These Are the Best Maternity Hospitals in America, U.S. News Says


For the first time ever, U.S. News and World Report has released its list of the best hospitals for maternity, expanding on its existing best hospitals rankings.

To compile the report, U.S. News sent out a maternity services survey to private hospitals that met the eligibility criteria. To be eligible, the hospital had to submit their maternity data from 2019, as well as report its early elective delivery rate. However, the data pulled was only for pregnancy without complications. It focused on five factors, including scheduled early deliveries, c-section rates among low-risk women, newborn complications, rate of exclusive breast milk feeding and the option for a VBAC. The report also looked at services and amenities, including private rooms, valet parking and child birthing class options.

“All families deserve to be informed on how hospitals perform on key indicators of quality,” Ben Harder, managing editor and chief of health analysis at U.S. News & World Report, said in a press release. “Now, hundreds of hospital profiles on feature relevant, targeted information for parents-to-be to use during their search to find—in consultation with their healthcare provider—the best local hospital for an uncomplicated pregnancy.”

U.S. News’ Best Hospitals for Maternity report includes 237 hospitals. While the list may be helpful, it’s important to note it does not address high-risk pregnancies and does not account for limiting factors, such as household income, geographical area, race, ethnicity and structural racism.

To view the rankings for the best maternity hospitals, visit

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