NordicTrack Vault – The At Home Gym Machine of your Dreams


Working out can often feel like a chore. Combine that feeling with the stress of making it to the gym and many people quickly give up on maintaining a routine workout schedule. The NordicTrack Vault can be the solution to a floundering gym routine. Eliminate the commute time from your home to the gym and back with an at home gym machine. With the NordicTrack Vault, owning an at home gym machine has never been easier or more fun.

The NordicTrack is one of the most innovative and functional at home workout systems available. This unique system has everything you need for a variety of workouts and is integrated with the iFit system so that you can have access to fitness coaches and structured workouts anytime from the comfort of your home.

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What is the NordicTrack Vault?

The NordicTrack Vault is a premier innovative at home gym machine. Each vault opens to reveal everything you need for any home workout from yoga blocks to resistance bands and kettlebells. It is designed to be sleek and compact to fit into your daily life easily. The equipment included in this at home gym machine combines with iFit interactive training to bring professionally designed workouts to the comfort of your home.

A reflective mirrored touch screen allows you to view your workouts and see your trainers face to face providing the most immersive workout experience possible from your very own home. It’s the perfect way to break free from gym memberships and long commutes to and from the gym. Working out in your home has never been easier thanks to an at home gym machine.

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NordicTrack Vault Provides a Full Home Gym in Limited Space

The NordicTrack Vault is the perfect solution for those who live in apartments or who have limited space in their home for workout equipment. This at home gym machine is smaller than the average bookshelf and all of the equipment needed for your workouts with the Vault fit snugly and vertically inside without taking up additional space in your home.

The oversized mirror closes perfectly over the shelves so that the entire system takes up only about two feet of floor space. At just over 14 inches deep, this full body workout machine for home will not protrude into your living space. You’ll just need a small space to perform the workouts of your choice.

The NordicTrack Vault is also designed to have a very sleek design. With a carbon steel frame and reflective rotating surface, the at home gym machine will accent any room without becoming an eyesore. Small and sleek, the NordicTrack Vault is perfect for any home or space.

What’s Inside the NordicTrack Vault?

One of the most unique features of the at home gym machine is the inclusion of everything you need for home cardio, yoga, strength training, and pilates workouts. Within the NordicTrack Vault you will find high quality exercise equipment and accessories. A dual texture exercise mat provides a cushion for all your yoga and pilates workouts as well as traction for more intense workouts.

Two yoga blocks, three loop bands, and two resistance bands will help take your workout to the next level and build flexibility and strength. This inclusion of everything you need for every at home workout helped make the NordicTrack Vault the best home gym machine for 2022.

Nordictrack Vault – At Home Gym Machine Of Your Dreams

For more intense strength training, the NordicTrack Vault includes six sets of dumbbells ranging from five to thirty pounds as well as 20 lb and 30 lb kettlebells. Premium shelving provides vertical storage for all of the included equipment. Hanging shelves also allow equipment and towels to be easily stored. This at home gym machine also comes with a cleaning towel to keep your equipment and workout space in top shape.

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NordicTrack Vault Utilizes iFit Workouts to Give Your Endless Options

Each NordicTrack Vault comes with a thirty day iFit Family Membership trial. The iFit workout library contains a wide variety of available workouts led by world class personal trainers. Whether you prefer yoga workouts, interval cardio workouts, or even strength training workouts, the trainers at iFit will have something to meet your needs on the best home weight machine. Interactive features also allow you to access specific coach led training programs to take your routine to a whole new level.

With the iFit Family Membership, each person in the household can program their own customized iFit workouts and track their own stats. If you choose to not renew your iFit subscription you will still have access to a limited number of iFit workouts and be able to use your at home gym machine independently without a specific workout but you won’t be able to follow the coach led training programs. 

Reflective Training to Improve Your Form

NordicTrack Vault’s built in 61.5” oversized mirror allows you to visually see your form and match it to the trainer for each workout. This helps you improve your form so that you work your muscles more efficiently and are able to better avoid injury during your workouts. In addition to providing a perfect view of your form from the front, the NordicTrack Vault’s mirror also rotates 360 degrees which allows you to keep your trainer in view and see your own form from different angles.

Use the mirror to mimic your trainer’s movements to get even better form. The mirror is also equipped with a built-in touchscreen that allows you to navigate the iFit library and easily select your workouts at the touch of a finger.

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Superior Sound System to Amplify Your Workouts

The NordicTrack Vault is equipped with dual 3” digitally amplified speakers to help you follow workouts more closely. If you prefer to not disturb others in the house and need a quieter workout, the at home gym machine is also equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you can easily connect your wireless Bluetooth headphones and get an excellent workout with direct instructions from your iFit personal trainer without disturbing others in your household.

NordicTrack Vault is the Best Full Body At Home Workout

If you are looking to give up the gym and focus your efforts on working out at home, the NordicTrack Vault is the perfect solution. This innovative work out system provides everything you need for a variety of workouts from strength training to pilates without taking up huge amounts of space in your home.

NordicTrack Vault
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Which gym equipment is best for home?

The best gym equipment for an at home gym includes free weights, resistance bands, and yoga mats. The NordicTrack Vault incorporates all of these items to help give you the best possible at home work out.

Are home gym machines worth it?

Home gym machines are absolutely worth it. They allow you to skip the expensive gym memberships and workout at any time that is most convenient for your personal schedule. Home gym machines give you the best control over your workouts.

What basic gym equipment do I need at home?

It is a great idea to include a weight bench, free weights, kettlebells, a yoga match, and resistance bands.

Who can benefit from a home gym?

Everyone can benefit from a home gym machine but a great home gym machine is especially helpful for those with busy schedules that have to creatively fit their home workouts in. It is also very beneficial for those such as stay-at-home moms.

What are the different types of home gyms?

Home gyms can include weight machines, free weights, cable machines, elliptical machines, and even treadmills. The NordicTrack Vault incorporates a variety of gym equipment to provide users with a full at home gym.

Nordictrack Vault – At Home Gym Machine Of Your Dreams

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Nordictrack Vault – At Home Gym Machine Of Your Dreams


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