Best of Baby Winner for Best Bug Spray


Outdoor hangs and camping trips? Awesome. Bug bites, not so much. The need to protect your little one from itchy welts is a no-brainer, but repelling bugs becomes even more important when insect-related diseases loom. Bugs Be Gone by Green Go is committed to keeping pests at bay and your family safe. Their blend of herbs and essential oils is 100 percent all-natural and safe enough to spray directly onto skin. The spray also doubles as an air deodorizer and as a bite neutralizer—a single spritz will relieve itchy skin. It’s enriched with geranium, lemongrass and peppermint and free of synthetic chemicals, DEET and citronella. Best of all—it really works!

• An all-natural formula of herbs and essential oils effectively repels bugs

• The spray is easy to tote along and pulls triple-duty, relieving bug bites and deodorizing air in addition to keeping bugs at bay

• Free of DEET and synthetic chemicals

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