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Baby showers are synonymous with women getting together to celebrate a mother-to-be and her baby. Fathers are kept out of the loop simply because for decades, women are the ones who were seen to be responsible for taking care of babies when they were born. But now, with more of the responsibility being split between the two, fathers have taken to having baby showers of their own. Though the planning behind throwing a baby shower for dads is much different than that of what it is for women expecting a baby.

Dadchelors or man showers are thrown for men because, according to HuffPost, there is this foreboding theme around parenthood in which once the baby is born parents do not get to have fun for the foreseeable future. As a result, unlike women who have a shower with presents, party games, and well wishes for the baby, men go on weekend trips with the boys for a last night out before the baby is due. And given that there could be multiple friends with babies due in one year, new fathers and fathers-to-be could be spending a lot of time out of the house as a result of the new life coming into it.

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Here is how to throw a baby shower for dads.

Baby Shower’s For Dads Are Nothing Like Traditional Baby Showers

When it comes to traditional baby showers, the only time that men make an appearance is toward the end of the shower to see what gifts were given to the mother-to-be and the baby and to say hello to friends and family present. They are not the center of attention by any stretch of the imagination.

According to The Bump, men have chosen to put their own spin on baby showers and turn them into male bonding time that can last for anywhere from a day of fun or a long weekend to a week-long trip. The emphasis is not necessarily on the impending baby but instead on the relationships between the men and having a good time. Think of a get-together more akin to a bachelor party than that of a shower.

What Happens At A Baby Shower For Men

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The theme and the size of the man shower are all based upon the personality of the father-to-be. While they all prefer something low-key, the size and grandeur of the shower depend upon whether the men want to have a small, simple day of fun or a party weekend with the boys.

According to Today, many men are initially hesitant to have a Dadchelor Party because they do not want to talk about babies or have a day revolve around them becoming fathers. However, when the soon-to-be dads realize that what they are in store for is nothing like a traditional shower, they get on board fairly quickly.

Per the publication, smaller showers can have things like a beer can and diaper cakes, poker games where the pot includes wipes and diapers, and blindfolded stroller races, and more.

For those who want to go bigger, however, it is not uncommon for a group of male friends to get together and head out for a weekend of fun, where they live it up all because there is the notion that once the men are dads, they will no longer be able to go out with the boys for weekend trips again.

Ideas For Baby Showers

Regardless of whether the man showers are small or a week-long affair, they should match the personality and include the interests of the father-to-be.

According to Babble, some popular ideas for man showers include:

  • Going to a professional sports game
  • Spending the weekend at a casino
  • Camping for the weekend
  • Going to a concert
  • Taking in a round or a weekend of golf

For those who want a shower on a smaller scale, other ideas from Pinterest include:

The ideas are endless. But, as can be seen, unlike traditional showers, there is a lot more rambunctiousness and drinking involved when the party is for future dads.

Types Of Gifts Given

By and large, men are not going to be thrilled about getting shower gifts that women would traditionally get at their showers. As such, gifts geared toward the dads-to-be should have a different feel behind them, if that is, there are gifts at all.

According to Parents, when getting a gift for a man shower, funny gifts that revolve around changing diapers are always well received and practical at the same time. Others, such as more manly diaper bags for when dads are in charge of taking care of the babies may be appreciated if the style of the men is known.

However, when the choice to have a weekend-long celebration is made, according to The Bump, there likely are not going to be presents involved. Instead, something such as paying for airfare, cocktails, sports tickets, or the like would be something that all guests can chip in on as a way to celebrate a father-to-be before his baby is born.

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