Morris, I bought the Detox bundle, and once I started using it, I fully became a Your Super fan.

I now subscribe to Your Super for monthly Detox bundles, and I’ve never felt better. My mind is sharp as a paring knife, my energy levels are as high as a tall tree, and Dr. Morris says all my tests are showing that my better nutrition is paying off. And this is all just from adding a bit of powder to longtime meal staples plus some new recipes I’m getting from the community! I’ve never found being healthy so fun and easy.

If you too need a trustworthy, tasty, exciting way to improve your diet without overhauling it, head to Your Super’s website and get 15% off with Code YOUGOTTHIS15! Plus, you can save even more when you purchase the Your Super Bundles! With this limited-time offer, a great diet isn’t just easier than ever – it’s uniquely affordable, too.

Save even more when you purchase the Your Super Bundles!

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