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Pregnancy is an exciting time in any woman’s life, and for many reasons. She is bringing life into this world, and while she may feel uncomfortable and achy at times, there are moments that are super sweet. She gets to see the baby through various ultrasounds and she gets the feeling the sweet baby kicks and rolls. Another thing to look forward to is the baby shower, a time to come together with those you love and celebrate a new life coming into the world.

One of the main reasons to have a baby shower is because you deserve it. Pregnancy is rough on a woman, mentally and physically, and she deserves a chance to be honored and celebrated for everything that she is going through. However, planners have a tough job ahead of them as they try and plan out games to keep all the guests interested and laughing. If your baby shower is landing this summer, we have 10 fun outdoor baby shower games that anyone would love to play.

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10 Diaper Toss

A baby wearing a reusable diaper

via Unsplash / Laura Ohlman

It is safe to say that anything that involves throwing something should be done outside, in order to save lamps and other collectibles. Mom will need a lot of practice throwing diapers in the trash bag, so this is the perfect game to get ready.

According to One Crazy House, get yourself some bins for targets and have a friendly competition of throwing diapers to see how many they can get in. The diapers could be dry, or wet, but make sure they are wrapped up in a ball.

9 Bobbing For Nipples

A collection of baby bottle nipples

via Creative Commons / dharder9475

On a hot summer day, guests may want to dunk their faces in some cold water, and this is the perfect game for that. Instead of bobbing for apples, have the guests bob for other things, like bottle nipples. Pacifiers are another great thing to bob for. Break the guests into teams and make it a great competition.

8 Don’t Drop The Baby

people who are taking part in an egg race

via Creative Commons / vastateparksstaff

Every mom knows that you do not want to drop the baby, and this is a fun way to practice without harming any actual babies, and since it may involve a mess, it is great for outside.

According to Pampers, all you will need is 1 egg and spoon for every guest. It is similar to other race games, but to make guests think that it is a baby, get them to draw a baby on their egg first.

7 Ice Ice Baby!

A baby in an ice cube in a drink

via Creative Commons / Forty Photographs

Since the party is outside, guests will likely have a cold drink with some ice in it. This is a classic game of filling an ice cube tray with small plastic babies and then filling them up with water. Every guest gets one ice cube in their cup, and they have to pay attention. When the ice cube has completely become frozen, and their baby is now born, they have to yell out that their water broke.

6 Ice Ice Baby! Part Two!

two giant ice blocks melting outside

via Creative Commons / bbcworldservice

Another great spin on the ice baby game is to put a bunch of plastic babies in a large bowl and fill that bowl with water. Put it in the freezer and when it is frozen, you now have a chunk of ice with babies in it. Make a few of them, split your guests into teams, and the first to free all of their babies, wins.

5 Bottle Chugging Challenge

A grown man drinking out of a baby bottle

via Creative Commons /

Bottles may be on your registry, but you can also use them for a fun game that will keep everyone hydrated. According to Mustela USA, break the guests into groups and give groups a baby bottle filled with milk, water, juice, or any liquid they want, and they have to race to finish their bottle. It is hilarious to watch grown adults try and drink out of a baby bottle.

4 Feed The Baby Blindfolded

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Photo Source: MapleHorizons via Pixabay

This is a game that is going to require guests to get into pairs. The goal is to finish a serving of baby food, but the person who is doing the feeding is wearing a blindfold and trying to get the food in their partner’s mouth. This can be hilarious, and the mess will be quite realistic to feeding an actual baby.

3 Diaper Race

A hand holding out toilet paper

via Unsplash / Erik Mclean

All you will need for this one is toilet paper. This is another game that will need to have guests split up into teams of two. Give every team a roll of toilet paper, and they have two minutes to make the best diaper on their partner. The judge can be the mom-to-be.

2 Don’t Break Your Water!

people standing aroung a bucket with water balloons in it

via Unsplash / Mick Haupt

This one involves water balloons, so it is fun and refreshing for a hot, summer day. Get a bucket of water balloons and have a start and finish line. Guests must hold a water balloon between their knees and “waddle” to the finish line to drop their water balloon in a bucket. If their water breaks at any point, they have to go to the beginning and start again.

1 Relay Race, Baby Edition!

A woman running with a stroller and kids inside

via Creative Commons / Ed Yourdon

A relay race may require a bit more work, but it is fun and competitive for everyone. Have a race for your guests to run through, but there are baby-themed stations along the way. Examples could be changing a diaper, making a baby bottle, or pushing a stroller through an obstacle course.

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Sources: One Crazy House, Pampers, Mustela USA

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