40 Captivating Building Block Activities For Preschoolers


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Preschool block activities are a source of rejuvenation and learning. There are many benefits of block play, such as developing motor skills in toddlers that allow them to learn and revise letters, shapes, and patterns through playtime (1) Head to the nearest craft stores and buy some unique block shapes that may interest your little one and see how their faces light up as they can’t wait to build the tall towers.

30 Block Activities For Preschoolers

Here are some fun block activities for preschoolers that are simple yet fun and entertaining.

1. Block tower

This is an effortless number learning activity. All you need to do is give the preschooler a collection of blocks and ask them to build a tower. As they build the tower, tell them to keep track of the number of blocks being added. This activity also aids in improving their math skills.

2. Block drawing from a picture

For this activity, give the preschooler a sheet of paper and colors. Ask them to draw a building in the shape of blocks. Let them color each block using a different color. This can help them with color recognition and the identification of shapes.

3. Fill in the shape

For this activity, you need to tape the floor forming some pattern or shape, such as a triangle, rectangle, or square. Ask the toddlers to fill the designated area using blocks, leaving no free space. This activity will help them learn the number of sides each shape has and make detailed observations about each of them.

4. Block scenery

You need a board, paper, glue, and blocks for this activity. Ask the preschooler to stick paper on the board. Now, place the blocks on the paper and stick them to form the image of scenery. It could be a house, tree, or a building, basically, anything of their choice.

5. Block making

For this activity, you can grab some old material such as egg cartons, small packaging cardboard boxes, etc. Give the child some paper, glue, and paint. Ask them to glue the paper around the box and then paint each box using a different color. They now have their very own handmade blocks!

6. Measuring activity

For this activity, you need preschoolers to form pairs. Draw a long line on the floor which is longer than the child’s height and ask one of them to lie next to it. Ask the other partner to place blocks along the line. Now let them count the number of blocks used.

7. Copying the building blocks

For this, you need to divide the blocks equally between your toddler and yourself. Now, as you keep building a pattern with the blocks, ask your toddler to copy and replicate the same shape you are making.

8. Block painting

For this activity, you need wooden blocks that are plain. Make sure the texture is smooth as it could hurt the children. Give these blocks and some paint to your preschoolers. Now ask them to paint these blocks using their creativity and imagination.

9. Playdough block building

For this activity, along with a collection of blocks, give the children some playdough. Ask them to use all the blocks to build a unique shape, such as a tree, truck, fish, with the help of clay to stick the blocks together.

10. Block printing

For this activity, you need chart paper, paints, and blocks. Instruct the children to dip one side of the block into paint and then dab it on the chart paper. Tell them to continue dabbing the paint using different colors till the chart paper is left with no plain corners.

This abstract art can go up on their room’s wall as décor.

11. Alphabet learning

For this activity, you need alphabet stickers from A to Z. Ask the children to stick these labels on the blocks and then build a pyramid in the correct order of letters starting from A to Z.

This activity will be an interesting way for the kids to learn the alphabet and remember it with ease.

12. Blockhouse

For this activity, you will need a good number of blocks. Once you have collected the blocks, ask the children to build a three-dimensional dollhouse. Instruct them to begin with making four walls forming a cube and continue to build the house. They can also come up with creative ways to construct its rooftop and fence.

13. Block decoration

This activity is to teach the preschoolers the art of gift wrapping without the use of scissors or tape. Give them colorful chart papers and show them how each fold is done and tucked in to complete the gift wrapping.

14. Block fort making

For this activity, you need a big cardboard box and some paints for this activity. Now, instruct all of them to paint their boxes that appear like bricks. Once all are ready, join all the boxes to build your fort.

15. Number shapes

For this activity, instruct the preschooler to align blocks in the shapes of the numbers from 1 to 10. This activity will increase their familiarity with the way a digit is written, such as its shape, and improve their arithmetic skills.

16. Block puzzle

For this activity, draw out shapes of square and rectangle using a chalk piece. Ask the children to fill in the shapes using blocks. This activity also helps in shape recognition.

17. Block maze

Instruct the preschooler to align the blocks in two parallel lines forming a narrow maze-like structure. To make this activity more fun, place a glass at the end of the maze and ask the kids to push a tiny ball into the maze aiming for it to land inside the glass. This activity can help the children in the improvement of their hand and eye coordination.

18. Block color differentiation

Display all the blocks over a large area and let the toddlers observe each of them carefully. Now ask them to stack and sort the blocks based on colors and shapes. This activity can help your child identify and learn more about various colors, shapes, and patterns.

19. Counting activity

With the use of blocks, you can teach preschoolers how to count. Ask them to first count all the blocks available. Now you may instruct them to differentiate the blocks based on colors. And then count the number of blocks in each color.

20. Block pathway

In this fun activity, place all the blocks in a linear fashion to create a pathway. They can get creative and form pathways in various sizes and colors.

There are several block play activities that your child may enjoy. These simple block activities can give your child various opportunities to learn and develop their cognitive, gross, and fine motor skills. To make it more fun for kids, you may also designate specific days in the week as block play days.


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