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Choosing a name for your baby is going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life, or at least that is what a lot of people think when they are trying to settle on a name. While some start planning their baby names well before they even start trying to conceive, there are some that have a harder time with this task. It makes sense, you have to find a name that you love, that means something to you and that encompasses who your baby is, all before you even meet them.

This is also the name you are essentially giving another person to carry their entire life. They will have to answer to it, and mom wants to make sure that they love it too. While mom could go with a trendy name or one she hears most often; if she wants a name that has a bit more meaning to it that may involve a bit more work. If mom finds herself stuck on a baby name, either boy or girl, then she can look to these 8 places for some amazing inspiration.

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Family Tree

An Old Picture Of Some Old Family Members

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According to The Tot, sometimes you will find the best names a little close to home. Sit down with your partner and think about your family trees. Do you have a relative, either living or passed, that you would want to pay homage to? If this doesn’t help mom find a first name, it may be a great place to find some middle names. Don’t be afraid to go far back in your family tree, some of the more “older” names are coming back.


A Picture Of A Dance From A Different Culture

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If you haven’t found anything in your family tree, look at your culture. You and your spouse may have completely different cultures and background and all cultures have their own names, or version of names. Do some research into your culture and you may find the perfect baby name that has a lot of meaning.

Search By Meaning

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According to Be A Fun Mum, you can try looking for a name based solely on its meaning. A lot of people settle on a name, and then they look up the meaning and origin. However, try doing it in reverse. Think about what you want your child’s name to mean, whether it be brave, strong, or calm, and search for baby names that carry that meaning. This way the meaning will already resonate and you just need to find the matching name.


The Hollywood Sign Up On The Hill

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Hollywood is something that a lot of people feel like they cannot relate to, but it is a giant melting pot of baby names. This could be after your favorite celebrity or one of their children. Actresses and Actors are known for choosing incredibly unique names, and this could inspire you to think outside the box, or even use a name they have given their children.

TV & Movies

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We all have favorite TV shows and movies, and we can pull some great inspiration from them. Maybe you grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and now want to name your child Willow. Characters we love usually have morals and virtues that we admire and that is why this is always a great place to look for baby names, and when your child is old enough, you can sit and watch their namesake together.

Local Heroes

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According to Motherly, look to your neighborhood heroes. Someone in your community who has completed a random act of kindness, or saved someone’s life. If this is hard to find, think of history and all those figures who have touched and changed the world to make it a better place. This person is likely to be someone admired, and a child would be honored to share their name with a hero.

Really Think Outside The Box

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This may seem odd, but force yourself to really think outside of the box. Think of the oddest things that you wouldn’t think to be baby names. Mattress companies, dishware manufacturers or even stores can provide a lot of inspiration if we are thinking of them in the right frame of mind. If you are a book fan, maybe the name “Barnes” or “Noble” may be perfect, and it is guaranteed to be incredibly unique.

Get Out The Atlas

A Map Of The World With Pins In It

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Location names are becoming incredibly popular, and mom can look no further than the entire world for inspiration. Does mom and her partner have a vacation that they loved or a place that means something to them? Maybe they had their honeymoon in Paris, and now that could be the perfect name for their upcoming baby girl. There are cities, countries, and towns all across the world that can make the cutest baby names.

Sources: The Tot, Be A Fun Mum, Motherly

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