New Puppy Checklist: 10 Essentials To Add To Your List


Congratulations! You are a new furry-baby, momma or daddy. Our new puppy checklist will work for you whether you are a new fur-baby owner or this is your 10th fur-baby to love. You have a lot of moments coming up with your new family member, so make sure you have some handy accessories (or upgrades) on hand to keep your pup healthy, happy, obedient, spoiled, and loved for many years to come as they grow. Whether you are getting a rescue pup, a mature dog, or a pampered purebred show dog, these essentials are a must-have.

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New Puppy Checklist Essentials: Food, Water & Puppy Hygiene

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Kissing your new pup is a form of bonding but if that little rascal decides to eat an unfavorable substance in the fecal matter department, you don’t want to be anywhere near your pup’s mouth! Providing proper hygiene for your fur baby is essential and not something you want to skimp out on because dogs can indeed suffer from periodontal disease. Oxyfresh has the ultimate dental kit all ready to go with everything you need to prevent tooth decay while freshening up his chompers. By softly brushing with the enclosed finger brushes, you’ll start your puppy out right by helping to prevent gingivitis; all without harsh enzymes, unnatural flavors, or synthetic fragrances.

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Be sure to add on Oxyfresh’s Water Additive, Pet Shampoo, and Ear Cleaner to your new puppy checklist. Along with the much-needed dental care, by using a water additive you now have a no-brush solution for pet bad breath. By eliminating bad breath at the source, you don’t have to mask it by relying only on dental chews.

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Sure, you could give your pup water from the tap, but why? Your pet’s immune system needs to be functioning at it’s best and with the Alkazone Pet Water, it’s ultra-purified with essential minerals. That means your fur baby’s immune system gets a boost with every lap of water to support their natural bodily functions. They too, like us, could benefit from an alkaline water source. And when their pH levels are within the normal range, you’ll notice fewer yellow spots on that pretty lawn of yours.

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

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Germs are everywhere and some of them thrive in the food and water dishes, like your precious fur baby’s food or water dish! That’s why you want to grab a couple of Hero Bowls because it is literally the most hygienic dog bowl out there. This germ-busting doggie bowl is antimicrobial dog food and water bowl and is scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of over 99% of MRSA and E.Coli bacteria. You’ll be pleased to know that it also includes preventing the growth of mold and fungi. The built-in smart silver ion technology makes this all possible with 24-hour anti-microbial protection for your pet’s food or water.

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Have you ever heard of biologically appropriate dog food? With Acana, it’s simple when it comes to formulating nutritious meat based upon your dog’s evolutionary diet. No additives, synthetics, or anything else that Mother Nature herself didn’t cook up in her earthy kitchen. There are 5 rules for making the most biologically compatible food suited for your new pup.



You can rest assured that when your dog is eating the diet of their ancestral heritage, they have a better chance of staying healthy and happy with fresh or raw, sustainably grown ingredients. You won’t be the only one excited for dinnertime that was made from scratch!

New Puppy Checklist: The Essential Tools

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Life will be full of scratchless moments with the Zen Clipper on your new puppy checklist. No more guessing where you should clip so you don’t hurt your baby because it only allows the tip of the nail into the small funnel. Rest assured, only licks and kisses of thanks are coming your way after a nail session. Even if you feel like you can’t see up close to get to the right spot, it still prevents you from cutting off too much.

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Now that your pup’s nails are looking mighty dull, reward them (and yourself) for doing such a great job with Venison Joe’s Gourmet Pet Chews. These chews are like what Dunkin Donuts is to humans! Irresistibly delicious and sweet to munch on. Your fur baby will love the flaky crunchiness that teases their tastebuds till they get down to the bare bones. A variety of tastes, textures, and preoccupied chewing sessions await your new puppy!

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

We don’t see anything wrong with styling your new family member, especially if it makes them look regal and sophisticated. With Pink Papyrus‘ line of collars, leashes, and puppy accessories, you have a high-quality doggie shop right at your fingertips. The Ryan Collar comes in various sizes and a sleek black color that pairs nicely with your pup’s coat. It has reinforced box stitching around all the stress points, so no matter how much your little one rolls over and over, this collar isn’t going anywhere.

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Take your girl (or guy) out for walks with this magnificent organic Maggie leash. This pairs well for any fur-baby parent, but you crunchy fur-baby parents will especially love that it’s intricately made from 100% chemical-free, hand-grown organic cotton. It’s undeniably strong and beautiful, a design-match made in heaven. It’s waterproof, hypoallergenic, incredibly durable, lightweight, pretty, and soft in your hands. Yes, strut a little bit more while you walk your pup, we encourage it.

New Puppy Checklist: Treats & Toys

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Ready to start training your new pup (or just want to spoil them)? Choose between soft or crunchy bites for your pup based upon their preference. All Healthy Bites are made with extra virgin olive oil and a proprietary chia and pumpkin seed blend. By using a unique cold pressing process, grounding and mixing the ingredients together, the integrity of the product retains superior flavor. Since your pup has a strong sense of smell, the aroma of these treats will have your pup begging for more!

Olvipet USA also has you covered for your new puppy checklist when your pup needs a little refresher. The Dental Bars will do the trick. They are the most optimal shape and texture for fresh breath and clean teeth for a quick kiss and close moments together.

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Since the holidays are in full swing, don’t forget about gifting your fur baby with their own toys and a monthly subscription box. BarkBox gives your dog exactly what they want every single month. Just when you thought you were the only one to get excited when the postman delivers a box, now your pup can be too! This Holiday season, give them themed toys to chew on instead of the Christmas tree (or the other presents)!

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Every BarkBox contains 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, customized to each month’s unique themed collection. And if your pup happens to be a picky little rascal, each box comes with a 100% bark-happy guarantee. Our fur-babies may not like everything you get for them (remind you of kids?), so that’s why they won’t disappoint your pup and will make it right. We’ll subscribe to that and put it on our new puppy checklist of must-haves!

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Does your new pup need a buddy when you aren’t around? The Bully Buddy is a durable, easy-to-use, doggie-pal device that tightly secures the bully sticks. This prevents your dog from choking on the tail-end of the treat, especially when you aren’t home in case they start choking. Ranging from dogs who are under 15 pounds all the way to 100+ pound fur-kids, there’s a perfect size for you.

daily-mom-parent-portal-New Puppy Checklist:

The Bully Buddy starter pack contains all you need to leave your pup alone or to occupy them during their chewing stage of life. Also, it’s a great distraction if they tend to be a bit too noisy and curious about what’s in the trash. Oh, and don’t worry, this is vet-approved!

For Anxious Puppies

New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

Puppies and dogs get scared just like kids and adults do and they could use a bit of help when it comes to coping with stressful situations. Don’t forget to put Blue Bird Botanicals on your new puppy checklist. They use a full-spectrum hemp extract to help calm anxiety. Whether you have a long road trip ahead of you or just need to dramatically improve your pup’s temperament, CBD can help. They can get the same experience and benefits form CBD just like humans do.

We just adore our puppies and we want them to have the ultimate best from the moment we decide they’re ours. The quality of the products you choose absolutely does matter when it comes to making a new puppy checklist of their essential needs. Our beloved fur babies aren’t immune to sickness, injury, or disease, so be sure to give them the ultimate best the moment they step foot into their new home with your family. The better prepared you are long-term the easier it is on you, so all you have to do now is thoroughly enjoy and play with your new pup!

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daily-mom-parent-portal-New Puppy Checklist: Ultimate Round-up Guide

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