Blast Out-Of-This-World With Amazing Two the Moon Birthday Extravaganza


Two the Moon birthday parties launch your toddler into his next journey around the sun. Bring your out-of-this-world Two the Moon Birthday Party to life with rocket ships, astronauts, and maybe even aliens at your 2-year-old’s birthday party. Anything related to the moon or space is fair game for this party theme. Are you ready? The countdown has begun… 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1… Blast Off!

Set the Scene with Two the Moon Birthday Party Decorations


Transport your guests young and old to the moon with amazing party decorations. The magic starts with sparkling Gold Star Moon Circle Dot Garland around the room. Spread an excessive amount of pillow stuffing in a corner for your little party-goers to imagine they are floating on clouds. They will love playing with the “clouds.” Be sure to fill your “galaxy room” with helium balloons in deep blues, silver, gold, and black. And, intermingle star-shaped balloons with the multitude of traditional balloons.

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Your party will feel out of this world with a smiling 8.8 feet tall moon. The whimsical Anderson’s Old Hollywood Smiling Moon Photo Prop Kit will be the perfect spot for photos of your 2-year-old with friends and family. It will be the statement piece for the best Two the Moon birthday party ever. Of course, if you are handy or crafty, you can make your own original giant moon from paper or plywood. Be sure to check your local party store, some actually rent the moon! Don’t forget the moon, star, and outer space-themed paper plates and napkins to round out the décor.

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Two the Moon Birthday Party Games and Activities

Two-year-olds are on the move, so make sure you have a couple of hands-on activities for your tiny astronaut, his friends, and their parents so their imaginations can dance with excitement.

Galaxy Slime – Kids of all ages love slime. You can pre-make Galaxy Slime with Elmer’s Liquid Glitter Glue. Make enough for everyone. All the children and even the adults will love stretching, pulling, and playing with the Galaxy Slime in sparkling pink, purple, blue, red, green, yellow, silver, gold, and black. The easy-to-make Galaxy Slime is the perfect activity for your Two the Moon birthday celebration.  

Decorate Moon Cookies – The Ann Clark Cookie Cutters 3-Piece Twinkle Little Star Cookie Cutter Set complete with a recipe booklet will help you prepare for the little astronauts. You can bake delicious moon, star, and cloud cookies before the party. You could decorate some of the cookies ahead of time.

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But, your guests of all ages will enjoy a cookie decorating station. Keep it simple with just two colors of frosting, Mystic Sprinkles Shooting Stars Confetti Mix, and Moon Child Sprinkle Mix by Simply Sucré. Everyone will find joy in either the colorful shooting star sprinkles or the regal black and silver moon sprinkles.

Two the Moon Birthday Party Food


Of course, you want to stick to the moon theme with your Two the Moon Birthday party treats. You can have a moon cake – a birthday cake decorated to look like the moon. You can serve Moon Pies, Milky Way candy bars, and Astronaut Foods Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches. You could even use your Ann Clark Cookie Cutters 3-Piece Twinkle Little Star Cookie Cutter Set to cut tiny finger sandwiches in the shapes of moons, stars, and clouds.

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A Two the Moon Birthday Party for your toddler lets you bring the magic and wonder of the moon and outer space to life for your little one. The magic can be enjoyed by preschool friends, cousins, family, and friends of all ages. Enjoy the wonder in the eyes of your 2-year-old as you celebrate the end of his second trip around the sun.

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