Fun Indoor Activities for Kids Over the Holiday Break


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The holiday break is quickly approaching, and parents everywhere are so busy gearing up for Christmas, Hannukah, and other celebrations that they often forget that the kids will be home all day, every day for a few weeks. So what are some fun indoor activities for kids over the holiday break that will keep them engaged without sitting in front of screen all day? KiwiCo offers some great options for engaging activities that can be done as a family or individually for kids ages 0 into the teenage years.

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About KiwiCo

KiwiCo is a subscription-based STREAM activity box for kids ages 0 to 16. There are several different types of subscription options based on your child’s age and interests. Activities in the subscription boxes are developmentally appropriate, research-based, and STREAM related (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, maths). A subscription to KiwiCo gives fun indoor activities for kids all year long.

There are different options for their subscription-based service depending on your child’s age and, as they get older, their interests as well:

  • Panda– for exploring and discovering (Ages 0-36 months)
  • Koala– for playing and learning (Ages 3-4)
  • Kiwi– a combination of science, art, and more (Ages 5-8)
  • Atlas– for geography and culture (Ages 6-11)
  • Doodle– for art and design techniques (Ages 9-16+)
  • Tinker– for science and engineering (Ages 9-16+)
  • Eureka– for engineering and design (Ages 10+)

The subscription boxes can be set for a single month, a 3-month plan, a 6-month plan, or a 12-month plan giving you several different options as well as making this a great gift for the holiday season.

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KiwiCo Single Activity Kits

KiwiCo also has single activity kits which are perfect for the upcoming holiday break. Each of these activities includes all of the necessary items needed to create the project as well as detailed instructions so that children can practice working and learning independently (with adult supervision as needed).

There are several different types of activity kits available. You can decide which one is best for your child based on their age and their interests. Themes include holiday kits, dress-up and imaginative play, robotics, arts, engineering, electronics, automation, games, chemistry, and more. Each of the single activity kits focuses on different STREAM skills so your child will be engaged in cognitive development in science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, and maths even over the extended holiday break.

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids Over the Holidays with KiwiCo

There are several different fun indoor activities for kids from KiwiCo that are perfect for over the holiday break. Here are just some of their options based on ages and interests:

Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Little Artist Box

Colorful Chemistry


Fun Indoor Activities for School-Age Kids

Mechanical Sweeper

Kaleidoscope Play

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Light Up Lantern

Fun Indoor Activities for Older Kids

Walking Robot

Volcano Slime

Hydraulic Claw

Fun Indoor Activities for Teens

Vortex Lab

Combination Vault

Geometric Laser Projector

How KiwiCo Can Keep Your Child Learning Over the Holidays

STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math. These areas of learning are often thought of as separate entities but the movement towards more STREAM-based learning by educators is creating programs and curriculums in which the different areas are intertwined. The idea behind STREAM, which was once STEM and then STEAM, is that children are more exposed to activities based in the different sciences, technologies, reading, engineering, arts, and mathematics throughout their learning careers so as to create an early interest in those skills

The activity kits and subscription boxes by KiwiCo help parents bring the learning areas of STREAM home. The single activity kits allow children to explore the different areas of learning in fun and engaging ways that will spark their interest and creativity. These types of fun indoor activities are especially important over long holiday breaks because it is during this time that children often become complacent in their learning and cognitive development. With the activity kits from KiwiCo parents can keep their children learning even when they aren’t in school.

Holiday Activity Kits for Over the Winter Break

KiwiCo also has holiday-based activity kits that are perfect for the winter break. These activity kits can be used for a wide range of ages and skill levels, and they are the perfect way to bring the family together to create a fun project on those chilly days.

For the older kids, there are some really neat automation, engineering, and mechanical projects that they can do independently or together as a family. The Gingerbread House focuses on engineering and electrical engineering to create a fun project. There is also the Ice Skating Rink and Santa’s Sleigh Automaton Project Kit where you can use automation and engineering skills to make things go.

For the younger children in the family there is a fun Swirly Ornament Project to help decorate your tree. And with the Santa and Snowman Wobbler Set you can make Santa and his funny snowman wiggle and jiggle all day long. The science, art, and technology-based projects are perfect as fun indoor activities for kids of all ages over the holiday season.


The days leading up to the holidays are always super busy, but after the holidays are over and things start to settle down, the kids get a little bored during the downtime before school starts up again. With these fun indoor activities for kids from KiwiCo you can keep your children engaged, learning, and having fun throughout the winter break instead of sitting on the couch in front of the television all day.

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