Baby Name Bracket


Picking a name for your baby can be incredibly nerve-wracking for couples. While some settle on a name and just “know” that it’s right for their little one, others struggle for weeks and even months to land on the perfect name. The process can be frustrating and stressful, to say the least.

Bachelor stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are currently having trouble deciding on a name for their second child, a boy due in August — and they came up with a creative way to find a moniker: a baby name bracket.

The two “thought it would be fun,” Roper said on her Instagram Story. “We can’t decide on a baby name, and we have a top 16,” she added. Tolbert chimed in: “We need your help!”

Here’s how it works: The bracket is inspired by the March Madness basketball brackets, and the couple is starting out with 16 names. “We’ve narrowed it down. We need you guys to vote,” Tolbert explained. “Each day, we’re going to narrow it down from 16, to eight, to four, to two, to the championships.”

The Sweet 16 round has already started, pitting Reed against Seth, Tristan against Caden, Connor against Beckett, Jack against Porter, Brooks against Callum, Landon against Decker, Dean against Easton and Indy against Lance.

While the couple seems really into the idea, Roper said they’ve already gotten some pushback. “I’ve had a lot of people say don’t do this because they thought people were going to give comments on names and it was going to ruin it for us, but we’re doing it just for fun,” she said, noting that they won’t necessarily give their son the winning name, but it will help them make their decision.

The couple just shared this idea on Monday night, but fans have already started offering their opinions in the comments of Roper’s most recent Instagram post. Some are even trying to swipe names for themselves.

“Where is the bracket? I am due in January and need help with boys names too!!” one wrote. Others have passed on messages of encouragement about the process. “I have a Brayden. Wasn’t my first choice but I now can’t imagine him as anyone other than Brayden,” another said. “You will find the perfect name for your little boy!”

While Roper and Tolbert aren’t promising to give their child the winning name, they aren’t saying they won’t, either. “You never know, we may go with the name you guys pick. So, pick a good one. We’re excited to see what you guys like,” Roper said. “Hopefully, this will give anybody else who can’t figure out what to name their kids some good names.”

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