Here’s How I Found My Perfect Winter Bike Jacket Thanks to OROS

As a cycling fanatic, I’ll find any excuse to blaze the trails come rain, snow, or shine. Although I’m not one to complain when it comes to an activity I love, most winter jackets make cold-weather biking kind of frustrating. I’ve long battled between wearing a jacket with high mobility yet little insulation or one so puffy I can’t reach my handlebars. I didn’t think the perfect jacket existed until I discovered the lightweight, warm, active Gemini Jacket from OROS

The OROS Gemini is a 3-in-1 lightweight jacket that includes an insulated SOLARCORE vest and waterproof outer shell perfect for frigid rides. The SOLARCORE insulation is why it’s so light and warm: NASA uses this aerogel to keep astronauts warm in the extreme cold of outer space! And since it’s an aerogel, it’s ultra-thin and ultra-insulating by definition. Bye-bye extra layers!

The Gemini keeps me warm and mobile during the winter, and its 3-in-1 structure also makes it the perfect spring and fall jacket! I can add or subtract its insulated vest and vest shell, not to mention the waterproof outer shell, for use in temperatures from zero to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The Gemini is truly the perfect year-round layering piece. 

I should add that, when I first stumbled upon the Gemini, it took me all of five seconds to decide I needed it – and not much longer to place my order. I even went a little overboard and ordered my fiance Josh the exact same jacket in men’s! Even though I wasn’t 100% sure I’d gotten his size right, OROS’ 30-day free returns and exchange policy made my purchase risk-free.

Less than a week later, both our jackets arrived and fit perfectly! Immediately upon trying our Gemini, Josh and I got on our bikes and toured the city yet again. Even in 30-degree temps, we both felt completely comfortable and kept pumping along. No cold, no restricted movement – just the kind of outdoor adventure we live for.

If you love winter adventures and need a jacket that’ll actually keep you warm and moving, I couldn’t recommend the OROS Gemini more highly. For a limited time, you’ll save up to 50% off and free shipping on U.S. orders over $99. Don’t settle for another jacket that doesn’t provide you with enough warmth and comfort. Instead, treat yourself this season – your gift to yourself will last a lifetime.

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