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Less than a month after welcoming their newborn into the world, Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell found themselves back in the hospital with their son on the Fourth of July. Not only was the couple’s son, but Dutton also had to undergo some serious testing as well.

Lane shared on an Instagram video on Monday that Dutton had been rushed to the emergency room the night before, according to E! Online.

“We have had a rough evening,” Bushnell chimed in.

According to the publication, the country star’s story was captioned, “Spent the night in the hospital. If you pray, Dutty Buddy needs some prayers.”

The post left followers wondering what had happened to the baby boy that required him to be hospitalized.

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Later on, Monday, Bushnell followed up on the Big, Big Plans singer’s post, sharing what had caused Dutton to have to go to the hospital at 9:00 pm on Sunday, according to People.

Stating that the couple thought Dutton had an ear infection, they erred on the side of caution and took him to the emergency room to get the treatment he needed. However, because of his size, hospital staff advised that the little one stays for observation.

The Bachelor alum stated that Dutton was diagnosed with “a common virus” and “ear infection,” per the publication. However, because the infant was “under 28 days old” there was a fear that Dutton could develop meningitis. As such, doctors and medical staff did a “full workup/spinal tap.” Fortunately, the results came back showing that Dutton was negative for meningitis.

After 14 hours in the hospital, Lane, Bushnell, and Dutton were able to return home.

While Dutton was prescribed medication to clear up his ear infection, the parents-of-one needed to remain vigilant to ensure that if there are any changes to Dutton’s condition, they let their little one’s doctor know, as, according to Bushnell, there could be respiratory complications or secondary infections, per People.

On Tuesday, Bushnell followed up with Dutton’s condition and thanked everyone who sent out prayers for the newborn.

In her Instagram post, which showed the happy family of three outside in the sunshine, Bushnell said that they were all “resting” and that Dutton seemed to be “feeling MUCH better.”

The reality star went on to thank everyone for their prayers.

Lane took to Instagram and did the same.

Sharing a video of Dutton sleeping peacefully, Lane spoke in the background thanking everyone for their prayers saying that he and Bushnell “appreciate it” and that Dutton “appreciates it as well.”

While this was not what the couple had anticipated happening for Dutton’s first Fourth of July, thankfully, Dutton appears to be on a full road to recovery. Here is to hoping that month two with the little one is a little less eventful!

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Source: People, E! Online

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