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Your little princess deserves a name that will do justice to the beautiful yet strong lady she will become one day. As a parent, you want the best for her, don’t you? So why not choose warrior names that suit her persona. A name that becomes her identity and goes with her demeanor is a must-have for her. Also, a warrior name inspires one and all.

You might be in a dilemma when choosing the name befitting for your daughter. Look no further because there are plenty of female warrior names that evoke valor and fearlessness.

Girl Names That Mean Warrior

All of these names channel audaciousness and heroism, perfect for your little princess.

1. Adira

Originated in Hebrew, Adira means a powerful woman full of vigor.

2. Alexandra

It is a Greek-origin name that means the defender.

3. Alexandria

A different take on the name Alexandra, this too means the defender.

4. Althea

Derived from Greek mythology, Althea means a healer.

5. Amira

This Arabic name means a leader and royal lady.

6. Annemarie

The name is derived from the Hebrew language that means a rebellious woman.

7. Aife

A sorceress and a female warrior, Aife was from Ireland. She lived with other Druid women in Scotland and trained Celtic noblemen in the art of war and love.

8. Alessia

The name is of Greek origin, and it means the protector.

9. Andra

It means a fearless fighter in Greek.

10. Audhild

The name is of Norse origin means a rich warrior woman.

11. Beadu

An English name, Beadu, means a warrior maid.

12. Bellona

Derived from the Latin word bellare, which means to fight. It is the name of the Roman Goddess of war.

13. Bellatrix

The name is of Latin origin means a female warrior.

14. Brianna

It is a name that will befit your daughter’s strong self.

15. Ceallach

In the Scottish Gaelic language, the name translates to a warrior maid.

Girl Names That Mean Fighter

Take a pick from this list of suitable names that mean fighter for your baby girl.

16. Alala

In Greek mythology, Alala was the sister of Ares, the God of war. It means war-like.

17. Artemis

A goddess from Greek mythology, Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and the sister of Apollo. She was also the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, chastity, and childbirth. Hence, the name stands for a fighter.

18. Aella

In Greek mythology, Aella was a strong Amazonian warrior who wielded a double ax weapon.

19. Ailbhe

It is a unisex name of Irish Gaelic origin. The name has its roots in the word “albho,” which means white and bright. In Irish mythology, Ailbhe was the name of the female warrior of Fianna.

20. Andronika

The female variant of the name Andronikos, this name is of Greek origin. It means a victorious warrior. Her name inspires every girl to fight for the right.

21. Armani

This Italian name means a valiant warrior.

22. Athena

She is the goddess of war and wisdom from Greek mythology and a fighter.

23. Audrey

An English name, Audrey, means a strong and noble fighter.

24. Audelia

This poetic name means a woman who is aristocratic and strong.

25. Borghildr

In Norse mythology, Borghildr was the name of the goddess of evening mist and also means protection in a battle.

26. Brenda

The name is of Norse origin and means sword.

27. Brenna

Quite similar to the name Brenda, Brenna also means sword.

28. Burma

This Teutonic baby name means a magnificent warrior maiden.

29. Brunhilde

According to Scandinavian folklore, Brunhilde refers to an armored battle maiden.

30. Camilla

The female counterpart of the name Camillus, this name has its roots in Roman mythology. It means a warrior maiden.

31. Cammi

The name is of French origin and is a shortened form of the name Camilla, which means a fighter.

32. Carla

A popular name in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch culture, Carla means a fighter.

33. Cassandra

A beautiful name of Greek origin, Cassandra, means a fighter or a warrior.

34. Chasina

This Aramaic name means a brave and a strong fighter.

35. Clodovea

The name is of old Spanish origin, and it refers to a prominent warrior.

36. Diana

It is a Roman equivalent of the name Athena (from Greek mythology). She was a brave woman.

37. Edwidge

A befitting name for your strong baby girl, Edwidge, means war. The name is of French origin.

38. Emlyn

An English name refers to a noble and brave warrior girl.

39. Eferhild

The name means warrior maiden.

40. Eferhilda

It is a variant of the name Eferhild, which means a warrior maiden.

41. Gerta

The name means warrior or a strong spear.

42. Gertraud

This name means the warrior maiden and has its origin in Germanic roots.

43. Myrina

This name befitting for your warrior princess was the name of an Amazonian warrior.

44. Hera

In Greek mythology, Hera is the queen of Gods. It also means a warrior or a hero.

45. Ildiko

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl., Ildiko means a strong fighter.

46. Kayleigh

One of the most popular English names, Kayleigh, means the guardian of the keys, protector, and warrior.

47. Louella

A pretty name for your princess, Louella means a renowned fighter.

48. Louisa

It is a French name that is graceful and fitting for your little angel. Louisa means a famous warrior of French and German origin.

49. Marceline

It means a young warrior in French.

50. Marcella

Another unique yet beautiful name for your beautiful butterfly, Marcella, means a brave warrior in Roman.

51. Qadirah

The Arabic name means the powerful one.

52. Romilda

An attractive name for your little cutie, Romilda, means a glorious battle maiden.

53. Sasha

This name is of Ukrainian origin, it means a defending warrior or a helper of mankind.

54. Shamra

It is an Arabic name that means someone ready for battle.

55. Tyra

This name is of Scandinavian origin, and it means Thor’s warrior.

56. Valencia

It is a beautiful name that depicts a victorious and strong warrior.

57. Valerie

The name is of Czech origin, Valerie, means health and strength.

58. Valda

This charming name is of Teutonic origin, and it means a fearless warrior.

59. Zoe

The name is of Greek origin, and it means a fighter.

Names Of Female Warriors In Mythology

If mythology fascinates you, this list of names is the one you should check out.

60. Arawelo

The name of the Somali queen from ancient times, she was quite revered for her strong personality by her subjects.

61. Artemisia

The ancient Greek queen was intelligent, resolute, and a merciless strategist. Xerxes, the Persian king, was her ally and held her high regard for her battle performance.

62. Ahhotep

She was an Egyptian Pharaoh and a revered military leader. Historians have often said she was responsible for paving the way for many great female leaders.

63. Boudica

She was the queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe who led a rebellion against the Romans. She was resolute and head-strong.

64. Cynane

She was an exceptional fighter since her mother, Audata, raised her according to the Illyrian tradition.

65. Enyo

In Greek mythology, Enyo was the goddess of destruction and war.

66. Eris

In Greek mythology, Eris was the goddess of conflict and strife and was often associated with war.

67. Freya

One of the greatest goddesses from Norse mythology, she was portrayed as someone fond of love, beauty, fertility, and artful material possessions.

68. Fu Hao

Considered one of the most powerful military leaders from 1200 B.C, Fu Hao was revered as a great female warrior due to her dauntless deeds.

69. Hua Mulan

One of the most legendary women from ancient China, she was fearless.

70. Hel

In Norse mythology, Hel is considered the ruler of the underworld. In the legend of Ragnarok, Hel led an army of the dead. She brought the end of the world with that.

71. Joan

Also known as “Joan of Arc,” at only 17 years old, she led the French troops into battle. Her most praiseworthy victory was the victory of Orleans.

72. Nakano

Known as onna-bugeisha (female samurai), Nakano Takeko was quite adept in martial arts and literary arts.

73. Olympias

The mother of Alexander the Great, she is one of the most popular women warriors of all time. She was ambitious, strong, and ruthless.

74. Penthesilea

One of the most ferocious leaders of the all-female Amazon tribe, Penthesilea has been depicted as a fearless warrior who dared to fight men.

75. Tomoe Gozen

This legendary female Samurai was dexterous in handling both a sword and a bow. She first appeared in The Tale of Heike.

76. Triệu Thị Trinh

Often called the Vietnamese Joan Of Arc, she was responsible for rebelling against the Chinese army who tried to capture her homeland during the 3rd century.

Warrior Princess Names

Choose a name worthy of your baby girl’s strong personality from this list.

77. Ana Nzinga

The queen of Ndongo (presently known as Angola) was a great strategist and a revered leader of her time.

78. Gudit

The queen of Ethiopia, Gudit, was fierce and powerful. She brought down the king who previously ruled over Ethiopia, only to continue ruling for decades after capturing the throne.

79. Khutulun

Known as the wrestler princess, she was the great-great-granddaughter of Ghengis Khan. She dominated the wrestling ring where no man could beat her, the same was true for her on the battlefield.

80. Thomyris

She was a brave and ferocious queen who ruled over Massagetae (a sect of Iranian people). She led her army against Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Empire and defeated him.

81. Zenobia

Known as the “Warrior Queen,” she was ferocious and strong-willed. It was only within two years she started ruling the Palmyrene empire, she was able to capture Egypt.

Female Warrior Names In History

History keeps a record of the fiercest female warriors of all time. Take inspiration from those and give your baby a name that suits her.

82. Ching Shih

She was a pirate queen, belligerent and cunning, and won many victories in her life.

83. Julie

Julie D’Aubigny was intelligent, highly skilled, and a fierce woman. She was quite skilled with swords, and even though she never served on a battlefield, she was revered for her audacious nature.

84. Lozen

A strong warrior, she used to predict her enemies’ movements that led her to various victories. She was rumored to be a prophet.

85. Lyudmila

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was a Soviet Sniper during the second World War. She is considered the most successful female sniper with 309 kills.

86. Nancy

Nancy Wake was a bold and audacious French resistance fighter; she was strong and resilient.

Native American Female Warrior Names

If the Native American culture fascinates you, maybe one of these names will be to your liking.

87. Cheveyo

The name means the spirit warrior or the soul warrior.

88. Hania

The Native American name means a spirited fighter.

89. Pallaton

In Native American, Pallaton means a strong warrior.

90. Sakima

The name refers to the warrior queen.

91. Wanikiy

It means savior in Native American and suits well for a baby girl.

Irish Female Warrior Names

There are plenty of options to choose from Irish names for your cutie that means warrior.

92. Aiofe

In Irish mythology, Aiofe means a warrior princess.

93. Alastrina

This name means an avenger or a fighter woman.

94. Alsatriono

Add an ‘o’ to the beautiful name Alastrina, and you get Alastriona. Both mean the same.

95. Aileen

In the Bible, the name Aileen refers to the light bearer.

96. Bria

Bria means someone who has vigor, strength, and power.

97. Bridget

The name means prominent warrior.

98. Breanna

A variant of the name Bria, Breanna means a strong warrior.

99. Brenda

The name is of Old Irish descent, and it means torch and sword.

100. Brielle

Brielle name means a strong woman who is also God’s warrior.

101. Caheerah

In Irish origins, the name means a woman warrior.

102. Cahearah

It is another variant of the name Caheerah, which refers to a warrior.

103. Fiana

The name refers to a warrior huntress.

104. Fian

It serves as a great nickname for Fiana as it means a warrior huntress.

105. Fiann

It is another variant of the name Fiana.

106. Fiane

The name refers to a fighter.

107. Fianna

This beautiful name is fit for a strong and beautiful girl as it means a band of warriors.

108. Fallon

The name means superior ruler descended from a powerful ruler.

109. Flannery

The name is suitable for a person who has descended from the Red warrior.

110. Jessica

Jessica is a warrior who can foresee.

111. Kelley

In Irish, the name Kelley means bright-headed warrior.

112. Kellie

It is another name for Kelly, which means a fighter.

113. Kelianna

This name simply means a warrior.

114. Kelly

This ancient name means war.

115. Leahy

It is a suitable name for your little princess to suit her strong personality.

116. Matilda

It is the name of a battle maiden or someone powerful in war.

117. Maeve

In Irish mythology, Maeve was the warrior queen of Connacht.

118. Peyton

The name means the warrior’s village.

119. Rilea

The name means a valiant woman warrior.

120. Tracy

The name is quite a popular one as it means a fighter or a warrior.

Celtic Female Warrior Names

If the Celtic culture attracts you, find a name suited for your daughter from this list.

121. Aine

This Celtic name, Aine, means magnificence, brilliance, and radiance.

122. Andromeda

The ruler of men is known as Andromeda in Celtic.

123. Bedelia

A different variant of the name Bridget, Bedelia means the powerful one.

124. Boudibiua

It is a name of a warrior who is sure to win.

125. Brei

The name Brei signifies a strong-willed and powerful leader.

126. Macha

She was one of the three goddesses of war in Celtic mythology.

127. Meredith

This name is sweet and simple. It means the protector of the sea.

128. Reilyyn

It is suitable for a valiant and courageous woman.

German Female Warrior Names

There are plenty of name choices to pick from German origin. Here are a few of them.

129. Bernadette

The name refers to someone brave and strong as a bear.

130. Ebba

It means the strength and power of an animal.

131. Eike

The name means the edge of a sword.

132. Karleen

The name is of Old German descent, and it refers to womanly strength.

133. Maude

It is another variant of the name Matilda. This means someone powerful in battle.

134. Rosetta

The name in German refers to a noted protector.

135. Trude

Trude is someone with an innate fighting spirit.

136. Valda

The name refers to the battle heroine.

137. Velda

It is another variant of the name Valda, which means a powerful ruler.

138. Wilma

This German name Wilma means to protect.

139. Zelma

The name means helmet of God.

Medieval Female Warrior Names

If you are in search of the perfect medieval name for your daughter, this list will be suited to your taste.

140. Innana

The name is of Sumerian origin. Innana was the Mesopotamian goddess of beauty, justice, and war.

141. Juno

In Roman mythology, she was a goddess deemed to be the protector of the state.

142. Minerva

The name has its roots in Rome. It refers to a strategic and wise person in warfare.

143. Menhit

She was the goddess of war in ancient Egypt.

144. Neith

She was the Egyptian goddess of fate, war, wisdom, and the cosmos.

145. Nerio

In Roman mythology, Nerio was the goddess of valor and war.

146. Pele

Pele was the Hawaiian goddess of destruction and violence.

147. Sekhmet

The goddess of healing and war in ancient Egypt, Sekhmet is a brave name for a girl.

148. Satis

She was the goddess of fertility, hunting, and war in ancient Egypt.

149. Victoria

The name is of Roman origin and refers to the goddess of victory. She is the equivalent of Nike, a Greek goddess.

150. Zorya

Zorya was the Slavic goddess of the morning star and war.

Choosing the right name for your little one can seem daunting, but once you understand her personality, you will know which name will be best suited for her. Any of these names will be a great fit that shows her fearlessness and valor.

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