The Best Pregnancy Podcasts to Get You Through Those Nine Months


As exciting as pregnancy is, it can also feel pretty daunting. With all the changes your body goes through and the many life changes about to happen, it’s natural to have questions about what to expect and how to prepare for baby. Luckily, pregnancy podcasts are one of the best—and easiest—ways to gain all that knowledge during those nine+ months.

There are a whole bunch of pregnancy (and parenting!) podcasts out there that aim to help parents-to-be from all walks of life, offering tips from experts and parents who’ve been there. But information at your fingertips isn’t the only reason pregnancy podcasts have grown in popularity over the past few years—they also offer immense flexibility. Listen while doing the dishes, buying baby clothes or prepping baby’s nursery. Below, we’ve rounded up the best pregnancy podcasts to tune in to.

The Birth Hour: A Birth Story Podcast

Sometimes listening to the inspiring birth stories of others is exactly what’s needed during those long nine+ months of pregnancy. This pregnancy podcast, hosted by Bryn Huntpalmer, offers stories for every step of the journey, from trying to conceive to getting ready for baby to navigating the postpartum period. Listen to interviews with birth professionals, and get ready to laugh, cry and hear from parents who’ve been there.

Birth Stories in Color

There is still a gaping discrepancy in the maternal care people of color receive in America, putting them at higher risk of otherwise avoidable pregnancy-related complications. Birth Stories in Color is a pregnancy podcast dedicated to Black, Indigenious, Asian, Latino and multiracial people. It allows people of color to share both the expected and unexpected parts of their journeys to prepare future parents—and ensures their stories are heard.

All About Pregnancy and Birth

This is one of the best pregnancy podcasts for first-time parents. Hosted by Nicole Calloway Rankins, an ob-gyn with over 15 years of experience, it shares evidence-based information to help parents-to-be prepare. The podcast features expert interviews, as well as firsthand accounts from parents, on topics ranging from IVF to postpartum recovery and more.

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If These Ovaries Could Talk

If These Ovaries Could Talk is a humorous pregnancy podcast that talks about the baby-making process for LGBTQ+ families, to help support and celebrate the experiences of queer parents-to-be. Hosted by Jaimie Kelton and Robin Hopkins, both members of the LGBTQ+ community, the podcast features guests that talk about their hopes, fears and challenges as they start their journey to parenthood.

Pregnancy Podcast

Vanessa Marten’s Pregnancy Podcast provides evidence-based information for expectant parents. She covers a wide range of subjects, including prenatal care, labor, natural childbirth, postpartum and more, offering research, risks, benefits, pros and cons for eachto help listeners make informed decisions for their family—during pregnancy and beyond.

Plus Mommy Podcast

Plus Mommy focuses on plus-size pregnancies, motherhood and promoting body-positivity. Hosted by Jen McLellan, an author and public speaker, this pregnancy podcast features body-positive activists, writers, moms, birth professionals and more. It aims to destigmatize all topics relating to plus-size pregnancy and help make plus-size moms feel less alone.

Happy Homebirth

Looking to learn more about natural childbirth and hear firsthand accounts from parents? Then Happy Homebirth is the pregnancy podcast for you. Hosted by Katelyn Fusco, a former student midwife with personal home birth experience, it educates, supports and encourages parents-to-be as they embark upon their own home birth and parenting journeys. The podcast frequently interviews parents who gave birth at home, as well as care providers who help with home births.

Taking Back Birth

Hosted by midwife Maryn Green, this podcast aims to empower pregnant people. With all the misinformation circulating around pregnancy, birth and birth workers, as well as hospital and medical protocols, many people are left feeling like they weren’t in control of their pregnancy or had limited choices. The goal of this podcast is to help parents-to-be discover all their options and how they can take back some control over their experience.

Fear Free Childbirth Podcast

The podcast is hosted by Alexia Leachman, an author, speaker and trainer, who suffered from tokophobia, an extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth. She was able to overcome her fears and started Fear Free Childbirth Podcast as a side project during her maternity leave. The pregnancy podcast showcases positive birth stories, advice from birthing experts and Leachman’s own experiences with overcoming her fears.

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