100 Pretty And Cute Butterfly Names For Girls And Boys

100 Pretty And Cute Butterfly Names For Girls And Boys

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Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures known to humankind. These enchanting insects come in all shapes, sizes and have spectacular physical features and bright colors. Butterfly-related baby names caught people’s attention when the celebrity couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott decided to give a butterfly name to their baby girl. The name butterfly itself was the name of the famous actress who starred in the movie “Gone with the wind”—Butterfly McQueen.

Butterfly-related baby names are special as they denote the beautiful stages of life. These names are suitable for girls and boys. Keep scrolling through our post for the most adorable names that mean butterfly.

Cute Butterfly Names For Girls

1. Annabella

Annabella is the feminine name of English Origin. The unique combination of the Latin word Anna, which means grace, and the French word Belle, which means beauty, unite to form the beautiful and enchanting name, Annabella.

2. Aponi

The word Aponi translates to butterfly. It is of native American Origin and makes a stunning name for a cute baby girl.

3. Athalia

Hailing from the Nymphalidae family of ‘butterflies,’ Athalia is a perfect and strong feminine name. According to Hebrew Origin, it means “God is exalted. It also has a Biblical reference in the chapter of ll Kings, as the only women who ruled Israel.

4. Atlanta

Vanessa Atlanta is also known as the “Red Admiral.” It is a beautiful butterfly species with black wings embedded with white spots and red bands. The name also means immovable or secure according to the Greek Origin.

5. Ava

Ava is a Hebrew name and has its roots in Judeo, Muslim, and Christian tradition. It is derived from the Hebrew word ‘hawwah,’ which means to breathe or to live. You might have heard Ava Gardner,,, a famous actress from the 90s.

6. Beata

The name of Swedish Origin means “blessed.” It is also a Latinate saint’s name and has been commonly used by Roman Catholics worldwide.

7. Bellona

Bellona is a beautiful Latin butterfly name that means to fight. It is also the name of the Roman goddess of war, who was also a champion of Mars. Isn’t it a unique name for your strong baby girl?

8. Bettina

Bettina is a common name with its roots in Italian and German origins. It is derived from the Hebrew name Elizabeth which means “my God is an oath.”

9. Birabiro

Birabiro is a beautiful yellow butterfly. The name translates to butterfly in Amharic. It is of African Origin and means “from heaven.”

10. Butterfly

Have you ever heard of the phrase “butterflies in your stomach” when you are in love? The name butterfly also represents hope, endurance, courage, and resurrection. Isn’t this a beautiful name for your little loved one?

11. Caria

Caria is a beautiful brown butterfly with emerald embellishments. According to the Arabic Origin, “Caria” means “beloved.”

12. Celastrina

Celestina is a beautiful blue-hued butterfly found in the Australian, Indomalayan, and Palearctic realms. They are also known as the Azure butterfly, and the name means elegant and beautiful.

13. Cho

The name Cho translates to butterfly according to the Japanese Origin. According to the Korean Origin, it means “beautiful.” It is a perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

14. Chou

Chou is a beautiful butterfly name that translates to butterfly in Japanese. It is another modulation for the name Cho. It also means “beautiful.”

15. Chrysalis

Chrysalis is the protective covering over the butterfly during its growth stage. In other words, it’s also known as a pupa. The name chrysalis comes from the Greek Origin means “golden,” due to the golden stripes on the green color of the pupa or cocoon.

16. Claudina

Claudina is a butterfly species native to Venezuela and Bolivia. The name brings a sense of enthusiasm and vitality.

17. Clothilda

According to the German Origin, Clothilda means the famous battle. It also implies flattery and flighty.

18. Clytia

Clytia is a gorgeous butterfly found in south-east Asia. It is also known as the swallowtail butterfly. It has a zebra-like pattern on its wings and has a velvety sheen. According to the Greek Origin, it means famous, splendid, excellent, or renowned. The name Clytia can also be found in Greek mythology as the name of the daughter of Oceanus.

19. Cressida

Cressida translates to “golden,” according to Ancient Greek mythology. The medieval name was also adapted by Shakespeare in one of his plays.

20. Cynthia

The name Cynthia means moon goddess according to Greek Origin. It is also a beautiful colorful butterfly species often referred to as the painted ladies. It also has a biblical reference toMount Cynthus.

21. Die

The name Die comes from Chinese Origin, and it translates to butterfly. According to the Greek Origin, it means soul.

22. Emilia

The name has its roots in Latin Origin. It means to strive, rival, or excel. It is a prominent name for girl babies in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Hungary.

23. Euthalia

Euthalia is the genius name for brush-footed butterflies. It comes from the ancient Greek Origin and means flower or bloom. Isn’t this a beautiful name for your little one?

24. Farasha

According to the Arabic Origin, Asha means butterfly in Arabic. This name has a reference in the Quran, “ A day where the mankind will be scattered like butterflies – 101;4”

25. Flutura

The Albanian name Flutura translates to butterflies. It is a beautiful feminine name for your cute baby girl.

26. Iris

In the Chinese Origin of the name, IRIS means the purple butterfly. According to Greek mythology, it is translated as a Messenger to the rainbow. It also means flower in the Hebrew language.

27. Josephina

The Christian name has its roots in the biblical Origin and means Jehovah rises. It is also the family name of a giant white butterfly.

28. Julia

This name is derived from the Dryas Iulia butterfly, commonly known as the Julia butterfly. It is a bright coral red butterfly that looks aesthetically astonishing—the name Julia means Jupiter’s child.

29. Kelebek

It translates to butterfly according to Turkish Origin and creates a sense of a charming and endearing personality.

30. Kimama

According to native American Origi,n the name Kimama translates to butterfly girl. The unique feminine name means “stunning.”

31. Kimani

Kimani is a beautiful feminine name of native American Origin. It means the beautiful one. It also means adventurous or a butterfly in Swahili.

32. Kimimela

It is a beautiful name for parents considering names for their baby girls. It hails from native American Origin and means a little butterfly.

33. Kocho

The name Kocho has its roots in Japanese Origin, and just like the name Cho, the name Kocho also means butterfly. The words Ko means antenna, and the word Cho means butterfly—it gives a mysterious impression for the name.

34. Linda

The name Linda has its roots in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese origins. Linda name means cute, pretty, or beautiful. Isn’t this a nice name for a baby girl?

35. Luna

Luna is a rare butterfly with specific markings on its wings. It is of Greek Origin, and the Luna moths symbolize regeneration and rebirth. The name Luna also refers to the moon.

36. Mariposa

The Spanish American name Marie pase also means butterfly. It also has biblical references to the mother of Jesus, Virgin Mary.

37. Niobe

Niobe is the name of the daughter of a king of Asia Minor, Tantalos. It also refers to the name of a Latin butterfly species, Niobe fritillary. The meaning of this name is fern.

38. Nova

According to the native American tribe, Nova means cheeses butterflies. It is an exciting name for your baby girl. It also refers to the Nova Star, which releases a huge amount of energy and is superiorly bright.

39. Paloma

The name Paloma translates to a dove. You might have come across the name of a famous designer Paloma Picasso, who designs jewelry inspired by butterflies.

40. Pandora

According to the Greek mythology, Pandora is a human woman who Zeus created. Each of the Greek God’s cooperated and showered her with unique gifts. Pandora is also the name of a beautiful greenish-black dotted butterfly in the Middle East and northern Africa.

41. Parvana

The name Parvana is of Iranian origin, and means butterfly. It also means the full moon.

42. Selene

Selene is of Greek Origin, and it means the moon and brightness. It is also the name of the Titan goddess of moon. Ancient mythology has stories that she would drive her chariot in the beautiful night sky while pulling the moon.

43. Teter

The name Teter is derived from the name Esther, and it means butterfly in Armenian Origin. It is a unique yet modern unisex baby name.

44. Theona

According to the Greek Origin, the name Theona translates to God’s name. The biblical traces of this name relate to a person with prophetic power.

45. Tullia

The Irish name means peaceful. It is also the name of an Australian butterfly.

46. Vanessa

Vanessa is one of the most common butterfly names, and it means the Queen of butterflies. The name Vanessa also has his mythological roots in the Greek Origin as Pandora’s daughter. In Latin, it translates to Venus, the God of love.

47. Vesta

The name Vesta is of Latin Origin, and refers to the Roman goddess of the hearth. It is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

48. Vlinder

Vlinder is a profoundly used feminine name in most Dutch-speaking regions and countries. It is ranked in the top 400 girl names in the Netherlands and means butterfly.

49. Yara

According to the Arabic and Brazilian Origin, the name Yara means a small butterfly or water lady. Although, according to Brazilian mythology, Yaara was a stunning and beautiful goddess with fair skin and lush green hair. The name also means honeycomb and honeysuckle in Hebrew.

50. Zina

According to Greek Origin, Zina is a beautiful feminine name, and it means a “guest.” According to African Origin, it means secret spirit, strong, beautiful and shining.

Butterfly Names For Boys

51. Adonis

The name Adonis had its origin in ancient Greek mythology. Adonis was a charming man and a lover of the goddess Aphrodite. It is also the name of an enchanting blue butterfly species.

52. Aglais

Aglais is a beautiful multicolored butterfly, also known as the peak of butterfly. The name is also derived from Greek mythology as the offspring of Inachus.

53. Aideen

The Irish name Aideen means little fire. Parents consider it for both boy and girl babies.

54. Alexis

It is yet another unisex name with its roots in Roman catholic origins. There are several saints with this name in the eastern orthodox. The Greek meaning of this name is defender of humankind.

55. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess associated with beauty, pleasure, love, and passion. She is also the daughter of Zeus and was syncretized by the Roman goddess Venus. Before being a feminine name, it has also been used to name baby boys.

56. Apollo

Apollo is the Roman and Greek God of sunlight, music, prophecy, and poetry. It also defines a class of asteroids beyond the Earth’s orbit. According to the Greek Origin, it means destroyer.

57. Argus

Argus is a small bluish or brown Eurasian butterfly with a unique eyelike marking near the wing margins. According to Greek mythology, Argus means a 100 eyed monster or a watchful guardian.

58. Azure

The name Azure means the unclouded sky or the bright blue clear sky. It is also the name of a powdery blue butterfly Azure butterflies. Hazare is also a rare blue precious stone found in Afghanistan and known for its unique blue shades of light and dark color.

59. Blues

The blue butterfly is known to symbolize luck and joy. They are even referred to as a wish granter and are believed to symbolize a person’s soul either in the future or past.

60. Cassius

The masculine name Cassius is of Latin Origin and translates hollow. If you’re familiar with Shakespearean plays. you may come across this name once or twice.

61. Clodius

P. Clodius is a beautiful butterfly known for its high altitude flying. It has a beautiful white grey patterned wings, and the name translates to poetry in Latin.

62. Constantine

Constantine is derived from the old French and Latin name “ Constantin.” It is also the name of the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine, the great.

63. Danaus

Danaus is the great-grandson of Zeus, according to ancient mythology. The name means the one who urges on horses, charioteer, or a rider. It is also a type of butterfly and has tiger-like stripes on its wings.

64. Dorcas

The name Dorcas appears in Biblical references in the book of acts chapter 9 in the Bible. It translates to gazelle in Greek origin.

65. Flutur

Flutur is one of the common names in Kosovo and Albania. It translates to butterflies and is of Albanian Origin. Doesn’t this make a royal name for your baby boy?

66. Hecate

The name Hecate means a butterfly or a soul. According to Greek mythology, Hecate is also known as the God of the week and is said to have wings like a butterfly.

67. Hector

The name Hector has its roots in French, Scottish, English, and Spanish origins. It is also the name of a Trojan champion who the Greek Achilles killed. The butterfly’s name is associated with a crimson rose swallowtail butterfly, which is breathtaking.

68. Icarus

Icarus is the name of a delicate blue butterfly with orange spots. According to ancient mythology, stories say that Icarus is the son of Daedalus, who used to fly using artificial wings made of wax.

69. Itzpa

This name means a cloud butterfly or obsidian butterfly. According to ancient mythology, the goddess Aztec created a sacrificial flint knife called Itzpa.

70. Jamides

Jamais is a beautiful butterfly found in the Indomalayan realm. The name also means lover of glades. It makes a strong masculine name for your baby boy.

71. Jay

According to the Sanskrit origin, the name Jay has several meanings—the holder, healer, triumph, and victory. It is the short form of the names, Jason and James. It is also the name of a black tropical butterfly which is green spotted.

72. Juno

Juno is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin, and means Queen of heaven.

73. Kamehameha

Kamehameha is a butterfly species that is native to Hawaii. It means the one set apart.

74. Kelebek

According to the Turkish Origin, Kelebak translates to dash and butterfly. It is also referred to as someone with a charming personality.

75. Laurel

The name Laurel is of Latin American Origin. This name is quite popular in the American comics series Laurel and Hardy.

76. Leander

The name has its roots in Latin, American, English, and Greek. According to Greek mythology, Leander is a butterfly and was a young man who was handsome and was the lover of the priest as a hero.

77. Leptir

According to the Russian dialectal, Leptir means butterfly. It is also the name of the monarch butterfly, also known as a milkweed butterfly. According to Greek mythology, it means the one who urges on horses.

78. Lowey

Lowey is an ancient surname. It means liberty that extends around the castle.

79. Lysandros

Lysandros Hails from Greek Origin, and means liberator or a man with freedom. The masculine name is also a species of butterfly.

80. Mantech

The name is of Ethiopian Origin and also means butterfly. According to the ancient Greek Origin, it means soul.

81. Memphis

Memphis is a masculine name with its roots in ancient Egyptian Origin. It means beautiful and enduring. Memphis is also a type of butterfly whose wings resemble dead leaves.

82. Morgane

The meaning of the name Morgan is the dweller of the sea. It is also a blue butterfly with white stripe.

83. Mycalesis

Mycalesis is a bush brown butterfly found in Asia. It means the “meaning eye.”

84. Orion

According to the ancient Greek Origin, Orion is the name of a hunter. It also refers to a constellation of stars. The masculine name also refers to a type of butterfly.

85. Papillon

he name Papillon means butterfly in French. It is a strong masculine name.

86. Pepe

The name Pepe has its roots in Portuguese, Hebrew, and Spanish. It means Jehovah rises.

87. Perhonen

The distinctly masculine name also means butterfly. It is of Finnish Origin.

88. Perseus

According to Greek Origin, Perseus is the son of Zeus and means the avenger or destroyer.

89. Piepel

According to the German Origin, Piepel means “an active young man.” It is also the name of a moth and butterfly species.

90. Psyche

According to Minoan and Greek mythology, the name Psyche was given to butterflies by Aristotle. It means a human lover.

91. Sommerflue

Sommerflue is a brimstone butterfly and refers to someone with strength and vitality.

92. Taurins

Taurins is of Latin American Origin, and makes a great name for a baby boy born under the sign Taurus. It also refers to a yellowish butterfly.

93. Theseus

Theseus was the king of Argos and the husband of Helen, who fought against the Greeks. The name Jesus means “the god Poseidon.”

94. Titus

Titus was a Greek disciple and the helper of Saint Paul. The name also has references in the seventh book of the New Testament in the Bible and means “honorable.”

95. Vivalter

The meaning of Vivalter is determination, independence, innovation, and courage.

96. Vlinder

Vlinder is of the Dutch urgent and translates to a butterfly.

97. Xenocles

According to Greek history, Xenocles is a famous fifth-century Greek poet. It is also the name of a butterfly species found in Southeast Asia.

98. Xiuhtecuhtli

Hailing from the Aztec mythology, the name Xiuhtecuhtli is the God of fire and heat. The word translates to “ flame.” It is also another name for the monarch butterfly.

99. Yubec

The name Yubec has its roots in Hebrew origin and means “ God is faithful.”

100. Zephyr

Heading from Greek Origin, the name Zephyr means “west wind.” It is a gender-neutral name but most common for boys.
The names associated with butterflies connect with nature, freedom, fun, and beauty. Also, it is a unique idea to give a butterfly-related name to your child. Choose the best name with a deep meaning, such that your little one would love the name after knowing its meaning later in life.

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