Here’s How I Get Enough Tea (That Actually Tastes Good!) for All My Summer Get-Togethers

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My hubby Carter and I moved to a new part of town about a year ago, and with summer rolling around, we thought the best way we could make friends was to host some neighborhood barbeques. When we host, Carter does all the cooking, so all I need to focus on is the refreshments. For me, that means a few different iced teas – all fresh, delicious, and sweet. But my local grocery store only has bland, sugar-filled teas – nothing refreshing or healthy. I thought I’d never find actual good iced tea until I saw both Oprah and Ellen endorse Vahdam Teas

I’ll admit, at first, I was a little nervous about buying tea online rather than in person – what if it had the same bland flavor as the generic store brands? Well, beyond the big-name endorsements, I felt reassured that all Vahdam Teas are made with real, fresh ingredients and hand-picked directly from Vahdam’s most respected tea gardens. They’re also full of high-quality herbs and immune-boosting superfoods. I sure couldn’t say that about supermarket iced teas.

After searching through Vahdam’s huge selection of tea blends, I went with the Green Iced Tea Variety Pack. It comes with three instant iced teas in peach ginger, lemon basil, and turmeric orange flavors – it sounded delightful. Plus, my order came with an insulated tumbler to keep my teacup chilled long after the BBQ. 

The best part about this entire tea process is that I didn’t have to leave my couch to stock up on party-time iced teas – home-delivered tea has changed everything for me. And once it all arrived at my door literally two days after I ordered it, I got right to making my first iced tea. I could tell the difference the moment I opened the bags – the aromas were more gorgeous than anything I’d ever encountered before. And that was just the start.

I’m used to leaving iced teas in the fridge for hours to steep, but with Vahdam’s instant green iced tea mixes, I simply grab my favorite party glasses, fill them with ice, then add the delicious tea blends. It is that easy – and let me tell you, my iced teas may have outshined my husband’s grilling. All night, friends asked me for my iced tea recipe and were delighted when I told them I bought the Vahdam mix online. 

With every BBQ we host, my teas become even more the talk of the town. Everyone’s been loving them so much that I recently bought one of my neighbors Vahdam Teas’ Iced Tea Starter Kit so she could try it herself. She loved it! And if you’re looking to impress your guests this summer too, I give Vahdam Teas my biggest endorsement. Vahdam Teas are flavorful, refreshing, and easy – the perfect way to sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer sun. 

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