40 Easy Spring Activities For Preschoolers And Toddlers


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Birds chirping and melting snow are your reminder to welcome spring. It is that time of the year when staying indoors may get boring. So head outdoors, breathe fresh air, and get kissed by the sun. Visit the nearest park with your children, or just get cozy in your backyard. Spring activities for preschoolers are sure to get your little one excited to go out and explore.

20+ Spring Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Here are some of the best spring activities for preschoolers that you can try with your little munchkin. These activities are not just engaging and fun but also aid in the improvement of their gross and fine motor skills.

1. Botany study

Spring is when the flowers bloom. You can introduce your child to the flora of the place where you live. Explain various details such as how plants are grown and the nourishment and care they require.

2. Reading the Sun

This is an interesting activity for toddlers. Firstly, ask the toddlers to observe the timings of the sunrise and sunset. They may also track the sun’s movement.

3. Grass activity

Go out with your toddler and feel the grass. You may also walk barefoot to experience the texture and essence of the grass.

4. Garden activity

For this activity, you will need a vegetable seed kit and a bag of fertile soil. You can make a small vegetable farm right in the garden. Let the toddlers spread the soil evenly and help them sow the seeds.

5. Bees’ life cycle

Bees are the essential pollinators of this season, and thus, the preschoolers must have a little knowledge about them. For this, you will need a printable that shows the life cycle of bees. Then, explain the birth process of a bee. You may later conduct a quiz on bees.

6. Seed craft

Distribute a handful of seeds to the toddlers, glue, and a sheet of paper. Ask the toddlers to use the seeds to stick on the paper in the shape of a flower, along with the stem, leaves, and ground. They will be able to put their botany study to some use here. But do trace the plant for the little ones to do the sticking job.

7. Sunflower activity

Take the toddlers on a sunflower field trip. First, have them observe the flowers and draw their picture on a sheet of paper. Next, they can compare their drawings with the actual sunflower in the field.

8. Farm activity

Spring brings along many types of vegetables and fruits that may not be available all around the year. So, plan an outdoor day and take the toddlers for a visit to the farmer’s market this season. Allow them to observe all the fruits and vegetables. Once you return, ask them to draw an image of a fruit or vegetable that is specific to spring.

9. Nature walk

Go for a walk amidst the lush green environment. They may encounter butterflies, birds, and a wide range of colorful flowers that are scattered everywhere.

10. Kite flying

As the weather clears up during spring, you may introduce kite flying to your kids. Looking at the kites themselves is going to amuse the toddlers. So why not hand over a colorful kite to your little one and teach them how to soar their kites high up in the sky.

11. Picnic

Plan a picnic outing with the toddlers. On a bright sunny day, grab some yummy snacks, a mat, and head out for a picnic with your little ones. You may also encourage the kids to draw any scenery from the picnic spot.

12. Birdwatching

Spring is the best time to witness flocks of birds soaring in the sky. Ask the children to come out with you and observe the number of times the birds circle around a building. If you live in a rural area, you might be lucky to witness some migratory birds too.

13. Bird feeder project

You will need cardboard boxes, a cutter, paint, and a bowl. Make a big hole on the front side of the box and ask your toddlers to paint the box. Make it as colorful as they can. Now ask them to fill the bowl with water or seeds and keep it inside the box. Let them find a safe spot and place their birdhouses for the birds to come and feed themselves.

14. Butterfly project

For this activity, take the toddlers outdoors and ask them to observe the butterflies around them. Then, give them a sheet of paper and crayons to draw the beautiful spring butterflies fluttering around them.

15. Outdoor games

Allow the toddlers some extra playtime so that they can bask in the sunshine and take all the vitamin D that their body needs. You can give them play ideas such as hide and seek, hopscotch, red light-green light.

16. Bird nest project

For this activity, you will need some wool, yarn, and glue. Instruct the children to make a bowl-like structure with the yarn and glue it well. Now add some wool on top to make it comfortable for the birds. Now ask the children to place their bird nests on elevated spaces.

17. Broccoli art

You need paint, broccoli, and a sheet of paper. Ask the toddlers to dip the broccoli florets into paint and print it onto the paper to get a painting of blossom trees.

18. Flowerpot painting

Springtime is ideal for any outdoor painting. Since the chances of rain are minimal, the paint will have enough time to dry up and give the required effect. Ask your toddler to paint pots using colors of their choice and get creative with the designs.

19. Daffodil art

For this activity, you need yellow foam, scissors, and glue. Ask the toddlers to cut the yellow foam in the shape of a daffodil. And use green foam to cut leaves and a stem and stick it to the flower.

20. Easter egg

Instruct the children to make an Easter egg with paper mesh. For this, you will need some tissue paper, paint, and glue. Ask the children to glue the paper in the shape of an egg and then paint it.

21. Okra painting

Cut the top end of okra and ask the kids to dip its base into paint and imprint the same on a blank paper. The print looks like an adorable flower. Ask them to fill the entire page with the okra paint using different colors.

Make this spring a memorable one for your toddler with these activities, and see how their face lights up with every new idea you introduce to them. Spring activities for kids are not just a source of fun but also encourage the development of motor skills along with other forms of growth in a child.

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