Here’s Why I Made The Switch From Toxic Cleaning Products To Branch Basics

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The moment I laid eyes on my daughter Tina, I knew she would be my first priority for the rest of my life – sorry hubbs. Creating a safe and healthy environment for her meant starting at home, including the products she was surrounded by every day. And when it came time to reevaluate the cleaners I’ve been using around the house for so many years, I was shocked. Many of the products I used contained harmful chemicals that can be awful for young children – they can even trigger asthma. I knew I had to switch to healthy, clean products, but which products out there were safe and powerfully effective? 

I looked at multiple brands, but so many of them were expensive and had bad reviews saying the products didn’t work well. And I sure couldn’t focus on comparing brands in the grocery store aisle – I was sure to forget that purchase while racing through the aisles. I thought it would be impossible to find these cleaning products until I discovered Branch Basics. 

Branch Basics uses plant and mineral-based ingredients guaranteed to keep our family safe. Its products only include six ingredients, such as chamomile extract, baking soda, and purified water. I know the ingredients aren’t dangerous because Branch Basics boasts a MADE SAFE® seal and is fully transparent about the ingredients they use. Branch Basics isn’t afraid to explain each ingredient’s purpose, precisely because Branch Basics has nothing to hide.

Over a few months, I tried nearly every Branch Basics product, and they were more effective than the cleaners I previously used. I got everything through the Premium Starter Kit, which includes six products that work on every surface in your house! These products include a concentrate, an oxygen boost, a reusable bathroom bottle, a streak-free bottle, a reusable plastic foaming wash bottle, and a reusable laundry bottle. Plus, I can get all these fragrance-free, non-GMO products online with just a few clicks, on my own time!

If it all sounds a bit too good to be true, I assure you it’s not. My one 33-ounce bottle of Branch Basics concentrate gave me three full bottles of each of the cleaning products, plus I used it for 64 laundry loads! With this much product, I was able to do each load of laundry for only $0.24 a load, and my streak-free bottles cost me $0.20 each! You can’t find any bottle of window cleaner that cheap. 

Branch Basics has continued serving me well since then. For all my cleaning needs, I just add water into each of my cleaning bottles, add some concentrate, then start cleaning. It’s as simple as one, two, three

I couldn’t be happier that I switched to Branch Basics. I feel way more at ease knowing my family is safe, and my cleaning routine has only gotten more effective. If you too are ready to switch to a cleaner, safer lifestyle, then now’s the perfect time to get your own Branch Basics Starter Kit. For a limited-time only, our readers get an exclusive 10% Off with code 10PERCENT. Your home will sparkle and shine in no time.

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