The Bump Celebrates Black Maternal Health Week—and How You Can Get Involved


Pregnancy should be a joyous time, but for many Black Americans it can quickly become a time disportionately filled with stress and anxiety. Black Maternal Health Week, which runs from April 11 through 17, raises awareness for the continuing Black maternal mortality crisis in America. Non-Hispanic Black women still face an astonishing disparity when it comes to maternal care and are sadly up to four times more likely to suffer from fatal pregnancy-related complications than their white counterparts. The National Institute of Health has called America’s Black maternal mortality rate one of the highest in industrialized countries. It’s time for a long overdue change.

Thanks to the national spotlight on the issue, the calls to improve Black maternal health in the U.S. are getting louder—and finally being heard. Even the White House officially recognized Black Maternal Health Week in 2021 and stated their support in fighting the systemic racism that continues to occur in our medical practices. To help bring about change, The Bump is shining a spotlight on Black pregnancies, couples and families.

On April 11, The Bump expanded its Black Maternal Health Hub, a platform built in partnership with the National Medical Association that offers resources to and champions Black expecting parents. As part of the expansion, The Bump’s hub will offer two new series:

  • Reclaiming Your Power: Includes videos and Q&A articles with leading advocates of Black maternal health, including Dr. Kendra Segura, an ob-gyn and featured TV personality on Bravo’s “Married to Medicine: Los Angeles”; Simmone Taitt, founder of Poppy Seed Health; and Charles Johnson, founder of 4Kira4Moms

  • Doctor Spotlight: Includes Q&A articles with experts working to support Black maternal health, including Dr. Kameelah Phillips, an ob-gyn and founder of Calla Women’s Health in New York City; Dr. Temeka Zore, an ob-gyn and fertility specialist with Spring Fertility in San Francisco; and Dr. Denese Shervington, president of The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies and chair of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at Charles Drew University School of Medicine

In addition to the new series, The Bump will continue to raise awareness on its social platforms. On April 11, the brand is donating $1 for every like, comment and share on their Instagram Feed post highlighting Black Maternal Health Week. The Bump has committed to donating up to $10,000 to 4Kira4Moms, an organization fighting to put an end to the maternal mortality crisis. Plus, throughout the day on April 15th, the brand will host a Q&A on Instagram stories and Dr. Rachel Villanueva of the National Medical Association will answer user submitted questions.

“At The Bump, it is our responsibility to use our platform to support and lead pivotal conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. We continue to support our audience by focusing on awareness, advocacy and education related to pregnancy and parenting,” said Jen Lee, Head of Marketing at The Bump. “Committed to creating authentic and inclusive content, we are proud to add more expert voices to the Black Maternal Health Hub and support this critical issue that plagues an important community we serve.”

It’s every woman’s undeniable right to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Let’s all take a step this week (and beyond) to fight for maternal equality and support Black mothers. Check out The Bump’s Black Maternal Health Hub to learn more about how you can help.

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