Why It’s Easier To Get Pregnant The Second Time


For many couples, it takes up to a year to conceive their first child. While that doesn’t seem like much, this wait can feel like forever for women who are excited about becoming a mom. Even worse, some women end up learning that they need help getting pregnant, and that makes the process take even longer.

Many people say that it’s actually much easier to get pregnant the second time around — but is that really true? Well, according to the experts, there are a few reasons why that may be the case.

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Your Body Has Already Successfully Done It

Anemia In Childhood Linked To Anemia In Pregnancy, Study Finds
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In an interview with Romper, Dr. Kenan Omurtag says that, most of the time, the easier time isn’t a matter of something different, but rather something familiar. In Omurtag’s words, once your body does something, it should be able to do it again.

In order for a woman to conceive a child, her body must put multiple pieces together, much like a puzzle. Just like with a puzzle we solve on our kitchen table; our bodies find it easier to perform tasks repeatedly. Therefore, it’s often easier for a woman to get pregnant again once she carries and delivers one child because her body already knows what to do.

Obviously, it isn’t always the case because pregnancy does sometimes change the body. Assuming your body hasn’t undergone any other major changes, though, it may in fact be easier to conceive a second time.

Your First Pregnancy May “Reset” Your Fertility

How To Tell Your Spouse You Need More Attention During Your Last Trimester
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A fair number of couples struggle with what’s called “secondary infertility,” or conceiving a child after their first pregnancy. According to the team at Mira, though, childbirth can sometimes “reset” a couple’s fertility. In fact, multiple studies show a correlation between improved fertility and second pregnancies, and many couples find that they are more fertile than couples who haven’t yet conceived any children.

There are several reasons why this “reset” may occur. First off, pregnancy increases blood flow to the uterus, which can help with fertility. Also, pregnancy and postpartum changes to the body can cause fluctuations in a woman’s hormone levels or anatomy changes to the reproductive system, which can also help increase her odds of conceiving a child.

While this isn’t the case for everyone, experts say as many as 1 in 3 women do experience this “fertility reset” that helps them conceive their second child without any interventions. This also explains why many women say it’s much easier for them to get pregnant the second time.

You May Just Understand Your Body More

Immune System In Pregnancy Can Detect Disease
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Pregnancy is complicated, and the act of becoming pregnant involves lining up several things at exactly the right time. Unfortunately, the average woman has very little understanding of her monthly fertility window, nor does she have a strong connection with her body.

After you carry a baby for nine months, though, you have a much better connection with your body and, through reading and real-life experience, a much better understanding of fertility and pregnancy. This can ultimately help women better know when they may be ovulating, and this can help women conceive easier.

While it doesn’t work out for every woman, there are several logical reasons why it may be easier for a woman to get pregnant the second time. Regardless of the reasoning why, though, any woman who wants a second child can enjoy this hopeful information.

Sources: Romper, Mira, Monash University

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