Late Spring Cleaning & The Top 10 Areas You’ve Never Thought About


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Your house gets cleaned on a regular basis and you are consistent with spring cleaning, decluttering, and organizing as needed.  However, there are probably some key areas around your home that you aren’t clean enough or maybe didn’t know needed to be cleaned and areas easily overlooked.  Don’t fret you are not alone!  Those items, definitely need your attention, so grab your rubber gloves, roll up your sleeves and get to work.  

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Most people do not know there is a filter at the bottom of your dishwasher that helps filter any leftover food particles and grease from entering your pipes.  Luckily it’s easy to clean (even if it has been years since it has been cleaned) and should be done at least every 3-6 months unless your user’s guide says otherwise.  While you are doing a little spring cleaning on your dishwasher, also wipe down the inside of it, paying close attention to the seams of the dishwasher.  Then run an empty load with some vinegar to fully clean it out for extra spring cleaning action.

Washer & Dryer

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-10 Items That Need Spring Cleaning in Your House

You might think it’s counterintuitive to have to clean something that cleans something for you but make sure you don’t overlook your laundry room while spring cleaning this year!  Your washer and dryer also need a little TLC, if you have a front loader washing machine you need to be wiping down the door after every load and letting it dry before closing it again, this will be mildew from accumulating and odors at bay. Most washing machines have a cleaning cycle built into them and it’s an easy monthly item to check off your list washing with white vinegar, bleach, or a special cleaning solution, just refer to your user’s manual for detailed instructions. Also, make sure you have cleaned all the lint and any build-up from your dryer, you can use a brush and/or vacuum to really get the lint out of your dryer, and make sure to check the vents and ducts and clean as needed.

Kitchen Hood

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-10 Items That Need Spring Cleaning in Your House

You probably at least wipe down your kitchen daily, maybe even multiple times a day, but do you wipe your hood down each day as well?  Most likely not, maybe you wipe it down occasionally, but you are defiantly missing the underside of the hood which might be the nastiest part of your kitchen.  Since it is out of sight it’s often out of mind too, you will need a powerful degreaser to cut through all that grime on top as well as baking soda and some dish soap. Home Depot breaks down the best way to tackle this overused and yet under cleaned area of your home.

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Bathroom Fans & HVAC Vent Spring Cleaning

Another area thatis good to add to your spring cleaning list are the HVAC vents and bathroom fans, a gross amount of sticky dust can build up very quickly on these vents.  Luckily it’s an easy spring cleaning item, it just needs a little bit of elbow grease and time. Have multiple rags handy as you might go through a few during the cleaning process as this is often neglected area.

First make sure the ac or heat is turned off and remove the vents, then with a small dry brush you can remove any built-up dust. Then vacuum or wipe away the excess dust with a dry cloth. If the vents remain sticky or still have build-up, you can then fill up a bowl or small bucket with warm water and either degreaser or some dish soap and use it to clean the vents. Allow vents to fully dry before putting them back in place.

Clean and Seal Granite Countertops

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-10 Items That Need Spring Cleaning in Your House

Granite countertops are beautiful, modern and they can make your kitchen have that show-ready look. However, they also need to be taken special care of to make sure they are in tip-top shape, this is definitely something that should be on your spring cleaning list. Cleaning and sealing your granite is something that can be done regularly and will help keep it not only looking great but also helps avoid etching and staining. Luckily this is a relatively simple process that you can easily do yourself, but it does take multiple steps with waiting time in between. Bob Vila has the best step-by-step guide to clean and seal your granite countertops, a simple spring cleaning item that you will enjoy for months to come.

Toilet Brush and Cup

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Let’s be honest cleaning the toilets is not a fun job and you probably try to do it as quickly as possible, then put the brush back and consider it a job done.  However, a wet toilet brush sitting in the drippings from all the stuff in the toilet is just as bad as a dirty toilet. It’s an easy fix to add to your spring cleaning list, simply spray the brush with a disinfectant and let sit for ten minutes, then rinse with the hottest water you can get and drip dry.  Use a disinfectant wipe to clean the cup the brush sits in as well, in addition after every cleaning simply put the brush in between the toilet seat and let it drip dry when you are done.  

Helpful tip-You can use a Magic Eraser inside your shower to remove hard water stains on the glass during your spring cleaning!

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Window Coverings and Sills

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-10 Items That Need Spring Cleaning in Your House

Blinds and all window coverings should also be attending to during spring cleaning and at least one other time during the year. Take a damp cloth (microfiber works the best to trap the dust) and wipe down each blind one at a time. You can dust first with a feather duster, to get the loose dust off and then follow up with a damp cloth. While you are at it, wipe down the window sills, vacuum, and vacuum, and wipe down the sash (the part the window slides on) you might be surprised by the amount of dust and dead bugs you find there.  

Outside Garbage Cans

Another spring cleaning item that can honestly be done weekly after the trash gets picked up is the trash cans.  If you live in an area with a weekly pick up you can most likely just rinse out with water from the hose after the trash gets picked up.  If you prefer to do it less often, a monthly cleaning with a little spray of household cleaner or disinfectant (depending on how dirty your trash cans are) and hosing it down will suffice.  In the summer, weekly is better as the hot weather combined with more bugs can lead to something yucky in your trash cans you do not want to experience. While you are at it, wipe and disinfect your trash cans inside your home as well, this is a simple spring cleaning task to add to your list.

Curtains and Shower Curtains

Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-10 Items That Need Spring Cleaning in Your House

If you have never washed your curtains or shower curtain, you need to do so asap!  Before you throw all your curtains in the washing machine, first look at the tags and check the directions.  Just like clothes, some curtains are dry clean only, luckily a lot are machine washable and you might be shocked at the color of the water during the wash cycle.  The hardest part of this spring cleaning item is taking the curtains down and putting them back up, luckily it’s a simple way to get rid of dust, dirt and freshen up an item that everyone sees when in your house.  

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Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-10 Items That Need Spring Cleaning in Your House

Typically most people change their sheets weekly, which is on par for clean sheets.  One often neglected item in the house is the mattress, which can harbor dust mites, dead skin, and dirt to name a few things.  Luckily cleaning your mattress is pretty simple and you most likely have everything you need at home, start by vacuuming your mattress and then you sprinkle baking soda all over (which helps absorb odors and other liquids when left on), let it sit for at least an hour and vacuum it up.  If you have stains or are looking for further cleaning ideas Apartment Therapy has what you are looking for, make sure you don’t skip this important spring cleaning item on your list, and will help ensure you are getting a good night’s sleep! 

While you are in spring-cleaning mode, check out your vacuum and pull out the filter. Most vacuums need to have their filter cleaned, even if it doesn’t look dirty a good cleaning will keep your vacuum running properly with a good sucking action. Look for an image of a faucet on the filter or instructions on your vacuum, a quick google search can also give you the answers you need.

For some spring cleaning may be the perfect opportunity to de-clutter, deep clean, and freshen up the house after a cold winter.  However, for most, it is a huge thorn in their side to tackle another to-do list.  Pick 2-3 items a week and this list will be done in a month, get your spouse to help and treat yourself by getting take out for dinner and a glass of wine at the end of the day.  You will not only feel better about yourself, but your house will feel that much cleaner in areas that you have most likely ignored for years, promise! 

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Daily-Mom-Parent-Portal-10 Items That Need Spring Cleaning in Your House

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