5 Reasons Why Branch Basics’ Dishwasher Tabs Are The Most Powerful Around

As a mother of three who works full time, you can only imagine how little free time I have on my hands. That’s why I’m so grateful for my dishwasher – handwashing takes time I just don’t have – but supermarket dishwasher pods just weren’t cutting it. I would still see grease stains, leftover oats stuck to my bowls, and other gross stuff. That changed when a friend recommended Branch Basics and I wound up loving it. Here’s why.

1. Cuts away at grease

Branch Basics’ dishwasher tabs use mineral and plant-based cleaners that entirely break down any grease and buildup. Every time I use them, they completely remove all the stains on my dishes. We’re talking leftover pasta, chicken grease – all of it completely gone with just one tab! 

2. Grabs onto food and pulls it away 

Branch Basics’ pods include two different plant-based cleaners that grab onto food and pull it right off my plates. In fact, these 100% safe ingredients are often used in soaps and shampoos for their powerful cleaning agents.

3. Softens water and minimizes residue 

Although Branch Basics’ tablets come in a bright white color, I don’t see their residue at all after the wash – unlike other pods, they dissolve completely clear. Everything I take out of my dishwasher, whether a coffee mug, plate, or fork, is sparkling clean with zero sticky, gooey residue. 

4. No harmful ingredients left behind

Branch Basics’ found inspiration for its dishwasher tablets through two of its household cleaning products – the Concentrate and the Oxygen Boost. Both these products contain fewer than 10 ingredients and lack fragrances, essential oils or dyes. These powerful pods contain just biodegradable salt, a few plant-based cleaners, and a human-safe brightener. That’s it! There’s so little in these tabs, yet they do so much. 

5. No plastic outer wrapping

Although I was initially choosing supermarket dishwasher tabs because I always pour too much liquid detergent, I found it a bit concerning that they were covered in plastic. Wouldn’t that put harmful plastics into the water supply? Branch Basics, on the other hand, is highly eco-conscious, so its tabs use a 100% biodegradable plant-based binder to stay together. It’s the safest way for me to powerfully wash my dishes.

If you’re ready to fully ditch hand washing and never see a dirty dish your dishwasher was supposed to have cleaned, visit the Branch Basic’s website to order your dishwasher tabs today! With Branch Basics, your least favorite chore just became that much easier – and cleaner.

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