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  • What is it? FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

  • Why people love it: It’s full of the supplies you get at the hospital to help you heal postpartum — but better and more thoughtfully designed.

  • How much is it? $31.49 (down from its normal price of $49.99)

  • Where to buy it: Amazon

Prime Day is the perfect time to stock up on products you would’ve bought at some point anyway but that are temporarily on sale right now — and if you’re pregnant, you can definitely add the FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit to your must-purchase list. 

If you’re expecting your first, we’ll give you a rundown on why this kit is such a great purchase: After you deliver, you’re likely in for a lot of bleeding and down-there discomfort. It will hurt to sit down, pee and do anything involving your private parts, particularly if you end up delivering vaginally. 

The hospital will give you some supplies to help deal with this. But Frida Mom created its own version of a lot of these products — and they’re all just a little better, more thoughtfully designed and frankly cuter (and anything that makes helping your perineum heal feel anything close to cute is a winner in our book).

The kit includes four different products that you’ll definitely want to have on-hand after you give birth: four pairs of disposable underwear, four instant ice maxi pads, 24 perineal cooling pad liners and a 5-ounce bottle of perineal healing foam.

The one Frida Mom postpartum recovery item that this kit doesn’t contain (and that many moms love) is the brand’s Upside Down Peri Bottle, which is 30 percent off for Prime Day, bringing it to only $11. Moms say this bottle is a definite upgrade from the one hospitals give you to rinse off post-peeing before it’s comfortable to use toilet paper again.

Here’s what What to Expect moms have said about the FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit:

“The underwear in the kit is much more snug and comfortable than the hospital mesh underwear. These I feel I can easily wear during the day with pads and feel secure.”

“It’s a splurge but I felt so much better than with the stuff I got from the hospital.”

“I got the $50 kit as a gift and am pleased with the stuff it has. It didn’t include the peri bottle so I bought it myself because I heard the hospital ones kind of suck…the Frida one is angled so you don’t have to bend over so far and it doesn’t have to be totally full to work well.”

One thing to note: If you know you’re going to have a C-section, you may not find the products in this kit as useful, as some moms who had Cesareans said they didn’t end up using the products as much. But otherwise, it’s a great way to treat yourself postpartum — particularly since it’s such a good price right now.

See now: FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit ($31; marked down from its normal price of $50 on Amazon)

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