15 Unique Gifts For Boys


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You spend the entire day at the mall, then go back to browse the internet to find that perfect gift for your little boy! Either nothing seems good enough, or there are too many awesome things to pick from. We get it; the struggle is real.

Purchasing boys’ gifts may or may not be easy on the pocket, but it does require a lot of mental exercise. In this MomJunction post, we tell you how to find that perfect gift for boys. Here we have listed 15 cool things that you could gift to boys and make their day.

Top 15 Gift Ideas For Boys

Without any further delay, let’s dive straight into the list of gifts for boys.

1. Clothing


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Gone are those days when boys had limited or boring clothing options. With the ever-changing fashion trends, guys too have a variety of choices. And if you are looking for gift ideas for that stylish boy, then buy something from the latest collection.

2. Footwear


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Like clothing, footwear is another gift idea that most guys may like. Be it sneakers, sandals, formal shoes, sports shoes, brogues, loafers or just anything – get them the right pair, and they will be happy. Most boys are very particular about the kind of shoes they wear, so gift them the coolest pair of footwear in their size, and they won’t be disappointed.

3. Watches


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You can never go wrong with watches. If you are gifting a watch to a little boy or tween, then choose something colorful and simple. A digital watch with just numbers could be an ideal selection for a younger child. When purchasing a watch for a teen, look for something trendy and stylish. A smartwatch or an advanced analog model with multiple options like time, date, and month could be a good choice,

4. Sunglasses and eyewear

Sunglasses and eyewear

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Sunglasses make good gifts for boys who love experimenting with their looks or are obsessed with goggles. The key to purchasing the perfect pair is to be aware of the shape and size of the frame that would suit the kid best.

5. Wallets


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Wallets can be really cool gifts for slightly older boys. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and capacities. Look for wallets that can hold cash and cards, such as an ID card or a membership card to the library or gym. Also, check the size of the wallet – adults’ wallets can be too big for a child and may not fit in their pockets.

6. Backpacks


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Another practical gift idea for boys is a backpack. Boys like to keep their hands free but still carry their world around. And for that, backpacks come in handy. These bags come in all sizes and colors, which vary from brand to brand. So choose the one that best suits his style and needs.

7. Accessories


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Sometimes when you are confused and are in a hurry to buy a gift, then look out for an accessory that would go well with everything. From caps, headbands, wristbands to ties, belts, and key chains, you can pick from a variety of accessories for boys.

8. Books


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Books can be one of the safest gift choices for a boy who loves to read. The kind of books that the boy may read depends on their age, interests, and ability to comprehend. Keep that in mind before choosing a book that you think might delight them. If your budget permits, get them a Kindle pre-loaded with a lot of books.

9. Toys and games

Toys and games

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Toys and games range from simple to complex and are available for all age groups. Educational toys, puzzles, board games, remote-controlled toys, and stuffed toys are some of the many options out there. Choosing a toy as a gift for boys is easier once you know what kind of activities they enjoy.

10. Video games

Video games 

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It is a fact that most boys are obsessed with video games. If you are picking a gift for one such boy, then your job is pretty easy. All you have to do is to buy a game that they don’t already have. If they don’t already have one and if your budget permits it, get them a console as well.

11. Karaoke machines

Karaoke machines

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This is a snazzy gift idea that doesn’t require too much thought. Even a shy kid may like to croon when their favorite song is playing. So a karaoke machine could let them get out of their shell and enjoy music in the privacy of their home. This gift can also be used during parties, to practice singing for a competition, or even for leisure activities such as picnics or lazy Sundays.

12. Craft supplies

Craft supplies

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Guys love building and creating stuff. With this gift idea, you will not only make them happy but also help in getting their creative side to thrive. From simple origami paper to complete DIY kits, you have many options to choose from.

13. Computers and laptops

Computers and laptops

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Whether you are buying a gift for a young boy or a teenager, computers and laptops can make excellent choices for gifts. While they are highly practical, they could burn a hole in your pocket too. Pick a laptop, tablet, or computer, depending on who the gift is for and what your budget is.

14. Sports equipment

Sports equipment 

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Most boys love sports, which makes sports equipment an easy gift idea. If you aren’t already aware of the sports that he is into, find out what he likes and pick a gift related to that sport. Getting them something they don’t already have or been wanting to own for a while could be a great way to cheer them up.

15. Amazon music membership

Amazon music membership 

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The boy is sure to love this gift if music is his passion. Amazon Music features a variety of music by artists in different genres, ranging from old classic rock, metal, pop to soft rock and alternative music. The music is ad-free, and the streaming quality is good too.

Now that you have an idea about various gift options, you can start your hunt again with a new perspective. And remember, you don’t have to buy a gift only for birthdays or special occasions. You can brighten up your little boy’s day by showering him with gifts just anytime you feel like.

If you have any more gift ideas for boys, please do share them in the comment section below.

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