Why Home Chef Meal Delivery Service Is The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Your mom makes the best red sauce. And when you went off to college, she’d send so many oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that you fed your whole dorm. For as long as you can remember, food has connected your family. And now it’s your time to give your mom (and her stomach) a little something back.

Sending the mother figure in your life a week, month or even year of delicious food kits is a perfect Mother’s Day present. Cooking a single meal demands many smaller tasks — from picking a recipe to sourcing all the indigents to washing, trimming and prepping all the produce — but Home Chef is a subscription meal delivery service that makes the process easier by providing everything needed to make mouth-watering, nutritious meals.

Every week, you get to choose from over 30 recipe options that change each week. The classic meal kits, which are designed by chefs, take about 30 minutes to prepare, include all the ingredients you need, and are good for folks who love to chop and simmer. There are also grill-ready recipes for those who love to barbecue, the “Cuisine Collection” that contains more premium ingredients, 15-minute quick-cook kits, and oven- and microwave-ready food kits for fast and easy meals.

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For special diets, there are calorie- and carb-conscious options, as well as options to avoid certain food (like pork, tree nuts or mushrooms). You decide if you’re cooking for two, four or six people, as well as how many meals per week you need, from two to six.

The standard meal generally costs around $8.99 per portion, though the price can vary depending on ingredients and recipes. The minimum weekly order is $49.95 and shipping is free.

Right now, Home Chef is offering 60% off your first three boxes, which is the equivalent of 16 free meals worth $90. To redeem this offer, you need to get at least 10 servings per week.

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Build your own Home Chef Box
After making a profile and taking your Home Chef quiz, you get to build your first delivery box. The Home Chef app lets you check and modify your orders with ease. And you can pause or reschedule deliveries any time before 12 p.m. CT on Fridays.

Pictured: Skinnytaste butternut squash and black bean enchiladas

Send your mom a Home Chef gift card
If your mom is tech-savvy and likes to do things on her own, send her a Home Chef gift card she can redeem at her leisure. You can select for the gift card to come via email or a physical card. Gift cards start at $25, and come in $50, $100, $150, $200, $500 or a custom amount.

Your mom will need to make her own Home Chef account to use her gift card, the 60% deal isn’t eligible for the amount on the gift card.

Pictured: Asian turkey lettuce wraps

Promising reviews:

“I have tried every boxed meal kit. Home Chef is by far the best quality products. This is the best chicken I have ever tasted.” — Jan K.

“So quick and easy. I’ve never had Brussels sprouts like this. I like learning new ways of cooking.” — Pat S.

“This meal was perfect for our date night in. We paired it with a nice red wine and we felt like we were at a five-star restaurant.” — Beth P

“This stew was perfect warm, comfort food. The fresh ingredients made it taste way better than pre-packaged products.” — Kristy D.

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