Fingerprint Pregnancy Test Online: Fake Or Real?


Those who are wondering if they might be pregnant before taking a test may have run across pregnancy fingerprint tests online. Given that each fingerprint is unique to every individual, it sounds like it might almost be plausible that by simply scanning a finger it would be possible to receive an answer whether a baby is on the way or not. Unfortunately, as far as home pregnancy tests have come with their short window to give results and their accuracy, pregnancy fingerprint tests are not only not accurate, they should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Fingerprint pregnancy tests online were designed for people to have a laugh to see what their probability was of having a boy versus a girl. As such, it is not surprising that the test results are accurate 50 percent of the time. Some also offer a questionnaire that gives users information based on their answers whether they may be pregnant and directs them to take a home pregnancy test. At the end of the day, however, as professional and real as the finger scan may look on the apps, fingerprint pregnancy tests online are unable to give results about pregnancy.

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Here is why fingerprint pregnancy tests do not work.

Why Fingerprints Cannot Determine Pregnancy

why fingerprints cannot be used to determine pregnancy
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Fingerprints may be able to reveal quite a bit about a person but one of the things that they cannot reveal is whether a woman is pregnant or not. This is because fingerprints do not secrete hormones, specifically the pregnancy hormone, hCG.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG, is the hormone that spikes when women become pregnant. Because of this, the presence of hCG is what pregnancy tests use to determine if women are pregnant or not. But because the skin, and specifically fingerprints, cannot secrete the hCG hormones, there is no ability to determine pregnancy through scanning a fingerprint.

How Pregnancy Can Be Determined

There are two tests that have been used to determine pregnancy for decades that are tried and true. And those tests involve analyzing urine and blood.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, blood and urine tests are the only tests available that accurately reveal whether women are pregnant or not. This is because both tests are looking to see if there is hCG present after a sample is given. hCG is the marker of pregnancy, according to the publication, because it is only present if an egg has been implanted into the uterus.

Urine tests work by either peeing onto an applicator or dipping the applicator into the urine. The test absorbs the urine and sends it up to reactive paper that will give a positive response if hCG is present and a negative one if there is not.

Blood tests will be sent off to a lab and analyzed to detect the presence of hCG to alert physicians as to the accuracy of the urine pregnancy test taken either at home or at the doctor’s office. While both tests are extremely accurate, there is a chance for human error to skew the results of the urine test, which is why they are followed up with blood tests to confirm pregnancy.

What Fingerprints Can Tell You About A Person

what fingerprints can tell you
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While fingerprints may not be able to determine pregnancy or not, there are quite a few things they can reveal about a person. And this is why there is an entire field of science that has been developed dedicated to interpreting what fingerprints have to say.

According to BBVA OpenMind, the fingerprints are formed at the time the brain begins to develop. As such, the neocortex or the area that “controls emotions and cognitive abilities” are related. In cases where babies suffer from anencephaly, or are born without a brain, according to the publication, there will not be fingerprints present.

Fingerprints are unique in that no two humans have the same ones, including twins, according to Healthline. However, there are traits that some people share. And as a result of these traits, according to BBVA OpenMind, it can be determined by looking at a fingerprint if there are “congenital defects” present as well as whether a person suffers from heart disease. The loops and swirls of fingerprints can even accurately reveal the sex of a person as well.

While there is much that can be learned from fingerprints, whether a woman is pregnant is not one of them. As such, use fingerprint pregnancy tests online for entertainment purposes, but use tried and true tests to reveal if truly pregnant or not.

Source: American Pregnancy Association, Cleveland Clinic, BBVA OpenMind, Healthline

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