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Congrats! You and your partner are expecting a bundle of joy! Pregnancy can be an exciting, confusing, and stressful moment for both of you. Also, there are the cravings, morning sickness, mood swings- you’re basically going through a roller-coaster of emotions, combined with rapid physical changes as your body grows to accommodate this tiny human.

And at this point, your partner will be wondering what their role may be in all of this, the most important things they need to know about pregnancy, and how they can be more supportive during this period. Even asking questions about where to help is a great thing to do. It’s all about setting the intention to be there.

After all, a supportive partner is there to learn as much as they need to about pregnancy and birth, get involved in the process as much as they can, and of course, going out of their way to satisfy your cravings even if it means going out at night to get pickles and ice cream! Is your partner doing their best to make pregnancy comfortable? Here are 8 signs that they are.

8 They’re Feeding You

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Yeah, we get it. Feeding doesn’t sound like it’s a lot of work. But during pregnancy, you’re either nauseous, can’t stand some food items, have weird cravings, have a high appetite, or are simply indecisive about what you want. Besides, pregnant women are advised to watch their diet and adopt healthy eating habits since they’re eating for two.

A caring partner will do so much to keep you comfortable. Whether it’s taking a late-night drive to the store to get your cravings, preparing something else after you throw up, or prepare so many snacks since you’re always hungry. Basically, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep you well-fed.

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7 They’ll Make Sacrifices

Supportive partner during pregnancy

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A partner that cares about you will put you and your baby’s interests first, even if it means giving up their bad habits to make you comfortable. Very Well Family adds that such a partner will take up healthy eating and lifestyle habits with you, such as cooking healthier meals, take walks with you, and abstain from drinking and smoking.

6 They’re Asking Questions & Educating Themselves

How to be there during pregnancy

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If your partner is asking what they can do for you or how they can make things more comfortable, that is a sign that they’re interested in helping. There are so many ways that you can let them help, including giving you a back rub, cooking your favorite meal, or just putting a pillow on your back to make the sofa comfier.

And even then, a responsible partner won’t place all the burden on you and expect you to figure out exactly how and what you want. A caring partner will go out of their way to educate themselves and take their own proactive steps to support you.

5 Being Physically Supportive

How your partner can be emotionally supportive during pregnancy

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Pregnancy will leave you feeling dizzy, nauseous, and exhausted. You may also have an unusual palate. Foods that you once loved will make you gag, while you’re not-so-favorite foods will become your favorite. A supportive partner will pamper you in every way possible. They’ll let you sleep in, nap over the weekend, and even avoid eating foods that will make you vomit while close to you. It could even be something as simple as bringing you a barf bucket!

4 Taking You To Prenatal Visits

How your partner can be physically supportive during pregnancy

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According to Very Well Family, your partner can make sure that you’re comfortable by taking you to doctor’s appointments. Having your partner drive you, help you take tests, carry your bag, give you a shoulder to rest on, or simply rub your back, because you’re exhausted from the walking is excellent. It’s also a great opportunity to ask important medical questions.

3 They Help With The Chores

Partner support while expectant

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A supportive partner will give you a lot of time to stay off your feet since they understand how exhausted you are. According to, they’ll take over more house chores, including laundry, cooking, and dishes. They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re going through a smooth pregnancy.

2 They’ll Give You A Well-Deserved Massage

Partner support during pregnancy

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Your partner may take the time to learn a couple of pregnancy massage techniques to help you stay relaxed. Besides, these techniques can also be employed during labor and delivery. Alternatively, they can book massage sessions for you at your favorite spa.

1 They’re Emotionally Supportive

How to show your partner support during pregnancy

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All the changes that you’re experiencing in your identity, physically, and the hormonal rush will bring with it confusion, sadness, anxiety, moodiness, or even depression. A caring partner will let you rant and go off until you feel better. All you need right now is a non-judgmental listening ear and a lot of extra love.

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