7 Reasons Why I Switched To Branch Basics All Natural Cleaning Products

Over this past year, I’ve decided to become more eco-friendly. A big reason why is that I found out most of the name-brand cleaning products I’d long used were super harmful to the environment and to my loved ones — some could even trigger asthma! Yet in my search for the perfect environmentally-friendly cleaning product, I struggled to find affordable and effective options I could order right from home – well, until I found Branch Basics. Here are seven reasons why I love it. 

1. The cleaners are powerful and effective

Not only is Branch Basics safe, it is powerful too! Generic store brand cleaners have terrible aromas, and the ingredient list reads like a highly disturbing novel. Plus, honestly, they don’t give my house any sparkle, just a basic clean. Branch Basics, on the other hand, doesn’t just clean – it revitalizes. With just a single spritz of my bathroom spray, I can rid my entire shower free of mildew and soap spots. I’m ecstatic that such a small amount of product can go such a long way.

2. I can go months without restocking my cleaning supplies

One bottle of Branch Basics concentrate can fill three bottles each of all-purpose cleaner, streak-free bathroom cleaner, and foaming wash. It can also cover 64 loads of laundry! I did the math, and that’s $0.24 for a single load of laundry. That’s great value, especially considering how much clothing I wash each week.

3. Branch Basics is safe and non-toxic

We all know kids create messes everywhere. That’s why it’s so important for me to find products safe to use on my children’s clothing and around their rooms. Branch Basics fits the bill perfectly. It only uses six 100% safe, all-natural ingredients in all its products. Plus, Branch Basics is MADE SAFE® certified and provides the full details of all its ingredients on its website, so I know exactly what I’m using to clean for the family. 

4. They come in reusable, eco-friendly bottles

I absolutely love that, every time I use Branch Basics to clean my house, I’m helping out the environment. That’s because all Branch Basics bottles are reusable and biodegradable, made from recycled plastics. That’s a big shift from the single-use, chemical-contaminated plastic bottles of bleach sprays. My carbon footprint is shrinking!

5. Branch Basics has excellent customer reviews

I always read reviews – who doesn’t? – before buying things to suss out any bad products. So I was ecstatic to see that the Premium Starter Kit, which was a great introduction to Branch Basics, has over 2,000 enthusiastic reviews! They all mention how well the Branch Basic products work and how great they are for the environment. And, of course, when I tested it out myself, I was overjoyed with the results. 

6. Delivered right to your door

Standing at your local market comparing all the cleaning brands can be super overwhelming. Do I really want to read all those ingredient lists when I’m just trying to find the right food for the kids? That’s why I’m glad Branch Basics delivers right to my door. Its website is super easy to navigate and find the information I need about the products, and with just a few clicks, everything I need to clean my entire home arrives at my doorstep within a week. Cleaning has never been so hassle-free

7. The products are free of fragrances and harmful preservatives

There’s nothing I hate more than smelling the strong scent of a grossly fragranced cleaning spray. With non-scented store-brand cleaning products, I’d be left with what tasted like straight-up toxins on my tongue after spraying the room. Branch Basics, on the other hand, are free of fragrances and harmful toxins! I’m finally breathing easy while I clean since I’m not inhaling any toxic fumes or awful scents. 

If you want to change the way you clean, now is the perfect time to start! Choose the Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit for six products with unbeatable per-ounce prices that last you months at a time! And for a limited-time only, our readers get an exclusive 10% off with code 10PERCENT. A clean, safe home is only a few clicks away. 

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