VBAC Increases Serious Perineal Tear Risk


A new study has found that vaginal birth after cesarian (VBAC) can increase the risk of a serious perineal tear. Childbirth is never for the faint of heart, and it is something that a lot of women fear. Even though it happens every day, all across the world, women are anxious about giving birth, and this is even true for experienced moms because every birth is different. The fears are not unfounded, and that is because childbirth is a serious event and there is always room for something to go wrong, and it is important that a woman always knows the risks.

A VBAC is incredibly popular among women who have had to have a c-section. They want their next birth to be a vaginal birth, and they do what they can to try and make that happen. According to Medical Xpress, a new study is showing that a woman who has had a VBAC may be at a higher risk of a serious perineal tear.

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After a woman has had a c-section, she has a choice for her next birth, and that is to have a repeat c-section or to try for a vaginal birth. Studies like this are important in letting women know their risk should they want to attempt a VBAC.

This study was published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and it can be read in full here. They found that women who attempt a VBAC are 20% more likely to have a serious perineal tear during labor. Perineal tears are something that happens to a lot of women who give birth, VBAC or not, but they can carry complications, and they can seriously impact the postpartum healing process, and they are always best avoided if possible.

To complete the study, researchers looked at 130,000 births and compared the risk of a third-degree perineal tear with those moms who had done a VBAC. The study included women who had given birth any way but c-section, and this included those that had the use of forceps and vacuums. They found that their results were very clear and that the risk of a third-degree tear in a VBAC was 21% higher when compared to women who were not having a VBAC. While this does not mean that women who have VBACs are guaranteed a serious tear, it is something to be mindful of when mom-to-be is trying to make up her birth plan.

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It is suggested that when the perineal muscle is worked in this manner in the weeks before birth, it will make the perineum more pliable for labor.

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