33 Father’s Day Gifts Cool Dads Will Love


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Dad is often the cornerstone of the family and works hard to provide, protect, and love his family. Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it is the best time of the year to spoil Dad and thank him for all his hard work. Whether he is looking to up his athletic training, loves tech gadgets, or needs to take some time to relax, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day in our perfectly curated Father’s Day Gift Guide for the cool dads in your life.

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If your dad loves plants, consider a system that will allow him to explore his love for gardening year around. Gardyn offers fresh food all year long even for dads who don’t always have a green thumb. Gardyn’s unique hydroponic systems grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and even fruits right in your home. All that is needed is one of the innovative seed pods known as ycubes and Gardyn takes care of the rest. Equipped with bluetooth, Dad will be able to see everything going on with each plant at all times.

Father’s Day Gifts for Cool Dads

Gardyn is easy to set up and work with. Once the device is assembled, place one of the thirty ycubes that come with the starter package in place and let the machine take over. This no-fuss innovative device includes LED lights designed to provide an adequate light source for plants. It will also take care of all watering needs and let Dad know through the app when it is time to trim or harvest plants. With Gardyn, Dad will be well on his way to his first harvest of perfectly grown vegetables and herbs in four to five weeks. Make sure to customize Dad’s brand new indoor garden by shopping for new ycubes to change out plants. Gardyn also offers one-year and two-year memberships that allow Dad to receive ten new plants a month. Dad is sure to love this impressive indoor garden that will provide fresh vegetables all year long.


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Almost everyone is short on time in today’s day and age. If Dad struggles to find time to get to the gym, bring the gym home to him with the ProFrom Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical. This innovative elliptical boasts a full training experience from the comfort of home. It is equipped with a constantly updated library of thousands of different workouts. Dad can also stream live outdoor workouts with his favorite trainer.


The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical contains state of the art technology including 14 inch HD touchscreen display and twenty-six levels of resistance to provide Dad with an optimal workout experience. Oversized, cushioned pedals and multi use handlebars encourage a more comfortable workout while an attached water bottle holder keeps Dad’s water within arms reach at all times as he works up a sweat.  With the ProForm, Dad will never miss a chance to get a workout in. Whether he is a beginner or fitness enthusiast, the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical is the perfect Father’s Day Gift.


ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical

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Just Add Ice is a premier provider of stunning orchids. Orchids are an excellent option for the Dad who appreciates plants or is looking for a pop of color in his work space. These beautiful flowers are easy to take care of and only require minimal attention which makes them an excellent plant for both the home and the office. With hundreds of options to choose from, finding the perfect orchid for Dad for Father’s Day. This Petite Orchid in a Rose Gold Pot is small enough to be used in any space and is sure to brighten any room. If you think Dad would love a more vibrant orchid, try one of the bright Premium Orchids in a Cream/Grey Planter. Another great option is the Mini Orchid in White Planter. Small and subtle, it will match any office decor and provide a beautiful pop of color.

Just Add Ice offers a variety of other tropical flowering plants as well. If orchids are quite to Dad’s taste, consider another variety of plant. This Premium Red Anthurium Flamingo Flower in a Cream/Grey Pot would be an excellent alternative to an orchid. Like orchids, anthurium are easy to care for and can really brighten up Dad’s office space. One of the beautiful plants from Just Add Ice would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for Dad this year.


Petite Orchid in Rose Gold Pot | Premium Orchid in Cream/Grey Planter | Mini White Orchid in White Planter | Premium Red Anthurium Flamingo Flower in Cream/Grey Pot

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Over the past year, working from home has become the norm for many dads. In effort to not lose their edge, many are turning to standing desks and consoles to encourage fitness and productivity. This is a perfect gift for the dad who wants to get in shape while he is providing for his family. To help Dad create a more healthy work environment, consider the Ridella Height Adjustable Standing Desk. The Ridella Desk comes in two different heights which can be adjusted to suit any need. The desk surface is spacious enough to provide enough room for Dad’s computer as well as a cozy cup of coffee. With six color options, you’ll have no problem finding one to suit Dad’s taste and style.

The Xanthe Coffee Table with Storage is sure to spruce up Dad’s home office space. With a gorgeous walnut finish and ceramic tile tabletop, this coffee table is not only beautiful but durable and will provide beautiful, modern design elements to any space. The storage located under this elegant coffee table provides the perfect storage solution for books, games, and other items to keep Dad’s workspace clean and uncluttered. Everyone knows an organized and peaceful work environment is a productive work environment which is just what Dad wants.


Ridella Height Adjustable Standing Desk | Xanthe Coffee Table with Storage

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Honoring Dad: The History Of Father’s Day

Bring nature indoors this year to inspire Dad on Father’s Day and give him a gift that will last. Wild Interiors provides beautiful indoor foliage sure to brighten up any space. Dad will love to dress up his book shelves or desk space with an exquisite Zebrina Live Indoor Plant or an Arrowhead Live Indoor Plant. Other great options from Wild Interiors are the Peperomia Live Indoor Plant or the luscious Trailing Ivy Indoor Plant. Whether Dad is a plant enthusiast or just appreciates a bit of greenery, Wild Interiors is sure to have something to make him smile this Father’s Day.

81cli2rh3vl Ac Sx960 Sy720


Zebrina Live Indoor Plant | Arrowhead Live Indoor Plant | Peperomia Live Indoor Plant | Trailing Ivy Indoor Plant

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For the Dad who is environmentally-conscious, you won’t find a better or more thoughtful gift than the Jetson Bolt Electric Bike. This innovative bike will allow Dad to travel around the city without contributing to dangerous carbon emissions. Turn is daily commute into an adventure with the Jetson Bolt Electric Bike. With an extremely lightweight frame and a built-in carrying handle, Dad can easily carry his bike into the building and keep it in a safe place while working. An LCD display provides a clear and easy way for Dad to see the battery life of his favorite bike before he heads out each day. Safety is a top priority for Jetson bikes and the Jetson Bolt Electric Bike is no exception. A bright LED headlight provides visibility in the dark hours of Dad’s commute. The Jetson Bolt Electric Bike is sure to be a hit with Dad this Father’s Day!

Jbolt Red Ls02 1 1600x


Jetson Bolt Electric Bike

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The NordicTrack Vault is one of the most impressive and innovative fitness systems that is sure to delight Dad this Father’s Day. It is a complete iFit connected home gym. Integrated technology allows Dad to engage in a variety of iFit workouts from yoga to strength training. Each Vault is equipped with a special oversized mirror that provides a crisp visual of your workout. Dad will immediately be able to match form with the iFit trainer of his chosen workout. The mirror measures an astonishing 61.5” and is integrated with touch technology allowing Dad to access reflective training at a touch of the finger.

Ntb15019 Lifestyle Slc Day 210818 Pano

The interactive mirror is located on the door of the NordicTrack Vault. Once the vault is opened, all the workout gear for a complete home gym is located inside. The Vault contains premium kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and much more providing Dad with everything he needs to complete any iFit workout. The NordicTrack Vault is the perfect gift to help Dad achieve his fitness goals this Father’s Day.


NordicTrack Vault

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Muse S a revolutionary headband equipped with EEG technology that will allow to track his sleep from the comfort of his own bed. In addition to tracking sleep,Muse S also provides guided meditation and breathing activities to further relax Dad and build mental clarity. Muse S also provides immersive sleep soundscapes to help Dad fall into a deeper and more sound sleep.

TheMuse S headband is comfortable and easy to wear so Dad won’t have any trouble sleeping peacefully while using the device. The headband will connect to the Muse S App to allow meditation and sleep patterns to be tracked so that Dad can work on creating a more sound sleeping schedule and meditation practice. This Father’s Day help Dad relax from the demands of all his roles withMuse S. Save $50 on the Muse S and $100 on the Muse S Bundle June 7-21.


Muse S

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Ice Barrel is the perfect gift for the athlete this Father’s Day. This unique barrel allows Dad to take an ice bath and incorporate cold therapy into his training. Ice Barrel allows you to sit upright in order to focus and truly relax your body. Ice baths and cold therapy can be an important part of rebuilding muscle and relaxing the body after a tough training session. It can reduce inflammation in the body and help muscles to recover more quickly. By activating the nervous system, a bath in the Ice Barrel will improve cardiovascular and immune systems.

Ice Barrel is simple to use. Fill the Ice Barrel with water and ice and then enjoy your post workout ice bath. Once finished, use the easy drainage system to remove the water and it will be ready for your next training session. The Ice Barrel package comes with everything Dad will need to immediately start incorporating ice baths into his routine, including the barrel, the barrel lid, the barrel stand, and a step stool to assist Dad in getting into the barrel.


Ice Barrel


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We all want our dads to live a healthy and peaceful life so what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than to give him a way to be more mindful and to find more joy in life. The Mindfulness App provides daily meditation guides and three minute coaching videos to help Dad develop a more calm and relaxed life. This app contains an extensive library of guided meditations, talks, and courses geared towards a number of goals and topics such as happiness, relaxation, and deeper sleep. The Mindfulness App is available on both Android and Apple devices. Give the gift of stress relief and calming meditation to Dad this Father’s Day.


Mindfulness App Gift Subscription

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Check out other suggestions for Father’s Day gifts

Give Dad the gift of healthy skin this Father’s Day with the Oura Exfoliator. The Oura Exfoliator is uniquely self-cleaning and hypoallergenic to be gentle on the skin. Dad’s skin will be left smooth and glowing after each use. Each exfoliator pad is infused with copper and minerals to kill harmful bacteria between uses. The copper is also scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles. Made from soft cotton, the Oura Exfoliator will provide Dad with gentle but effective skin care on Father’s Day and beyond.


Oura Exfoliator

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For an incredibly unique but luxurious gift, pamper Dad this Father’s Day with the Bio Bidet by Bemis. The Bio Bidet USPA 6800U will upgrade Dad’s bathroom and provide a true luxury experience right at home. This bidet is designed to be pleasing aesthetically and functionally. With beveled edges and a heated seat, Dad’s throne will be the most comfortable in the house.

The Bio Bidet USPA 6800 U is equipped with self-cleaning spray nozzles, a warm air dryer, and a deodorizer. The tank reservoir provides heated water twenty-four hours a day. Dad will even have his own remote control with a beautiful LCD display to control the relieving Intensive Impulse Pulsation enema function. The bidet is also equipped with a kids function if Dad is sharing his new bidet with the rest of the household. The auto clean function will make sure that the bidet is always clean and ready to go. Providing Dad with the luxury of a bidet will be the highlight of his Father’s Day celebrations this year.


Bio Bidet USPA 6800 U

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Help Dad breathe easier this Father’s Day with Our Happi Air Purifier. Our Happi has five filters to purify larger spaces. It can accommodate up to 698 square feet so it’s perfect for his bedroom, home office, living room, or even home gym. With an auto-mode, Dad can set it and forget it. An LED smart display with four colors will allow him to monitor air quality, humidity, and temperature at any time. Our Happi is lightweight, portable, and simple to set up. It is also one of the quietest purifiers on the market so it won’t disturb Dad’s nap this Father’s Day.

Ourhappi 3 1080x 1 1 2376x


Happi Air Purifier

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Dad’s love to have fun even on the go. This Father’s Day give Dad the gift of fun on the go with a Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table. Whether he is camping or at the lake, Dad and his friends can enjoy a lively game of beer pong with Versapong.

A1z6o3g2iml Ac Sl1500

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table comes with a light, adjustable table that can easily be carried in the travel case. The travel case is equipped with backpacks for even easier traveling. Each set contains two racks, two stands, cup holders, and two outdoor balls that all conveniently break down to fit into a travel bag. Versapong will provide hours of fun for Dad and his friends no matter where they are.



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Wacom One is a superb way to get Dad’s creative energy flowing this Father’s Day. An innovative and creative pen display, Wacom One allows Dad to edit photographs, create original drawings, take notes, or even create mind-maps and visuals. The possibilities with Wacom One are endless.

The unique tablet feels like pen and paper but is completely digital. Download one of the many apps available to Wacom One to accommodate however you want to use the device. Once you use it on the go, you can also connect it to your other devices regardless of operating systems. The system includes a battery-free pen and tilt recognition technology. The pen is capable of changing colors and stroke style and size to meet all Dad’s creative needs. Wacom One contains built-in, fold-out legs so that Dad can set it up at his preferred angle where he is.

Wacom One Carousel Using Android C3 M


Wacom One


Wacom | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Wicked Big Sport Takraw is a portable version of Juggle Battle, a fast-paced game that combines elements of soccer and volleyball that Dad is sure to love this Father’s Day. Each Takraw set comes with one ball, one net, a pump and needle, four court line stakes, one net frame, court lines, and a carrying case. The kit also comes with instructions on how to play the game correctly. Use the next to play other games such as badminton or tennis on the go as well.

Takraw is the perfect game to play at the beach, the park, your next tailgating event, or even just in the backyard. Wicked Big Sport Takraw will provide hours of fun for Dad whether he is playing with his friends or his children.


Wicked Big Sport Takraw

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One of the most important roles that dads really take pride in, is the role of family protector. This Father’s Day help Dad out with this job. The Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt connects to two different apps, the Schlage Home App or the Key by Amazon app, to let you have access to your home wherever you are. Dad will be able to see when the lock was accessed and grant customized access code to friends and family members as needed.


The Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt is a breeze to install and comes equipped with its own Wifi so that it can easily connect to your home’s network. To provide even more security, the deadbolt is equipped with built-in alarm technology and low battery indicator so that you can change the batteries before they are dead.

Amazon Prime users can use Alexa to control the deadbolt and in select cities, Amazon customers can pair the Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt with the Amazon Cloud Cam to receive in-home Amazon deliveries. The Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt is sure to check all of Dad’s safety requirements this Father’s Day.



Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt


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For the Dad who is always striving to be the best he can be, purchase an Inside Tracker Blood Test. These detailed tests will tell Dad more about his own body than he has ever known before. Each blood test provides insight into a person’s DNA and genetic markers making you better able to choose the right exercises, foods, and medical care tailored just for your body. Inside Tracker can identify deficiencies in vitamins and minerals and give recommendations on how to improve nutrition as well as what supplements would most benefit your individual body.

Inside Tracker is also revolutionary in its ability to integrate the data gained from the blood test with Garmin fitness trackers. With insider information about his own body, Dad will be able to take his workouts and training to a whole new level. Inside Tracker will even help him track his goals and provide him with real time recommendations to get closer to meeting his goals all based on his DNA. What better gift than the gift of knowledge for Dad this Father’s Day!


Inside Tracker Blood Test

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For the tech-loving and hard-working look no further than TriForce for the perfect Father’s Day gift this year. TriForce is a versatile and durable portable WiFi device. If Dad is working from home, he doesn’t want to miss out on family fun this summer and TriForce will allow to take work with him when needed while he enjoys his vacation.

TriForce is a unique mobile WiFi solution because not only does it provide Internet but it also serves a power bank to charge all of Dad’s devices when he is on the road. The device comes with built in output ports to accommodate a wide variety of charging needs.  With a long-lasting battery pack, TriForce will provide all the connectivity and power Dad will need for his day out. Covered in a hard casing, TriForce is drop resistant and durable to last Dad a lifetime. In addition to packing a power punch and providing strong WiFi, the TriForce is highly portable measuring only about the size of a cell phone. It will easily fit in Dad’s pocket when he is on the go.



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The GoBe3 smartband from Healbe is one of the most revolutionary smartbands on the market. What makes the GoBe3 unique is its innovative automatic calorie tracking technology. The smartband utilizes a bioelectrical impedance sensor to measure the fluid in and out of your body cells to determine the amount of calories that the body is digesting allowing the smartband to determine the number of calories ingested. Having a clearer picture of the calories taken into his body and the calories he burns will help Dad reach his nutrition and fitness goals even faster.

Calorie Burned Gobe3

The GoBe3 is also capable of tracking body hydration and notifying Dad of when he needs to drink more water. Like other smartbands, the GoBe3 also tracks steps and distance. With a sleek design and interchangeable band, the GoBe3 is sure to fit Dad’s style while helping him become more intune with his body and meet his goals. The GoBe3 can monitor Dad’s body parameters twenty-four hours a day to help him get in the best shape of his life.


Healbe GoBe3

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In today’s society, it is not uncommon to develop back, hip, and knee pain. Whether this pain develops from working a desk job for hours a day or gruelling workout, people are always looking for pain relief. Aletha Health seeks to help relieve that pain with their innovative device known as the Hip Hook. With just a few minutes a day, the Hip Hook releases the tension carried in the back, hips, knees, and joints and helps provide long-term pain relief.


The Hip Hook is easy to operate. All you need is the device and a stable surface such as the floor or a wall. The device is designed with comfort in mind. It is weighted so that Dad can secure precise placement along the hip flexor and the rubber tip provides both flexibility and comfort when using the Hip Hook.


The Hip Hook is specifically designed to target the psoas and iliacus muscles which are often the root causes of hip, back, and knee pain. If Dad suffers from these issues, the Hip Hook is the perfect gift to help him find relief and be able to enjoy life more fully this Father’s Day.


Hip Hook

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For the creative Dad who records often, consider a Tula Mic this Father’s Day. The Tula Mic is a high quality USB-C microphone that will meet all of Dad’s recording needs whether he is creating podcasts or attending ZOOM meetings. The Tula Mic will take Dad’s sound quality to the next level. Lightweight and portable, the Tula Mic can be taken wherever Dad is. Coming in three decadent colors, the Tula Mic is beautiful and modern while incorporating retro design elements.

91oshopmxll Ac Sl1500

The Tula Mic has a headphone input port and is capable of recording on the go even without a computer. It boasts over 14 hours of battery life as well. Tula’s revolutionary noise reduction software is built-in to the microphone and will help Dad to create more flawless recordings. This Father’s Day help Dad make his recordings even better with a Tula Mic.


Tula Mic

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Oakywood provides beautiful, high quality wood stands for all the technology in Dad’s life. This Father’s Day consider the Oakywood Wood Headphone Stand to give Dad a place to hang his headphones every night. Made of premium solid wood and black steel, this streamlined stand is beautiful and elegant making it a great addition to Dad’s bedroom or office space. Personalize it to make it even more special.

Oakywood’s Triple Dock is a great option for any tech-loving dad. This solid wood technology dock allows Dad to charge his iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods in one place. The Triple Dock streamlines all the charging cords needed for these devices into its sleek design preventing jumbled and unsightly cords. It’s the perfect stylish gift this Father’s Day to keep Dad organized and his space looking beautiful.


Oakywood Headphone Stand | Oakywood Triple Dock

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Take Dad back to his childhood this Father’s Day with the Arcade1Up Black Series Pac-Man Head-to-Head Gaming Table. This nostalgic gaming table will allow Dad to go head-to-head against his closest friends against some of his favorite childhood games. The Black Series Pac-Man Head-to-Head Gaming Table is equipped with eight classic games including Pac-Man, Dig Dug, and Galaga.

This gaming table features a sleek black design with full-color 17” display, speakers, and two full sized control decks with joysticks and buttons. The original artwork from the games decorates the table. If Dad loves to reminisce about his childhood or just loves classic games, the Arcade1Up Black Series Pac-Man Head-to-Head Gaming Table will thrill and delight him this Father’s Day.


Arcade1Up Black Series Black Series Pac-Man Head-to-Head Gaming Table


Arcade1Up | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

If Dad loves photography, Anthropics Technology offers the perfect solutions to help create beautiful photographs. Anthropics utilizes Artificial Intelligence to develop innovative photo editing software.

Whether Dad is an amateur or professional photographer, the editing software provided by Anthropics will take his craft to the next level. PortraitPro 21 uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance every aspect of a portrait. From custom hair colors to lighting tools, PortraitPro 21 contains everything you will need to enhance your portraits and turn them into stunning works of art.

If landscapes and nature photography is more Dad’s style, Anthropics offers an innovative editing software, LandscapePro, that will allow Dad to create dramatic pictures of nature. Equipped with a sky replacement feature and an atmosphere feature which allows rain, snow, fog, and more to be added to the picture, the creative possibilities are endless with LandscapePro.


PortraitPro 21 | LandscapePro


Anthropics | Facebook | Instagram

The Casio Keyboard LK-S450 is a perfect gift for the Dad who loves all things music. Whether he just wants to play or is learning to compose his own songs, the Casio Keyboard LK-S450 offers a portable solution to all Dad’s musical desires. With a large range of tones and rhythms, Dad will be able to play or compose a wide variety of different musical pieces. If he is just a beginner, this keyboard has 61 full size keys and a Key Light System to help Dad learn to play the keyboard.

This innovative keyboard has straps and is battery enabled so that you can play on the go. It also comes with an AC adapter to plug in when you are stationary instead of relying on batteries. With a micro USB port, you can connect your Casio Keyboard LK-S450 to any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. It is also equipped with bluetooth to connect to your devices wirelessly and be used as a bluetooth speaker. The Casio Keyboard LK-S450 will make all of Dad’s musical dreams come true this Father’s Day.

Casio Lk S450 Father And Daughter


Casio Keyboard LK-S450


Casio | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

This Father’s Day help Dad spoil man’s best friend with the Wayzn for Doors Smart Pet Door. If Dad’s dog is one of his most important family members, Dad will be delighted with this innovative dog door that will make his and Fido’s life so much simpler. Wazyn for Doors Smart Pet Door is an innovative system that will turn your existing sliding door into a smart door that is capable of letting your dog in or out automatically.

Wayzn for Doors Smart Pet Door can be installed easily without damaging your existing door and connects to the Wayzn App so that Dad can let the dog out even when he isn’t home. The device is compatible with Alexa and will give your dog a whole new level of freedom. The device also acts as a security bar meaning that the door can be left unlocked at all times. It’s the perfect gift for Dad and his best dog friend this Father’s Day!


Wayzn for Doors Smart Pet Door


Wayzn | Facebook | Instagram

So many people are working from home thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sitting at a desk all day can be draining and studies have proven it can be detrimental for your health. While a standing desk is certainly an excellent solution to this problem, help Dad go one step further with a FluidStance Balance Board. These unique boards were designed to be used while working. Users report being more focused on work and building strength over time after using a FluidStance Balance Board while working.

These beautiful balance boards incorporate hand cast skeleton frames that provide a strong foundation for the board. The board is then finished in your choice of either maple or bamboo wood. The design is both sleek and functional. A FluidStance Balance Board is a great option to help Dad improve both his health and productivity as he works from home.

Grade Wobble Board For Kids 2048x


FluidStance Balance Boards


FluidStance | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

One of the best things about Dads are their concern for the welfare and health of their families. Help Dad feel more at ease about the air his family is breathing with an Airthing Air Quality Smart Device. These unique devices constantly measure a variety of different factors in the surrounding air. The Airthing View Plus gives you complete control over the air you breathe by constantly detecting, measuring, and tracking radon, temperature, particulate matter that can irritate allergens, carbon dioxide, humidity, airborne chemicals, and air pressure. Being aware of these things allows Dad to have the knowledge to actively control the air being taken in by his family.

Another great option is the Airthings Wave Plus which monitors the level of radon, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds, and air pressure of indoor air. The Airthings devices all connect to Airthings App which additionally provides insight to local pollen levels and provides data and graphs about the air quality measured by the device. For Dads who love data and care about the health of their families. The Airthings Air Quality Smart Devices are a great choice this Father’s Day.

Allergy Lifestyle Phone Web


Airthings View Plus | Airthings Wave Plus

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Dads work hard for their families and deserve to rest and relax. What better way to help Dad this Father’s Day than with the BlanQuil Cooling Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover! This cozy blanket will calm and soothe Dad after a hard day’s work. With cooling technology, the blanket disperses body heat preventing you from feeling too hot. It’s designed to perfectly be 8-15% of your body weight giving the feeling of being hugged. Dad will enjoy deeper, more restful sleep with the BlanQuil Cooling Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover. The cool cover is removable, machine washable, and dryer friendly to keep the weighted blanket fresh all the time. The BlanQuil Cooling Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover is filled with eco-friendly glass beads and is available in both 15 and 20 pound weights. It is the perfect gift for a Dad who needs a little relaxation.


BlanQuil Cooling Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover

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BlanQuil | Facebook | Instagram

Xero shoes is a revolutionary brand that creates shoes designed to mimic the natural foot. With flexible soles, they allow the foot to bend, flex, and move in natural ways. Xero shoes can be used for running, walking, and wearing day-to-day. By being thin, flexible, and lightweight, Xero shoes allow the muscles in your feet to behave and strengthen naturally. Many customers described them as life-changing and freeing!

Xero shoes are available for the whole family. The HFS Lightweight Road Running Shoe for Women provides the perfect shoe for minimalist road running. You’ll feel as if you are running barefoot with every step. Prio Running and Fitness Shoe for Kids is a great choice for the younger members of the family. And don’t forget Dad this Father’s Day! The Speed Force Shoes for Men will up his running game and make him more comfortable than ever.


Speed Force Mens Shoes | HFS Lightweight Road Running Womens Shoes | Prio Running and Fitness Kids Shoes

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Xero | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

With Terra Flame Fire Bowls it is easy to create a beautiful ambiance in Dad’s favorite place to relax. Each Terra Flame Fire Bowl is crafted out of gorgeous concrete and comes in a variety of colors. The bowls can be used both indoors and outdoors. A protective cork bottom will keep your table from being damaged by the concrete bowls. With Terra Flame Gel Fuel to create the fire, the fire bowls are environmentally friendly and burn cleanly.

The Terra Flame Fire Bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit any aesthetic. The Basin Fire Bowl Table Top is a classic design that will compliment any space. For a more whimsical setting, try the Wave Fire Bowl Table Top. Fans of modern design will love the Geo Fire Bowl Table Top. Regardless of which one you choose, Dad will be delighted with his beautiful table top fire bowl as he sits back to relax after a hard day’s work.


Basin Fire Bowl Table Top | Wave Fire Bowl Table Top | Geo Fire Bowl Table Top

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Terra Flame | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

For the tech-loving Dad, give him a gift that will take his videos to the next level. The PowerVision S1 is an innovative pocket-sized gimbal that works universally with all phones. PowerVision S1 is a wireless passthrough charging bank, a 3-axis stabilizer, a selfie stick, tripod, magnet, and photo and video editor all wrapped into one tiny, pocket-sized package. With a revolutionary stabilizer, Dad will capture the most stunning photos without any blur no matter what he is doing. It is the last accessory he will ever need for his phone. Improve Dad’s selfie game this Father’s Day with the PowerVision S1.


PowerVision S1

Explore and Connect:

PowerVision | Facebook | Instagram

Dads work hard every day to give their families the very best. Hard days at work, loving hugs, lots of tickles, and life lessons are just a few of the things Dads do and give to their families. This Father’s Day take the time to thank and honor him with a special gift chosen especially for him.

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