11 Best Music Players To Buy For Kids In 2019


Best Music Players To Buy For Kids In 2019

Kids develop a keen interest in music at an early age, and some even learn to play an instrument. Music is often a source of inspiration and also relaxing for kids. With a portable music player, a child can enjoy their favorite music anywhere. However, you need to make sure that the child is not overusing the player.

In this MomJunction post, we provide a guide on picking the right kids’ MP3 player and also present a list of the 11 best music players for kids.


How To Choose A Music Player For Children? 

Here is what to look for when buying a music player for kids:

  1. Easy to operate: The playback and control buttons should preferably be easy for the little fingers to press. It is good to have an interface that is convenient to understand.
  1. Durable: You can consider sturdy MP3 players. Some music players may have their plastic encasing closed together with screws, which may be more rigid.
  1. Supported audio formats: Almost all music players support the MP3 file format. However, not all may have the provision to play other formats like MP4, WMA, etc. Check the specified format compatibility before purchase.
  1. Memory: Music players can come with in-built memory and may allow you to expand the storage with the use of a memory card.
  1. Extra features: Music players for kids come with bonus features such as games, alarm clock and FM radio.
  1. Safety and parental control: Some music players allow volume control. Music players running an operating system (like Android or iOS) may offer in-depth parental control.

A music player is an electronic device, and thus, it is good to observe some safety precautions while using it.

Tips For Safe Usage of Kids’ MP3 Players 

Here are a few safety measures to follow when using a music player.

  1. Maintain a safe volume level: The World Health Organization says that hearing loss among teenagers has increased over time, owing to an increase in the use of headphones (1). You can set a volume limit and ask the child to listen to music at the set volume.
  1. Avoid watching videos right before bedtime: The American Academy of Pediatrics says that children should avoid screen time one hour before bedtime (2). Set a time limit for video watching, if available, on the MP3 player.
  1. Avoid use at mealtime: Food should be the only focus during mealtime. Keep the music player away for charging while the family enjoys the meal.

The next section contains a list of the 11 best music players that you could consider for your children.

11 Best Music Players For Kids 

1. Wiwoo MP3 Player for Kids


This music player has a colorful design and useful functionality.


  • It can support a microSD card up to 64GB for expandable storage.
  • It features a simple button layout in the shape of a paw.
  • The music player for kids is available in four color options.
  • The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty for the MP3 player.
  • It comes with extra features, including a picture viewer, FM radio, and a voice recorder.


  • The music player supports low-resolution videos of the size 128×160.
  • A few parents felt that the quality of the device could have been better.


2. Grtdhx MP3 Player


This MP3 player offers plenty of features that children may get excited about.


  • The music player supports Bluetooth, which means that the child can stream music to their Bluetooth headphones.
  • A pedometer counts the number of steps. The device can also estimate the calories burnt.
  • There is a built-in FM radio recording capability, which means the user can record a song played on the FM radio. Another key feature is the alarm.
  • The bookmark function allows you to bookmark a song and resume playing it later.


  • Users noted that the MP3 player often does not play playlists transferred from the computer.
  • Buyers felt that the user interface and its features could have been better.


3. AGPTEK K1 Music Player for Kids


This one is a simple and easy-to-use music player designed for young children.


  • Directional arrow buttons make it convenient for the child to select tracks on the screen.
  • Parents can set a volume limit and the brightness level.
  • A built-in speaker allows the child to play music without the need for headphones.
  • This MP3 player for kids comes with additional features, such as games, calendar, FM radio, and a picture viewer.
  • It comes with an in-built storage capacity of 8GB, which, according to the manufacturer, can store up to 2000 songs.


  • No battery charge indicator. There is no way to tell how much charge is left in the battery so that you can recharge before it drains out.


4. Berennis MP3 Player


This MP3 player is compact and comes with several useful features.


  • The Bluetooth capabilities allow streaming of music to a wireless speaker or headphones.
  • This music player supports seven audio file formats.
  • Extra features include voice recording, FM radio, video playback, and picture browsing.
  • The device comes with 16GB capacity, and the memory can be expanded up to 128GB with the help of a TF card.


  • A few users noticed that the device stops working after some months of use.


5. KLANGTOP MP3 Player


This MP3 player from Klangtop could make an ideal choice for parents looking for a music player with a basic, non-color screen.


  • The music player comes with 8GB storage capacity, which can be expanded to 32GB through a microSD card.
  • You get a micro USB charging cable and a carry pouch along with the player.
  • The back clip allows the child to attach the device to their clothing or backpack.
  • Additional features include an FM radio and automatic switch-off timer.


  • Some buyers were not happy with the quality of the player since it stopped working after a few months of use.
  • A few buyers received a device that would not connect to a Bluetooth headset.


6. Apple iPod Touch


A modern-looking MP3 player that looks like an iPhone, but without the cellular network.


  • The proprietary chip enables faster performance compared to the other conventional MP3 players.
  • The screen is four inches and of high resolution.
  • It comes with useful connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allow streaming of music through music apps.
  • The device is available in six color options.
  • The iOS operating system provides several parental control features, including volume control.


  • Slightly expensive when compared to other music players.


7. Sony NW-E395 Music Player


This is one music player you could consider when looking for something from an established electronic brand.


  • The device is compatible with popular music management software, including iTunes and Windows Media Player. You can also ‘drag and drop’ files to the device.
  • The battery can provide up to 35 hours of music playback after one charge.
  • It ships with a USB cable for charging and data transfer.
  • You can pick from three storage options: 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.


  • Buyers noted that the device does not detect playlists and instead will play songs in the order of storage. The device also does not reliably shuffle songs on selecting the ‘shuffle’ option.


8. Ruizu MP3 Player


An easy-to-use music player for kids that supports several file formats.


  • The music player can support eight video file formats and five audio file formats.
  • A built-in speaker lets you hear audio without the need for a pair of headphones.
  • The screen is 1080p, full high definition, which provides good video clarity.
  • Additional features include FM radio and an eBook reader too!
  • The MicroSD card slot can support cards up to 128GB.


  • The music player does not let you sort the music as per album and artists name. Instead, it displays all songs in the alphabetical order.


9. Sony NW-WS413 Wearable MP3 Player


If you are looking for a completely wireless portable music player for active teens, then you could consider this device.


  • For wireless usage and portability, this music player consists of two large earbuds attached with a string that goes around the back of the neck.
  • It is dustproof and sweat resistant. It is also salt and freshwater proof and can be used in water up to two meters deep.
  • The device comes with a set of regular and swimming earbuds.


  • The memory is limited to 4GB, which may be less for some.
  • The lack of screen means that the child cannot see and pick the track that they would like to play.


10. SanDisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player


This compact MP3 player comes from a popular brand known for its storage drives.


  • The MP3 player is lightweight and comes with a clip-on that lets the child attach the device to their clothing or bag.
  • You can pick the music player in three product options – black and white LCD, colored LCD, and colored LCD version with Bluetooth.
  • It comes with 8GB or 16GB memory options. You can pick from seven color options.
  • The battery provides 18-hours of power per charge.
  • It comes with a two-year, limited warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The device supports limited file formats. The product may not be ideal for older teens who expect additional features in their MP3 player.
  • A few users noticed battery problems after some months of use.


11. G.G.Martinsen Versatile MP3 Player


If you want an attractive MP3 player for kids at a budget price, this is it.


  • The front of the music player consists of only five buttons, which makes it easy for a child to operate the device.
  • It ships with a 16GB microSD card already inserted into the card slot.
  • The music player is available in nine colors.
  • Some of the extra features include a picture viewer and a voice recorder.
  • Parents shared that it is easy to transfer music to the MP3 player since the device supports ‘drag and drop’ transfer of files when connected to a computer.


  • A few buyers experienced problems where the device won’t start, and the screen would not display the list of songs.


The devices are not too expensive, barring a few, and are easy to use too. You could explore a few others similar to the ones listed here, for more options. No matter which player you choose, teaching the child to use the device right, and restricting the usage of the device to a few hours every day is essential.

Does your child have a favorite MP3 player? Do tell us about it in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: MomJunction may earn a commission when products are purchased through affiliate links given in the article. However, this partnership does not influence the editorial content featuring on our list.


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