10 Ways To Survive (& Even ENJOY) Your First Trimester Of Pregnancy


The first trimester of pregnancy is ROUGH. Honestly, all of pregnancy is rough, and it’s not like there are people lined up to warn you about this. Oftentimes women enter into this life-altering journey with little to no knowledge of how difficult it can be. Don’t get us wrong, any mom will tell you it’s 100% worth it, but that first trimester can knock you off your feet. Here are some simple tips to help you survive your first trimester of pregnancy:

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1. Nap! 

2. Prepare for morning sickness

Firstly understand that the term “morning sickness” is silly. “Morning sickness” often hits at all hours of the day and that clawing nausea can be triggered by tastes, smells, and sometimes even gross thoughts. Find what works best for you to combat that annoying sensation. There are a variety of products marketed for pregnant women; including bracelets to activate pressure points, lollipops, and candies. Other moms swear by essential oils, ginger or mint-flavored gum or candies, acupressure, or acupuncture.

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3. Know your limits

Understand that you may not be the rational, even-tempered goddess that you were before pregnancy hit, and that’s totally OK! Your hormones are all out of whack during the first trimester of pregnancy and they are causing some serious mood swings, fatigue, and nausea. KNOW YOUR LIMITS! Don’t feel guilty for backing out of social commitments and letting others know when you’re not feeling up for something. If you’re feeling especially moody, let others know exactly what you need to avoid snapping and regretting it later. 

4. Eat what you want

This is not the time to change up your diet completely. There are definitely some foods that should be avoided – your doctor will give you information on these, but it is absolutely fine to eat comfort foods during this time. You might not be experiencing any cravings yet, and you also might be either ravenous or have little appetite. Eat what you feel like eating. You might not be able to stomach much, so load up on those carbs if that’s what your pregnant heart desires!

5. Drink lots of water

Hydration is key! I know you’ve heard this a million times before for all different reasons, but trust us on this. Staying hydrated is such a simple thing and will help to ward off minor physical annoyances that are only amplified during that first trimester of pregnancy. If you’re vomiting due to morning sickness, it’s especially important to drink a lot of fluids when you can stomach them to avoid dehydration. 

6. Be kind to yourself

Pregnancy is NOT easy. You’re literally creating a person out of nothing. Now is the time to cut yourself some slack and appreciate what your body is capable of. Don’t beat yourself up for skipping laundry day. Put on that old t-shirt that might be feeling just a tad bit tighter now and put your feet up! Don’t stress about weight gain or changes to your skin. You might not feel beautiful and radiant, but your body is working hard to grow your perfect baby. 

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7. Work on communicating with your partner

Pregnancy is a whirlwind. In your first trimester of pregnancy, you’re experiencing intense emotions and feelings. You may have already started to adjust to the mood swings and odd cravings, but you have to remember that your partner doesn’t understand what you’re experiencing. Work on talking about what you’re going through and feeling rather than expecting a massive shift in their thinking.

The more you’re able to verbalize the changes that you’re undergoing and the way that you feel about them, the easier it will be for your partner to understand why you may be acting differently. Building your communication skills now will also help when your baby comes and you need to navigate life together with your newborn. 

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8. Work on communicating with your doctor

No questions are stupid and you’re bound to have a lot of questions during your first trimester of pregnancy. Your doctor is used to seeing pregnant women and may gloss over information that you want to hear more about. Ask them! Prepare for appointments by jotting down questions and concerns that come up so you don’t forget to ask about them. If you can, bring someone with you to appointments just to have an extra set of ears.

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If you’re ever feeling uncomfortable or not heard at prenatal appointments, know that you have the option to change providers. Your doctor will be with you through every stage of pregnancy, and it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident having open discussions with them. Always trust your gut and call your provider if you feel like something is off. 

9. Don’t compare yourself to others

There are absolutely no positives to this type of thinking. Don’t compare yourself to your pregnant friend or co-worker who seems to have it all together. Chances are they don’t. Know that pregnancy is different for everybody and every woman handles it in her own way. Stop looking up images of pregnant celebrities and wondering why they seem to be glowing while you feel frumpy. Read real mom blogs and follow women who inspire you rather than make you feel bad about yourself. Always remember; you are strong, powerful, beautiful, and amazing, period. 

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10. Feel your feelings

It’s NORMAL to be nervous, happy, scared, and excited. You’re making an actual human being, and you’re allowed to feel all the feelings! Find a support system of friends and family who have your back and confide in them. Do what you need to allow yourself to experience and understand the new feelings you’re having. Have faith in the amazing things your body can do and do what you can to enjoy the process. You got this, Momma! Try to enjoy the rest of your first trimester of pregnancy!

Remember momma, the first trimester of pregnancy can be challenging. It is the first of many new challenges that you will encounter throughout your new journey. You will get through it, just as you will get through the other obstacles pregnancy and mom-life throw at you.


Take a look at this checklist for use during your first trimester of pregnancy and beyond:
Pregnancy Checklist: A Guide for Expecting Moms.

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10 Ways To Survive Your First Trimester Of Pregnancy


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