5 Tips to Help Your Kids Go to School Feeling like Superheroes with PJ Masks


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Going to school for the first time can be nerve-racking for both kids and parents. Some kids happily skip off into their first day of school without so much as a hug and kiss goodbye from mom and dad. Others cling to their legs of their parents, crying big crocodile tears. But eventually your little ones will venture off into their new classroom, learning big things and enjoying their time with friends. But as parents, we want to make the transition to school as fun, exciting, and comfortable as possible. With these tips from parenting experts (ok, just us over at the Daily Mom team but we consider ourselves *kind of* experts), you will be able to help give your kids superhero powers making them brave for school.

5 Tips To Help Your Preschooler Go To School Feeling Like A Superhero

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5 Ways PJ Masks Can Inspire Your Preschooler

We never really know how our children are going to react on the first day of school. The child that was super confident and excited may start crying the moment you walk in the door. The one that fought you to get dressed might see a friend and run off without looking back. But no matter what, all parents just want their child to feel confident when walking into their classroom.

1Make them a Superhero

5 Tips To Help Your Kids Go To School Feeling Like  Superheroes With Pj Masks

One way to do this is by creating the idea that your child is a superhero, and going to school is super brave. Using their favorite characters like those from PJ Masks can help your child remember to be brave and strong. You can say things to your child like:

  • “Remember when Owelette was nervous about stopping the train? You can be brave just like her.”
  • “The PJ Masks are with you to help take on an action-packed school year. Are you ready?!”
  • “You can show your friends just how awesome it is to be kind and helpful while you’re at school, just like the PJ Masks do.”
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2Find their Superhero Power

5 Tips To Help Your Kids Go To School Feeling Like  Superheroes With Pj Masks

Just like the PJ Masks, your children have superhero powers, too. Whenever you see your child’s confidence shaking, you can remind them that their superhero powers will come out right when they need them. Giving them the reassurance that they are strong, brave, and confident by personifying these traits with their favorite characters often helps give children a tangible model to recreate in themselves. With these simple reminders, they can think of how Catboy, Owelette, and Gekko behave when they are nervous and model those behaviors themselves.

5 Tips To Help Your Preschooler Go To School Feeling Like A Superhero

Here are some examples of what your child’s superhero powers could be if they ask (and they probably will):

  • Mind Power– their imagination is their superpower that can create anything.
  • Kindness Power– the ability to see someone in need and help.
  • Helpful Power– the ability to lend a helping hand.
  • Heart Power– the power to puff up their heart and be brave.

3Get Them Gear They Love

5 Tips To Help Your Kids Go To School Feeling Like  Superheroes With Pj Masks

One of the best ways to get kids excited for school every day is to accessorize them with their favorite characters. School gear with superhero kids like the PJ Masks is a great reminder that your child can be brave, too, even if they are feeling nervous.

Some gear that can help get them excited and feeling confident for school every day is:

  • A PJ Masks Water Bottle
  • A PJ Masks book to talk about being brave
  • A PJ Masks toothbrush and body wash to get ready for school in the morning
  • PJ Masks wall decals to give bravery high fives as they walk out the door (when they high five Catboy, Owelette, and Gekko they will get some of their bravery and confidence)
  • PJ Mask bandages to help keep them safe even if they get hurt
  • Every day school gear like backpacks, lunchboxes, shoes, and clothing with their favorite PJ Mask characters
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4Celebrate Victories

5 Tips To Help Your Kids Go To School Feeling Like  Superheroes With Pj Masks

It is important to encourage your preschooler by celebrating big and small victories at school. Did they go to school every morning without being upset? Did they help friends in class all week? Even simply celebrating getting through a particularly hard week at school can be a huge accomplishment for a little preschooler. Celebrating these victories can help boost their confidence to for school. The PJ Masks can help you celebrate these victories by creating an Awesome After School Party. All you need are:

  • Life size PJ Masks balloons to have the PJ Masks help celebrate your child’s accomplishments
  • PJ Masks photo props to have cool #FirstWeekofSchool pictures
  • A PJ Masks tablecloth for snacks (and maybe a cupcake!)

5Give Them Something to Look Forward to After School

5 Tips To Help Your Kids Go To School Feeling Like  Superheroes With Pj Masks

Of course, awesome after school parties can’t happen every day, but luckily there are some things you can do to give your child something to look forward to after school. Knowing that there are things waiting for them at home can help give your preschooler the confidence to get through their day with a smile on their face.

  • A PJ Masks Good to Grow juice for part of their after-school snack.
  • Do PJ Masks after school activities together like coloring pages or counting practice.
  • Complete the School Checklist every day to talk about their day.
  • Check out new episodes of PJ Masks on Disney Jr.
  • Add a welcome home message to their PJ Masks dry erase board to see when they get home.

Starting the school year with your preschooler, whether they have been in school or not before, can sometimes be a challenge. For those of us with kids who have a hard time leaving mom and dad’s side, we want to give our kids the tools and the confidence to go into school happy every day. Reminding your child that they are brave and strong like their favorite superheroes is a great way to do that.

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5 Tips To Help Your Preschooler Go To School Feeling Like A Superhero

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