This Reddit Thread Is Celebrating Moms and All Their #MomFail Moments


It may not have been 2020, but this past year has been hard for so many. In a world that’s been shifted upside down by the ongoing pandemic, everyone’s just trying to do their best–especially parents. The past two years have seen remote learning and working, consistently changing guidelines, mask mandates and so much more. Add in the ongoing task of caring for a young child, and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of stress! Even so, many are trying to find the humor in modern day parenting—including a now-gone-viral Reddit thread that asked for sarcastic replies to the question, “What’s your ‘Mom of the Year’ moment?”

The user who posted the thread explained their “Mom of the Year” moment was, “Letting my 2 year old watch Venom 1 and 2.” Many parents replied with their own stories, including one person who confessed, “I tossed cheerios on the floor for my 10-month-old while I sat on the couch so I could have 2 minutes of her not climbing all over me. I felt like an old lady feeding ducks.” Another wrote, “Husband was taking the children from the backyard to the front yard (through the house). I ducked down so they couldn’t see me as they passed by.”

Yet another user commented, “I’m at home with 2 sick kids. Husband working from home as we wait for our covid test results. I purposely left the thermometer upstairs this morning so I would have an excuse to leave for 2 minutes.” One user simply commented, “I have found my people.”

Parenting involves celebrating the big and small wins, but on some days it also calls for accepting the “Mom fails.” To check out all the “Mom of the Year” moments for yourself (and maybe even add in your own!), check out the full thread on

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