21 Best Gift Ideas For Girls

Best Gift Ideas For Girls

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A gift is a simple four-letter word that can make or break hearts. Oh, yes! And when selecting something for a little girl, you have to be extra thoughtful. If you want to see the child smile wide and bright, you must pay attention to what you’re getting them. Then again, finding the right gift for a girl can get tricky as the options are unlimited.

In this post, MomJunction lists 21 simple yet lovely gift ideas for girls. These ideas are budget-friendly and practical too.

21 Gift Ideas For Girls

There are a plethora of options to choose from if you want to buy gifts for girls. Here we list some of them.

1. Dresses


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A girl can never have enough clothes. So buying her a new dress could be an excellent way to make her happy. Figure out what clothes the child would be comfortable in and browse the options you have to choose the perfect one. While selecting apparel, consider the size, fit, and style preferences too.

2. Footwear


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Remember how Cinderella’s life changed with a pair of new shoes? Girls love experimenting with their style. Thus, gifting a stylish pair of sneakers, wedges or even flip-flops is a good idea. But ensure you are picking the right size.

3. Jewelry


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Most girls love wearing jewelry, whether it is made of precious stones or other trendy materials. Some enjoy wearing bold designs, while some prefer sleek ones. Whether it commands attention or jazzes up an otherwise plain outfit, jewelry is sure to impress a girl and hence makes an ideal choice for a gift.

4. Sunglasses


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Buying a pair of sunglasses can be confusing. But if you are sure about the size of the frame and style that would suit her, then a pair of sunglasses could be perfect. Look for goggles that are suitable for the local weather conditions, polarized for the summer temperatures, or trendy for everyday use.

5. Wristwatches


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Who doesn’t love a classy timepiece! Some girls may prefer funky watches and others a cool pocket watch. A watch is ideal for gifting on any occasion, and for girls of all ages too. So browse through the amazing and diverse collection online to pick the best ones to suit her needs and style.

6. Bags or purses

Bags or purses

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This is another utility gift idea that girls would like. There are several options when it comes to bags: sling bags, backpacks, wallets, Boho bags, chic totes, and so on. What is more amazing is that there is a bag or purse for every kind of budget. Backpacks would be ideal for girls in school or college. Handbags or clutches will also work if you are gifting them for a special occasion like the prom or a wedding that they have to attend.

7. Books


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If the little girl is a bookworm, getting her a gift is a piece of cake. Just talk to her about the books she wants to read next and get her that. If not, pick up an inspirational biography or novel that she may enjoy. When a girl loves to read, nothing can beat a good book to be the best gift.

8. DIY supplies

DIY supplies

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Well, not every girl is into fashion or books. Some girls just love creating new things and have immense love for the arts and crafts. Therefore, gifting some DIY supplies as gifts for them would be ideal. Think about age-appropriate crafts and pick up something that they may find challenging as well as enjoyable.

9. Makeup products

Makeup products

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Makeup is another gift idea that won’t disappoint girls. Teens can try out makeup products that are specially made for their delicate skin. Teen and tween makeup products are gentle on the skin and can yet enhance their features. A tinted lip balm, kohl, mascara, and blush can be good choices for little girls. Check for suitability of the ingredients used to ensure that the products are safe for young girls.

10. Skincare products

Skincare products

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Every girl could use skincare products. However, the kind of products you give should depend on their skin type, the type of care it needs, and how safe the ingredients used are. So, gifting skincare products can be an excellent idea if you know what works for them.

Never experiment with products that you are unsure about or which may think can be harsh on their skin. Some products that you can consider are a moisturizer, body lotion, and skin-friendly facemasks.

11. Haircare products

Haircare products

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Haircare is a part of every young girl or woman’s beauty regimen. Besides oiling the hair, girls also use hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, serums, essential oils, hairbrushes, wooden combs, hairdryers, flat or curling irons, and hairsprays! You name it, and the beauty world has it. There is no dearth of hair care products, but depending on the hair type and texture, as well as the age of the child, select a hair care product that best suits her needs.

12. Perfumes and fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances

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Most girls are updated with the latest trends, and their fashion game is always on point. An integral part of their style is wearing a lovely perfume or using a deodorant that’s safe for them. We can never go wrong with gifting fragrances or perfumes unless someone is allergic to them. Whether the fragrances are fruity or floral, mild or strong, perfumes can be excellent for gifting.

13. Music CDs and records

Music CDs and records

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Yes, we are aware of Spotify, iTunes, and every other music app out there. But some girls appreciate the old school accessories and are passionate about collecting that compact disc, or better, a Vinyl record. The sound quality, tactile experience, nostalgia, and sentimental reasons are some things that make gifting of music CDs and records a great idea.

14. Video games

Video games

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Video game disks, Nintendo consoles, and Playstations are some of the coolest gift ideas for girls who are obsessed with gaming. Unlike what most may think, video games are more than just entertaining. There are plenty of strategy and multiplayer games that compel the child to strategically plan, and execute it while working with a team of other kids across the world to bag a win!

15. Toys and games

Toys and games

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The little girl likes board games and other toys more than she does video games? Well, there are a plethora of options to choose from, which can also make it tricky to pick one. Consider what the child likes more: indoor or outdoor play, strategy games, DIY activities, RC toys, mobility toys, dolls and action figures, puzzles or others and then make a choice.

16. Sports equipment

Sports equipment

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Sports equipment is a niche category and ideal for girls who are actively into a sport. This gift idea may vary from person to person and their interest in a specific sport. Find out what the child is keen on learning or is already learning before getting her something random. Things you can consider are basketball, baseball kits, cricket equipment, adventure sports material, etc. You can also consider merchandise of their favorite sports team or player.

17. Gadgets


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If budget is not a constraint then gifting a cool gadget that the child wants can be a great idea. Whether it is a computer, laptop, or a tablet, pick one based on the practicality. Is the child old enough to handle it and does she have any use for it? You can also consider cool items like an e-reader, a fit bit, a digital tuner or anything else that a child may specifically require.

18. Headphones


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Does the child have a keen interest in music? Does she spend most of her free time listening to the radio or singing her favorite songs? Then, there should be no second thoughts about this gift idea. The latest headphones in the market are available in all shapes and sizes. Buy something that fits properly on the ears and also has a fantastic sound quality.

19. Room decor and organization

Room decor and organization

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Girls always appreciate a room with pretty wall colors, aesthetically designed furniture and furnishings that are also functional. So why not give the girl something that will add beauty to her room? Choose a cute chair, bean bag, designer bedding set, curtains, lights or lamps, etc., that might interest her and fit in your budget.

20. Wall decor

Wall decor

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This is another gift idea for girls who are savvy about room decor or love art. Wall decor can include paintings, photo frames, dream catchers, decals, or beautiful and creative wallpapers. If you know her personally, then dive in and buy anything that she will like. But if it’s for someone who is a distant relative or friend, then go for products that are generic and universally accepted.

21. Bicycles


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A bicycle is a practical gift idea that girls of all ages may enjoy. Most girls prefer riding bicycles for exercise, while some may use it as their primary mode of transport. Regular use of bicycles can improve mental well-being, strengthen muscles, and also help in boosting the child’s physical growth. Look for models of a certain height that she will be comfortable riding, and she won’t be disappointed.

With these ideas, hope we have answered your questions on what to gift a girl. To truly make a girl happy, be thoughtful, and put in a little effort to find out what she may like or not like. If you are not sure how to choose a dress or a pair of shoes, get them a gift card and let them buy their choice of shoes or clothes. Another trick to finding the perfect gift is getting access to their Amazon Wishlist (if you can get access to it).

Your little girl will appreciate whatever you give her, as long as it is thoughtful and useful. How much you spent on the gift wouldn’t really matter when you see the happiness on her face on opening the gift.

Do you have any more gift ideas for girls? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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