7 Reasons We Have Too Many Toys

The Parenting Junkie has rolled up her sleeves to shed light on the top 7 reasons you have too many toys. Is your house overflowing with too many toys? Have you considered why you have too many toys dear one? In this behind the scenes video, discover how to get rid of toys even if you have too many toys for toddler. In this special episode of kids room declutter with me, hopefully you’ll also receive some inspiring basement playroom ideas. Believe me, rewarding kids with toys is not serving them. But there’s no guilt here – learn how to stop buying more toys today and declutter a cluttered house. Learn which toys to get rid so that minimizing toys is a piece of cake. If you have too much stuff or you’re wondering how did we end up with so much stuff, you might be tempted to feel shame with your kids and first world problems. Let it go. We’re in this together so declutter with me mom and thank you for joining the behind the scenes toy declutter today.

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One of the keys to harmony at home is manipulating the environment to support you. If your home doesn’t flow, if it’s overwhelmed with “stuff”, clutter and toys – it’s nearly impossible to be a conscious parent. 

On the surface, it would seem almost ridiculous for toys to be a “big deal”. But again and again in my work with parents I learn that through a simple declutter of toys a pandora’s box of emotions and fears bursts open. Why? Because Toys have come to symbolize a lot in our society. Let’s look at some of those things:

1. “The toys I have bought for my children represent my love for them.”
2. “The toys my children have represent special people in their lives.”

3. “The toys we have represent the promise of prodigy, or at least education.” 

4. “The toys we have are a status symbol that prove I’m providing prosperity for my children.” 

5. “They toys I buy serve as a ‘behavior modification’ trump card.”

6. “I don’t want to waste them now that I’ve bought them.”

7. “What if they need them again in the future.”

Ultimately the relationships we have with our stuff mimics the relationship we have with ourselves, and the world.

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