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Back To School

If you have an elementary or middle school aged child heading back to school this fall transportation to and from school must be considered. In most districts living within 2 miles of your child’s zoned school precludes them from riding the school bus, drop off lines are oftentimes chaotic and untimely, and many parents either need to head to work or drop off younger siblings earlier or at the same time as their older kids need to get to school. In the spirit of establishing independence, fostering self-motivation, encouraging a fit and healthy lifestyle and teaching responsibility, this year parents should consider allowing their child(ren) to bike to school.

Children are taught to be responsible by being granted opportunities for trust to be established and expectations to be met. Being given the chance to ride a bike to school solo, or with siblings or other kids in the neighborhood is a big deal. If you live in a area where this is possible, allowing your child to ride a bike to school this year should be considered.

Back To School
Back To School

Additionally, the health and fitness benefits of getting your school aged child on a bike early and frequently are a bonus. Our children today seem to be bearing the brunt of the obesity crisis; with less playground time, more screen time, and fewer opportunities to get outdoors, the option to ride a bike to and from school is a chance to get in some exercise in a fun and exciting way every day. Not only will kids ride the distance to and from school, but are also more likely to hang out with their neighborhood friends in the afternoons outdoors rather than spending time indoors playing video games.

Here with a great selection of bicycles for your whole family, adults, big kids and even those just learning to ride is Giant Bicycles and their sister company Liv. We love that they are committed to providing durable, high quality bikes to fit everyone’s needs, no matter the terrain, activity, style of bike or even the individual’s size. With comfort and style at the forefront, whether you are training for a triathlon or simply spending Sundays biking down the beach, Giant and Liv have a bicycle to help you love your ride.

Back To School

For our kids heading back to school this year we love the XTC Jr 24 Lite for boys and the Enchant 20 Lite for girls. The XTC Jr 24 Lite features a lightweight ALUXX-grade aluminum frame, size specific wheels for true off-road riding, and plenty of kid friendly features such as easy to use gears and smooth-rolling tires to make the bike riding experience fun, safe, and empowering. The XTC Jr 24 Lite can be used both on and off road, making it the perfect selection for kids heading back to school or out to explore, letting them ride confidently and inspiring a lifelong love of bike riding.

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Back To School
Back To School

Similarly, the Enchant 20 Lite for girls features the same ALUXX-grade aluminum frame making it lightweight, agile, and easy to maneuver both on and off road. With easy to change gears, front and rear hand brakes, and a comfortable frame designed just for her, the Enchant 20 Lite is perfect for those aspiring off road riders, encouraging girls to play in the dirt and explore the great outdoors. The off-road tires create traction for a smooth ride she can learn to love, building confidence and self-esteem in her ability to ride on any terrain.

XTC Jr 24 Lite | Enchant 20 Lite

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