Sleeping On Stomach Safety During Pregnancy


Women find that there are many rules about the positions they can lay or sleep in during pregnancy. However, one sleep position that is not generally discussed is laying on the stomach during pregnancy. Fortunately, for those women who enjoy lying face down on the pillow to relax or sleep, it is safe to lay on the stomach during pregnancy.

While expecting, there are aches and pains that pop up out of nowhere. Many times, the only way to relax those stretching ligaments or sore muscles is to lay down for a bit. But because doctors warn against laying prone after the first trimester, according to What To Expect, women believe they are limited to laying on their left sides only. But, as long as it is comfortable for mothers-to-be, there is nothing wrong with laying on the stomach during pregnancy.

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Here is why it is safe to lay on the stomach during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Lying On Stomach During Pregnancy

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While expecting, there is not much that can be done to ease pregnancy symptoms. However, by laying on the stomach, a bit of the discomfort felt may be alleviated, even if only temporarily.

Some benefits of laying on the stomach include:

May ease morning sickness

When morning sickness hits, it is hard to do anything but lay down. While many women might choose their side to lay on, it can actually be beneficial, according to One For Women, for those suffering from morning sickness to lay on their side for relief.

Ability to sleep more comfortably

It can be difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. According to the American Pregnancy Association, laying on the stomach with a donut pillow underneath may provide women the ability to catch on some much-needed rest.

Helps to ease muscle pain

When women have aching backs or hips, laying on the side may feel incredibly uncomfortable. Instead, according to MedicalNewsToday, women can lay on their stomachs safely to alleviate pain.

Safety To Baby Of Lying On Stomach During Pregnancy

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As a result of the amniotic sac, babies stay very cushioned during pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic. As such, laying on the stomach while expecting will not bring any harm to babies.

The amniotic sac is in place to keep babies from getting injured if the abdomen is suddenly struck unexpectedly. But because lying on the stomach is not a blow to the area but simply laying down, there is no trauma that will occur to the region.

Further still, laying on the stomach does not cause there to be any pressure on the vena cava like there is when laying on the back.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, when laying on the back, the vena cava can be compressed. When this happens, less blood flow occurs to the baby, and there is a risk of stillbirth. Blood flows properly when pregnant women lay on their stomachs.

Why Women Stop Sleeping On Their Stomachs During Pregnancy

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The reason that women choose to stop sleeping on their stomachs during pregnancy is simply that it can get uncomfortable.

With the size of the baby bump and the breasts getting larger from milk production, there comes a time for all women during the third trimester when laying on the stomach, even with a donut pillow no longer works. And because of this, the choice is made to begin laying or sleeping on the left side to be more comfortable and to keep babies safe at the same time.

Source: What To Expect, One For Women, American Pregnancy Association, MedicalNewsToday, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic

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